"Sometimes the hardest battle... is against yourself"
— Syaoran
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What lies in his soul is Protection.


Syaoran has a dark, irregular shade of green hair. It's messy and long and often he brushes it out of his face. Even more unsual were his eyes; they're a deep purple. These strange irregular colourations are due to the enchantment placed on him by the God of their village, Tamotsu. All of his clothing no matter what it is, consist of mostly the color blue. He wears a long shirt that's blue and has a golden dragon on the front. He wears baggy pants that are a darker shade of blue and boots.


Ever since they were toddlers, Syaoran and Fumiko were close. They were the same age, and were born on the same day. In the small village Syaoran was Cerberus, the guardian of the High Priestess who was Fumiko. He took his job seriously, as this was taught to be his only purpose. His world basically revolved around Fumiko.

The day was bright and sunny, and Syaoran sat next to Fumiko on a grassy, green, hill. Fumiko was wearing her formal priestess wear.. As they watched over the village on the hill Nerei noticed something peculiar. Children were all huddled over something; she wasn't sure what it was but it was emitting a terrible evil. Syaoran watched her leap from the hill and float gracefully down to the scene. He soon followed. As he made his way to Fumiko, he saw her grab something from the children. He sensed a darkness from it, and knew this was a bad sign.

Fumiko left and went to her shrine. Syaoran was hot on her heels as she left. He was wary of this... whatever it was, and he felt more compelled to protect Fumiko than ever. "This shard," she said to him. "Is of great Evil." She placed it on a stool and sat down. When Fumiko went to touch it again, it flared and caught the shrine on fire. Syaoran grabbed Fumiko and pulled her out of the temple. He was not letting her go near that shard again.

"We need to put that fire out!" he said. People were already grabbing buckets and dumping water. The flames were extinguished and one man picked up the shard. Syaoran noticed with dismay a greedy look in the man's eyes. "Hey," Syaoran called. "Give me that shard," he commanded.

The man sneered at him, "Why should you have it?"

"Why should you have it?!" someone else demanded. "I think I should have it!"

"No, it should belong to me!" The minds of the villagers were easily swayed. The crowd of people turned into a violent mob and everyone was yelling and screaming at each other. Syaoran grabbed Fumiko arm and led her back to his home. There, his two sisters sat calm and patient. Fumiko suddenly gasped and looked up at Syaoran. "A greater Evil approaches," she muttered.

Syaoran commanded Fumiko to stay in the house and he went outside. Where was that shard? Then suddenly people were screaming, and there approached a nightmarish being Syaoran felt was familiar. He knew why. He snapped his fingers and in his hand appeared his zweihander. The Malfested.

"We must take action," Fumiko said as she stood next to Syaoran. "Gather up the Villagers and we will lead them to the Shrine. They will be safe there. I will purify the area." Her white eyes locked with Syaoran's before he nodded and began to gather up the towns people.

Afterwards, Fumiko met with Syaoran. "We need to go to the source," she said simply. Syaoran sighed and nodded. It was time to go.

Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V and afterwards

While Sakura is out running around, Syaoran protects and rules her Kingdom. He joined Helen's Mercenary Group, The Lions' Pride, which has members stationed in the kingdom.

Tamotsu (Gaia)

Tamotsu is a God that enjoys interfering in the makings of Mortals, although he is not Malevolent as most suspect. Another name he goes by, is Gaia. When people began to worship him, he created a Shrine and had his wife bless a family of Priest, so that a gifted Priestess would be born with a power 6th sense. When people sought this power the priestess possessed, he begun to bless certain men of the village to be the Priestess' protector. He called this protector, Cerberus, after his Gaurdian Familiar, which was a Wolf.


Syaoran loves to fight, and he can have his moments of incredible wisdom but for the most part he's a fun-fighting kind of guy.


Syaoran has several different weapons and fighting styles, but his primary is a Zweihander, which he calls Sorrow to summarize all his negative emotions.


Soul Calibur IV

The Shrine of the High Priestess

Soul Calibur V

Fu-Ma No Sato: Mechanical Spider


Syaoran's name means "Little Wolf"

Syaoran shares the same name with CLAMP protagonist Syaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura, as well as Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles

Even more, he is in love with a girl named Sakura, just as Syaoran Li is

Syaoran's name pronounciation depends on whether it is Chinese or Japanese. If Chinese, then See-ow-ran. If Japanese, then Sh-ow-ran.


Soulcalibur IV

I love these do or die situations!

Sometimes the hardest battle is against yourself.

You can bet your soul on it!

Alright, bring it on!

You better be ready...

Here we go!



Don't disappoint me!- Taunt

Yes, I won!

Don't hold back next time, okay?

Try a little harder next time, alright?

I just had more drive than you.- After winning with critical finish

Soulcalibur V


Stop this.

You're Mine!




Not over.

You dare...

Prepare to die!

Fate has spoken.

You lack resolve.

Giving up yet?

Curse your weakness!

You're no match

You’re a disappointment

The curtain closes.

I can't lose! -ring out 1st time

It’s still too soon! -ring out 2nd time

This will end it.

Watch closely; my specialty spoken- during Critical Edge

I can see the fear in your eyes.

So, you desire to fight?

Death is your only release - taunt

Give it your all or don't bother showing up

Try again tomorrow, I'll gladly take you on.


Soulcalibur V

Face: 22

Hair: Side Shaped

Height: 4

Build: Normal

Upper Arms: -3

Forearms: -7

Pectorals: -10

Hips: -10

Thighs: -19

Calves: -9

Stomach: -15

Waist: -12

Muscle Mass: 2

Skin: 4:6,2

Hair: [9:19,31] [9:19,20]

Eyebrows: 9:19,31

Eyes: 9:50,21


Warrior's Vest:[9:8,7] [9:39,20]

Slacks:Pattern=Modern 18 [9:0,2] [9:40,17]

Cloth Neck Wrap: 9:41,13

Tiger Lily Gauntlets: [9:37,13] [9:8,14] [4:5,31]

Pauldrons: 9:39,14

Bandages: Legs: Default Colors

Silver Knight's Greaves: [9:39,21] [9:10,12] [4:6,23]

Stickers: Motif 96, upper body


Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur V

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