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Maiku is a created character that appears in Soul Calibur V . He is the predocessor of his father who appeared in Soul Calibur III and Soul Calibur IV . What lies in his soul is Pride. He is known as The Relentless Prodigy.


Maiku looks somewhat similar to his father, mainly in facial features, brown eyes, and long brown hair. He is of average height and has a slender build. He wears custom Fu Ma attire, mainly black with blue tribal patterns. On his biceps he has tribal marked tattoos that mix his Japanese and Irish heritage. He also has a scar across his face from an encounter with a demon whom his sealed in his Kodachi named Doppleganger.


Maiku is known for his leadership skills and is highly respected, but because he earned his rank at such a young age he occasionally acts arrogant. He will either purposely boast about his skills or unknowingly do when sparring or pursuing a target. Even though he can be quite cocky, he yields respect for his fellow ninja. He is calm-minded, brave, stubborn, and wary.


Maiku is a male ninja of the Fu-Ma Ninja Clan . Raised by his father Michael, an Irish man banished from his homeland for unknown reasons whom settled in Japan, and his mother Akira, the daughter of a skilled ninja.

Michael was once a pupil of Toki and was one sent out to kill Taki before Maiku was born. Realizing the error of his ways, begged for forgiveness from Taki and vowed help her defeat his wicked master. When Maiku was four years old Michael had left on a journey following Taki yet again in search of Soul Edge . During this time he seemed to act strangely adding up to his departure and showed slight signs of insanity. While out on his search, he encountered Taki whom defeated him in a nearly fatal battle. She had realized by doing this he had been possessed by something, but did not know exactly what it was. Michael then travelled back to Fu-Ma no Sato to start on his son's training to become a demon slayer. At the age of five, Maiku started his training and studied in the arts of ninjitsu by his father. As years went by, he showed signs of being a prodigy, and started taking of his own aprentices by age 15. Well respected in the Fu-Ma Clan, he gained the attention of Chie and Taki rather fast. Taki would even have Maiku spar with her apprentice, Natsu, just to test her skills and the two would become rather close and still retaining a rivalry with each other.

Maiku as he apears in Soul Calibur V

When Maiku was 21 he had become one of the top rated assassins and hunters the Clan had ever seen. Around this time he had become infatuated with another up and coming ninja by the name of Yuuko . It was around this time that Taki left for her mission to search out her master, Toki whom was thought to be deceased, and never returned. After the two weeks Taki said she would be gone for, Natsu had left in search of her master without saying a word. Maiku was one of the ninja recruited by the Fu-Ma Council into hunting both of them down and with this he would have a chance to finally work alongside Yuuko and impress her. Before leaving the council meeting he ended up spotting Yuuko with her master. Over hearing their conversation, Maiko became fearful of what he said, reminding him of how his father had acted while he was possessed. Before leaving, Maiku entered the Tang Villa to gather supplies when he had noticed Yuuko's master infront of the statue which had a voice he was familiar with. As he witnessed a conversation between it and Yuuko's master he realized the voice was Toki. With that, Maiku realized Yuuko's master was merely a puppet being controlled just like his father was years ago. He would have to convince Yuuko the truth behind what her master really was, bring Taki and Natsu home, and defeat Toki once and for all.


Ryu-Tsume & Doppleganger
Ryu-Tsume was a blade handed down to Maiku from his father. The name means Dragon's Talon. It is said that this bladenever goes dull because it is made with the claw of a dragon whose skin was made of diamonds.Doppleganger was Maiku creation. He forged this to look like Taki's blade, Mekki-Maru (With a few altercations of his own), to test his own blacksmith skills. He would later encounter a demon whose spirit is now trapped within the blade.


Yuuko : Partner and love interest
Michael: Father and Master
Akira: Mother
Taki : Rolemodel
Natsu : Friend and rival


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