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"I'll give you a lesson in humility."
— Seres Saharah

Seres Saharah(Seresu Saharah, セレスサハラ) is an Angel in a Kingdom in the Clouds. She came to earth to balance out the evil and good there.

What lies in her soul is Wisdom.''


Seres Saharah has faded lavender hair and eyes. Her hair is cut short and she has giant pure white feathered wings. All of her clothing consists of the color purple and other colors include black, brown, gold and white.


Seres Sahrah was an angel with an attitude. She had quite the mouth on her and wasn't afraid to speak her mind. She loved to fight and used a rapier to do so. All of her attacks were graceful and smooth, and she never lost. When Seres was young, the Angels were at Cold War with the Demons. Only some of the Demons were trusted enough to be let into their Cloud Kingdom and that is how she met a demon name Denzel. They became good friends over battle because they both used a Rapier. Denzel became obsessed with her. He became obsessed with her purity and her beauty. But Seres was not interested in him romantically, so they stayed at the friend status. However, this status did not stop her from sleeping with him. This of course, was not uncommon, much to Seres' father's dismay. She had almost a reputation for falling into bed with attractive men.

Seres and Kyou art

concept art of Seres and Kyou meeting

Seres Saharah then discovered a feral Demon named Inferno, who only cared about himself and was created through hatred, bound to a sword on Earth. He was basically fire put into a humanoid shape. They called the sword "Soul Edge." Seres found the demon turned blade and locked it in a chest, before throwing it into the ocean. Wanting somewhere to stay on earth, Seres makes an island filled with cherryblossom trees and bushes near Japan, a country she adored. Seres had come to love the beautiful pink flowers along with the culture of the country, going so far as to give her Daughter and Son Japanese names. Thousands upon thousands of years passed before, to her dismay, a pirate name Cervantes found the chest. The moment he grabbed the hilt, he was under Inferno's influence.

She was going to go kill the pirate and defeat Inferno, but a blonde boy beat her to it. His name, she found out, was Siegfried. And they would soon come to know eachother very well... Denzel noticed with a strange dismay that Seres was infatuated with the blonde knight, Siegfried. He didn't want her to be interested in anyone but him and their children.

SoulCalibur III

Seres Saharah landed on the ground in the middle of a forest. She was looking for someone. A certain blonde who was running away from his problems. Seres smirked when she saw the blonde she was looking for. "Siegfried!" she called, gliding over to him. Siegfried seemed startled to see the Angel.

"Seres..." he muttered in reply. Seres was pleased that Siegfried seemed to remember her, even though it had been so long since they'd last met.

"What are you doing Siegfried?" she questions and smiles lightly, floating slightly off the ground next to the blonde.

"I'm chasing down my mistake..." he replies. Seres knows he's talking about Nightmare.

"I'll help you!" she claims. She leaves no room for argument and follows travels with Siegfried, like a guide.


It was supposed to be the final battle. "Take up Soul Calibur!" Seres yells. Siegfried does. He defeats the demonic man with Soul Calibur and Seres feels pride welling up.

SoulCalibur IV

"Siegfried, I've been practicing with a Zweihander, and I find using my strength to the extremes is much fun!" Seres Saharah exclaims. She floats down through the trees to land softly next to Siegfried. She smiles at him, but it quickly turns into frown at his sombe expression. "What is the matter?"

"Seres, I want you to have this sword..." Siegfried says quietly. Siegfried gestures to a dark blade with beautiful gold symbolism on it.

"It's so... pretty..." Seres walks over to the blade. "What is it called?" she asks.

"The blade's name is Gram. It used to be my father's blade..." Siegfried explains. Seres Saharah nods and grabs the blade's hilt. She gives Siegfried a questioning look.

"Why are you giving me this, Siegfried?" she demands, happiness turning into worry.

"We can not be allies anymore..."

Seres feels an electric shock run through her veins at the words. "B-but, why?" she exclaims. She's angry. She has never felt this combination of sadness, anger, and heartbreak before.

"All those who are my friend, find death at their door sooner than expected..." Siegfried sighs and gives Seres a half smile. "I do not wish death upon you. Take this blade... as a goodbye gift."

Seres feels rejected and a deep sorrow blooms in her chest. But she locks it away and faces Siegfried's choice. Of course she doesn't agree with it at all, and she's not letting this keep her from the blonde that she has grown to love more than a friend. As Siegfried walks away, Seres let's a smirk form on her face. Siegfried had no idea what he had just gotten himself into.


Seres Saharah had been flying around Ostreinsburg when she had to dogde a massive blade, which she quickly recognized as SoulEdge. Seres glared at Nightmare and pointed her newly given Zweihander at Nightmare.

"Foolish girl, I am the Azure Nightmare!" Nightmare exclaims. Seres smirks.

"I don't care who you are, I'll take you on!" Seres laughed. She ran at Nightmare and swung her sword. Nightmare blocked the blade and attempted to slash at Seres. Seres dogded the move, and the battle continued on like this. Finally, Nightmare grabbed Seres Saharah and threw her across the the stage. Seres groaned and grabbed the back of her head. She stands again and decides to quit playing around when suddenly everything is white. Seres blinked and looked around. She was back in Cloud Kingdom! Seres scowls and walks to the edge of a cloud so she can fall back down to Earth, when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns her head to see a demon, Denzel, with a worried frown.

"Please, don't go back," he begs. Seres looks down and she sees Siegfried is fighting Nightmare.

"But, I have to help Siegfried," Seres says.

