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Yu Yamase

"It is our duty to ensure a peace worth fighting for."
— Yu

Yamase Yu (ゆうヤマセ)is a non-canon character in the Soul series. He made his first appearance in Soulcalibur IV, and will return in Soulcalibur V. He is the former Destiny of Fire, part of a member of 10 legendary warriors known collectively as The Destinies. A master swordsman and hand-to-hand combatant, he can hold his own against many more adversaries.

What lies in his soul, just like Mitsurugi, is Strength.


In SoulCalibur IV, Yu wears a standard samurai kimono and hakama, plus a crimson headband that he ties round his head. He also wears a pendant - according to Yu himself, that was given to him by "someone dear".

In SoulCalibur V, Yu's appearance changes slightly. He now wears a crimson scarf, and his kimono's sash is the same color as well. His hakama also has a black-to-red gradient starting from the top. At the back of his kimono is the symbol of the phoenix.


In the final battle against Soul Edge, Yu and his friends gave it their all, and finally shattered the evil blade and its wielder to pieces. The victory, however, came at a cost. His homeland was utterly destroyed by the force of the destruction, and Yu was heavily injured. He subsequently fell into a coma and awoke, only to find that his friends are nowhere to be found. Unable to move, and helpless, he could only await his impending death.

But it was not to be. An old man and his daughter eventually found him on the outskirts of Destania and rescued him, taking Yu back to their town to nurse his injuries. However, Yu is still mentally scarred from memories of his final fight. The old man, Rito, who is also the innkeeper, suggests that his daughter, Yuki, take him on a walk around town to calm his spirits. While apphrensive at first, Yu eventually gets used to her company and opens up to her.

The two then arrive at the Shrine of Peace. Yuki tells Yu that if you make a wish at its waterfall, it will definitely come true. With that, Yu wishes that he will find what he has lost, and that his homeland will be rebuilt someday.

Just as he finishes, a panicked villager rushes in, yelling that the town is under attack. Yu then promptly dashes out to engage the threat.

The aggressor turns out to be Astaroth, a near invincible golem of death. Disregarding his injuries which have yet to heal, Yu engages the beast in combat, but quickly falters. Just when all seems lost, a swordsman wielding a zweihander leaps in to assist him. With his help, Yu manages to drive Astaroth away. His saviour introduces himself as Tatsumaki, a wandering mercenary. As Yuki and Yu return to the inn trying to understand the reasons behind the attack, Tatsumaki discreetly takes out a shard of Soul Edge from his clothes - and commends Yu for being the skilled warrior he was rumoured to be.

Back at the inn, while Yu has his wounds bandaged up, Tatsumaki pays him a visit. He asks Yu if he knows anything about the cursed sword Soul Edge, to which a surprised Yu replies that it had been destroyed some time ago. He then questions Tatsumaki regarding his motives. The swordsman tells Yu to relax, as he is merely here to investigate the increasing frequency of malfested attacking human settlements.

Yu exclaims this would be impossible, as by right, the corruption Soul Edge dealt ought to be gone - but Tatsumaki insists on his findings.

Tatsumaki then proceeds to talk about the "New World" they're living in now, after the destruction of Soul Edge. The evil, though gone, is not fully purged. "We may be living in peace now, but you are an astute warrior. I'm sure you can feel the winds of malice sweeping through this land again." For this reason, he reveals that for the past month or so, he has been gathering a group of elite warriors to hunt down the remaining fragments of Soul Edge and destroy them. Requesting more assistance, he invites Yu to join his group - "Scarlet Wind". Yu thanks Tatsumaki for the invitation but says he needs to think more about it. After the swordsman leaves, Yu gazes at his scars once more.

He had made his decision. But where will his choice lead him?

After delibration, Yu opts to join Scarlet Wind, meeting up with Tatsumaki, who introduces him to the group's members - Bakeneko, Akuma, and Ginjo. Bidding farewell to Yuki, Yu sets off. Scarlet Wind soon arrives at the town of Vesperia in their quest for the hunt of the shards of Soul Edge, and immediately Tatsumaki detects signs of malfestation. He sends Yu and Bakeneko in a group to investigate while he, Akuma and Ginjo head another way.

