Alae is a Fan Character created by Loob88.

Name: Alae

Game: Soul Calibur V

Age: 43

Height: 6 ft 3

Weight: 11 stone

What lies in her soul is Passion.


When Alae was 5, she was on a quest to find Xiba when she heard about the Soul Calibur and the Soul Edge. Thinking that these two swords would help her find Xiba, she set off on a quest to find them. On her way to find these swords, she was murdered by Astaroth. Due to her sp-called mother's magical powers, she reincarnated herself and transformed into a woman. She decided against going on this quest, and became a warrior instead.

Her mother is believed to be Viola.

Her father is unknown.

It is believed that she is Xiba's distant cousin.

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