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"I don't understand..."
— Zayn

Zayn was a result of an experiment made by Fygul Cestemus. He can shapeshift into any animal he wants. Fygul Cestemus created him as a predecessor to Astaroth.

What lies in his soul is Nothing.


Zayn has extremely pale skin, giving him the appearance of someone drained of their blood. His hair is long and eyes crimson. Colours he is fond of include black and purple. He doesn't like to wear baggy clothing because it gets in the way when he's fighting. Zayn also dislikes wearing shoes.


A soul was extracted from Soul Edge from a shard from Astaroth before he went rogue, although they had no idea whose Soul it was. Unknown to them, the Soul was manifested by the Cursed Sword itself. Using the Soul along with magic and alchemy, the Cult created the shapeshifter Zayn, more known as The Asset. He was groomed to be the perfect Killer and to listen to command without question.

However, he always felt the call of the Soul Blades. Each time they clased, Zayn could feel the shockwave as if we were there to experience it.


Zayn doesn't like to speak much, if he ever speaks at all. He is hard to read and the only way to know if he is really upset is when he fights. If he is in a particularly bad mood, he will have no self-regard when he attacks, even going so far as to hurt himself just to harm the opponent.


Bifrost is Zayn's primary weapon.




Soulcalibur IV

Very well...


I see.

If you wish to fight...

You will lose.

Soulcalibur V



So be it.

You will Die.

Critical Edge

Zayn drags his thumb across his neck saying "See you in Hell" before spinning his ring blade at the opponent and doing more attacks with the ring blade almost like a dance. If he is 'Gloomy' he will have a final blow that does an extreme amount of damage.


Zayn has no real relation with anyone


Zayn is based on LightningSakura's character Zane, who is from an entirely original story and unrelated universe.

Technically, Zayn does have family; Astaroth could be counted as his brother.

Zayn has a fondness for cats, and he often turns himself into one.

He does not like wearing shoes, or collars. In fact, he doesn't really like wearing clothes.

Character Creation

Soulcalibur V

Height: 2

Face: 23

Hair: Straight Long

Upperarms: -20

Forearms: -20

Pectorals: -20

Hips: -20

Thighs: -20

Calves: -20

Stomach: -20

Waist: -20

Muscle Mass: 1

Skin: 6:0, 0

Hair color: 0:32,41

Eye Color: [9:1,21] [0:0,0]

Cat Ears: [9:0,31] [9:1,2]

Sleeveless top: 5:0,31 (Sticker Motif 66]

Leather pants:[0:0,31] [9:0,0]

Leather belt: [9:0,0] [6:0,32]

pioneer's cloak: [9:0,0] [9:0,3]

warthog gauntlets: [0:42,31] [9:0,0]

scorpion greaves: 9:0,0

Weapom: Azi Dahaka[9:1,16] [(Pattern Ethnic 12)9:1,15] [5:8,9] [5:5,15]

Weapon Trail: [9:47,7] [9:49,29]


Soul Cailbur IV 

Soul Calibur V

Soulcalibur: Blades of War

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