As they question the townspeople, Bakeneko casually asks Yu what made him become a swordsman, to which the ex-Destiny of Fire replies that it is his fate. He returns the same question to Bakeneko, who explains that she had been orphaned since young. By chance, she encountered Tatsumaki after attempting to steal food from him, who understood her situation and took her in as Scarlet Wind's first official member.

"Ever since that day, I've been indebted to him. He's a great man."

A group of malfested soon sets upon them, and they are swiftly dispatched by the two. Rummaging amongst their belongings afterwards, Yu finds a piece of Soul Edge.

There's no doubt about it. This malice...Soul Edge has returned.

Worried at their grim discovery, they make their way back to where Tatsumaki was last seen, and they were shocked to see their leader wounded and bloody. A weary Tatsumaki explains that Akuma and Ginjo had wanted to save him, and lured the packs of malfested away. They have not been seen since. Upon his prompting, Yu hands over the Soul Edge shard he found, and Tatsumaki accepts it. The three then make for Castle Albion looking for their team mates. Tatsumaki splits from the group as Yu and Bakeneko take another route. They make their way past the many traps to enter the main hall, where they are forced to fight a crazed Akuma and eventually kill him. Just as they are wondering what happened, Bakeneko is abruptly cut down by Tatsumaki in front of Yu's eyes!

Shocked by the brutality of his leader's act, Yu screams at Tatsumaki and questions his motive. The leader of Scarlet Wind reveals his true motive behind the gathering of the Soul Edge fragments - it was all to lure powerful warriors to Castle Albion so that he could slaughter them for their feed the cursed sword, Soul Edge. He then draws his bandaged zweihander and reveals it to be Soul Edge itself.

Your soul is the most powerful. I want it. NOW.

Yu is forced to defend himself, and manages to fight Tatsumaki to a draw, before the latter suddenly retreats, crashing out of a window and plunging below. Yu then quickly checks Bakeneko's condition, and is relieved to find her still alive. However, his joy is cut short as she malfests in front of his eyes and tries to attack him. With a purifying blow, Yu immobolizes her, and brings her unconscious body back to the town.

To his shock, the entirety of Vesperia has succumbed to malfestation. Gritting his teeth, Yu cuts a swathe through a sea of malfested, and escapes the corrputed town. On his way out, Ginjo runs into him, exhausted. He explains that everyone has fallen to Tatsumaki's ruse, and when he saw what he did to Akuma, he fled, but not before having to fend off a few blows from his former friend.

With the front gate blocked out, the trio have no choice but to go through Vesperia's back gate. With one final effort, Yu blasts open the rear entrance, and they earn their freedom.

Sprinting into the night, the remnants of Scarlet Wind are at a loss as to what to do next.

I certainly didnt expect this...Tatsumaki's betrayal...and the malfested...Soul Edge...curses!

WIth Bakeneko drifting in and out of consciousness, the trio are forced to take shelter under a raintree. Yu soon falls asleep, exhausted, as Ginjo tries to keep a lookout.

After a moment, a hooded knight approaches them. Ginjo raises his sword, only for the knight to say that he means them no harm, Instead, he takes out a vial of sparkling liquid, and tells Ginjo to give it to Bakeneko.

The Waters of Purification. She'll need it.

With those words, he was gone with the wind. Ginjo hesitates for a moment, before feeding Bakeneko the liquid. Before his eyes, he witnesses the vile influence of Soul Edge leave her body. Amazed, he quickly wakes Yu up to tell him of what happened.

Only "he" could spot the influence of Soul Edge so subtly, unlike any other humans. But it is impossible...he is dead. Yu was thinking of his past brother-in-arms, Yun - a famed holy warrior who was the previous wielder of the Spirit Sword, Soul Calibur. But he, among with the rest, have been lost in the final war, and Soul Calibur was nowhere to be seen.