"Siegfried," Denzel spits the name from his mouth. "What is with your strange obsession with that blonde and mortal boy? He will age, and he will die, and you will be alone. Stay here with me!"

Seres scoffs. "Ha! I belong to no one, and I do not love you, Kyou!" Seres steps backwards off the clouds and spreads her arms out as she falls. She resists laughing at the horrorfied and dejected look on Kyou's face.

In no time, Seres is on the Earth once more.

Soul Calibur V

Soul Edge was in the hands of a Child being manipulated by Tira. Of course, Seres had other things to worry about. Denzel was going to start a war between the Angels and Demons if Seres didn't stop him. Of course, things just kept getting more and more complicated because he found out about her half-human daughter, Kasimira. He was going after her, and she knew it. Kasimira could hold her own, though. She knew how to fight with sword and shield. It doesn't matter though, becasue Seres was not letting Denzel get anywhere near Kasimira for as long as she lived.

Denzel was a force to be reckoned with, Seres knew this. He was trying to get his hands on Soul Edge so that he could destory Soul Calibur. Destroying Soul Calibur would leave the Angels no choice but to use the Sacred and Holy sword that only Seres Saharah could wield. Hopefully the battle would not come to this. For now, Seres would do whatever she could to keep the cursed sword Soul Edge from Denzel.

Soul Calibur: Demon-Angel War


Seres Saharah is arrogant and loud mouthed. She hates fighting because she believes most everyone is beneath her skill, and is quick to judge by appearance. Underneath all the immaturity, she is intelligent and wise. She just doesn't like to show it. She claims it's apart of her appeal.


Seres Saharah uses two weapons: a Rapier and a Zweihander.

Her Zweihander, Gram, she recieved from Siegfried.


Soulcalibur IV

Tower of Remembrance - Spiral of Time

Soulcalibur V

Utopia of the Blessed


Soul Calibur IV

Native Faith

Suwako's Theme - Native Faith05:44

Suwako's Theme - Native Faith

Soul Calibur V

Unfound Adventure

Nightcore - Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure05:06

Nightcore - Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure

Soul Calibur: Demon-Angel

Nuclear Fusion

Touhou Arrangement Radiant Radiant Symphony Nuclear Fusion-003:31

Touhou Arrangement Radiant Radiant Symphony Nuclear Fusion-0


Soulcalibur IV

I don't care who you are. I'll take you on!

Don't resist and I promise I'll make it quick.

I'll show you what true shame is.

I'm gonna kill you,got it?

Whoa! Time out!

You're the worst! What a waste of time.

What! You've got a problem?

Okay then!


Apologize now!

I'll show you!

I gave you time to leave. What a fool!

No, no, no! You can't beat me fighting like that!

You won't get my sympathy.

Haha! Exactly as planned!

Alright! Let's get this show on the road!

Isn't there anyone better to fight?

Had enough?

You jerk!


You're mine!

Stay on the ground.


I don't care.

Damn it!

Critical hit!

Don't insult me!

Stay down!

You're gonna pay!

Okay! Here I come!

That's enough!

I've had. . . enough!


Here we go!

No mercy.


Hurry up and die!

How about this?

Yeah, right.

Stuck up, jerk!

I hoped for more.

How's that? Totally awesome right? (win with Critical Finish)

Looks like I won.

You weren't that bad.

Shut up!

Too bad!

Who do you think you are?

Over here!

I'll make you cry

Fly away



You're not bad.

Soulcalibur V

You're nothing.

This is gonna hurt!

You look nice and tough!

Prepare to die!- critical edge

Nobody said life was easy.

You were just too weak.

You want to serve under me?

Come back after some training!

Sleep now!

C'mon, fight me! -When engaging in a fight with Siegfried

I'll give you a lesson in humility.

You're not getting away!- taunt

Why you...!?


Now retreat!

Not again! (during ring out)

This one's gonna hurt!

Save your breath!

Quit stalling!

You got nerve!

Just pathetic

Eat steel!


You can do better than that- When winning against Siegfried

It's over!

Lights out!


Wide open!

Face your death!

Give it up!




It's useless!


What's this?!


Is Siegfried's traveling companion

Is in love with Siegfried

She is the godmother of Hanako and Hitoshi

Mother of Hotaru and Lee

She is the Aunt of another Half-Angel named Yuner

Killed Cervantes in battle

Had a Child with Siegfried. Her name is Kasimira...


Seres means "Of the Spring" and Saharah means "desert." So her name is be interpreted as "Desert of the Spring."

It is hinted in her biography that she created the island that Sakura hails from


Soulcalibur V

Height: 2

Face: 2

Eyebrows: 10

Upperarms: (-8)

Forearms: (-5)

Pectorals: (-20)

Hips: (20)

Thighs: (-10)

Calves: (-20)

Stomach: (-9)

Chest: (1)

Waist: (-20)

Muscle Mass: (1)

Skin: 2:51,0

Hair: 4:46,1

Eyebrows: 4:46,18

Eyes: 7:52,3


Hero's band 9:0,0

Sleeveless Unitard 5:0,0

Marquis' Belt 8:0,0

Angel Wings 0:0,0

Adept's Sleeves [9:0,0] [9:8,18] [6:7,15]

polar boots [9:8,15] [8:0,0]

pure ring 9:6,16

Feathers of Strength [6:0,0] [9:7,8]

               horizontal: 12

               rotate vertically: -33

               rotate horizontally:19

               angle: -5


Soulcalibur III

SoulCalibur IV

SoulCalibur V


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