The next morning, Scarlet Wind set out for the nearby port, only to face an angry mob who accused them as being malfested. According to their leader, a "brave warrior wielding a zweihander" had warned them of three dangerous people who were responsible for the spread of malfestation among the kingdom - a ninja, a samurai, and a knight.

Yu tries defusing the situation by explaining to the people that they physically - and mentally - bear no signs of malfestation, and do not suffer from the foul effects of Soul Edge. To prove his point, he uses his sword to slice across his upper arm, and says that his blood is pure. The village shaman then goes forward to perform a ritual to test his claims, and comes to the conclusion that indeed, the blood of Soul Edge does not flow through his veins. The mob, upon seeing this, gradually disperse, and Scarlet Wind is left to talk with the leader.

He tells them that they have become even more wary of the malfested as their presence gradually engulfs the entirety of Destania, and things have not improved since. If this goes on, humanity could be wiped off the face of the Earth. Soul Calibur needs to be found to avert this fate!


Yu is generally a cool and confident person, not afraid to speak his mind when the occasion arises. That being said, he's not the type to talk much. While he may appear cold and aloof to others, deep inside him lies a caring and compassionate heart.



Phoenix, as it appears during SoulCalibur V

Phoenix, the fabled Japanese Katana.. Its scarlet blade is made of an unknown material that can cut through anything it touches, to great effect.

After losing his previous katana Eternity in a fateful duel, Yu knew he needed a new weapon quickly. Hearing rumors of a legendary katana, he immediately set out to seek it. Eventually, after months of travelling and enquriries, he finally encountered it at the Valley of Flames. The blade's spirit, a Phoenix, rose to challenge him. Withstanding its strong attacks, Yu managed to best it, and the blade accepted Yu as its rightful owner from then on.

Following the final battle with Soul Edge, Yu had exhausted most of Phoenix's magical energies, and the once scarlet blade turned to a cool silver.

Yu, as well, will wield Soul Calibur for the first time in Soul Calibur V.


Yu's Battle statistics.

Fighting Style

Like Mitsurugi, Yu's fighting style is fast and strong, displaying power in most of his attacks. He does not tend to favor complicated moves, but his moveset is deadly practical in battle.

After he becomes the new wielder of Soul Calibur, Yu undergoes training in Elysium's dimension to make sure he can use the spirit sword effectively. As a result, he gains a new style.


Tower of Remembrance -Ancient Gate(SoulCalibur IV)

Penitentiary of Destiny (SoulCalibur V)

Critical Finish

Phoenix's Rage - Yamase strikes thrice quickly with his katana, which leaves his opponent falling to the ground engulfed in flames.

Critical Edge

Witching Hour -Yamase primes his sword, summoning power. He then does a fierce uppercut followed by a downwards slash that knocks down his opponent.

Theme Song

  • Destiny Will Tell (SoulCalibur IV)
  • The Invincible Blade (SoulCalibur V)
  • Virtuous Heart (SoulCalibur V)


  • Nicknamed "The Crimson Warrior" for a period of time, due to his usage of Phoenix
  • Used to be part of a group of 10 legendary warriors, the Destinies, that beat Soul Edge.
  • He marries companion Yuki late into the events of SoulCalibur V.


  • Sworn brother to Yun and Yan (not SoulCalibur's Yun), The Destiny of Light and Water respectively.
  • Yuki's husband in SoulCalibur V.
  • Rival of Charlotte.
  • Member of mercenary group, Scarlet Wind, for a period of time.


  • Don't get in my way.
  • Not quite!
  • Damn it!
  • Your time is up!
  • Will my journey...ever end?
  • It is our duty to ensure a peace worth fighting for.
  • Prepare yourself!
  • Soul Edge...this ends now.
  • My past is like my present, straight and true. All I did was point the finger of justice in the right direction.
  • When there's friends...there's hope.
  • Revenge will merely consume you in the end.
  • Not personal.
  • Had enough?
  • It is an honor to fight against you.
  • No mercy!
  • There's still hope...
  • Never give up. Trust your instincts.
  • Those who don't cherish their comrades...are worthless!