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"Tomorrow's Victory starts with a Heart of Steel"
— Sakura

Sakura is a Demon, and currently a Queen, who was born on an (fictional) island near Japan. She left home to find her sister, who was after the power of Soul Edge.

What lies in her soul is Determination


Sakura's body is covered in a thin layer of light pink fur. Her hair is a dark magenta. She is seen usually in a yellow and blue vest, wearing blue and white metallic underwear. She wears gloves that look like kitty paws and shoes shaped like kitty feet. On her neck she wears a ribbon shaped into a little bow.

As a Human, her skin is lightly tan and her hair bright pink. Her eyes remain golden yellow.

Sakura's Kingdom

Sakura was the Princess of the Island she lives on along with a section of the Demon Realm. Now, she is currently the Queen and her husband, Syaoran, the King. She travels between this island and all of Europe frequently and quickly with the help of Seres Saharah



Sakura had been blessed by the Thunder God, Raiden and he had given her power over lightning. She was revered by her people and obviously the favourite. This caused much disdain between her and her twin sister, Hana. Several times, Hana tried to seriously harm Sakura, only to be stopped by their elder sister, Madoka. When words spread of the powerful, dangerous, Cursed Sword Soul Edge, Hana was interested. Raiden was even more interested, because of a fellow God's interest.

Hana was soon gone, intent on retrieving this wicked blade. Sakura had intended to go after Hana, but Madoka insisted that she be the one to get their sister back. When weeks passed and Madoka had not returned and Raiden proclaimed he could not sense Madoka's soul any longer, Sakura geared up and headed off to find Hana.

Soulcalibur IV

All she knew about this Siegfried person was that he was blonde; there were many humans whom were blonde, however. Sakura paused as she heard a voice in her head; Raiden. "Soul Calibur is to the west of here..." his voice sounded in her mind. That meant that perhaps Siegfried was nearby. This journey was starting to look up.

At a harbor near Ostreinsburg castle, Sakura met Seres Saharah and her daughter, Lee. She was a zweihander-wielding Angel with faded lavender hair and an immature attitude. She was very wise, beyond her outward personality. She also knew Siegfried; a bit too much actually.

Sakura soon became friends with the Angel Queen. After their friendship formed they came to a halt at The Tower of Remembrance. There was someone in their path. The Ghost Pirate Leader Cervantes. The Original possession of the cursed sword stood in their wake.

"Seres..." she muttered.

"Go on ahead with Siegfried and Lee!" exclaimed Seres Saharah. There was a determined look on her face as she summoned her Zweihander.

So they went ahead, entering the Tower of Lost Souls. Lee was extremely ahead of Sakura and Siegfried, her abilities as an Angel giving her an advantage in speed. Sakura knew Frandlin was in there. Perhaps, he had already taken up Soul Edge?

After a long battle, Sakura had to cut it off. She could hardly feel Lee's Spirit Energy above her. It was fading, which most likely meant she was dying. When Sakura managed to escape Tira, she rushed past Nightmare's lackies. Ones who attempted to attack her were awarded with a thousand volts of lightning running through their veins. Siegfried was rushing after her. Once Sakura reached the top of the tower, along with Siegfried, the sight was terrible. Hotaru had dropped his short Chinese blade and was approaching the Soul Edge. Lee was lying on her side, grabbing her abdomen as blood seeped through her wound. Without even seeing it, Sakura could tell it was fatal.

She knew what needed to be done. There was only one way to stop this. Sakura watched as Hotaru grasped Soul Edge and all of its dark power burst into the air, streaming into him. Now was the time to strike her blow. Sakura ran up behind Frandlin and impaled his back with the Soul Calibur. The blade went straight through his heart and chest. Nearly as soon as she stabbed him, she pulled the blade back. Hotaru fell to his knees, and turned his head to look at Sakura, his expression stuck in shock. He then fell forward onto the ground, Soul Edge leaving his hands, and fading away.

"I'm sorry Hotaru," Sakura. whispers.

But her job wasn't done. She still hadn't found her sister, Hana.


Raiden is the Japanese equivalent to Zeus. When Sakura was born, he decided to gift her with the ability to control Lightning. To help control this power, he created a special Crystal that would help conduct the

Raiden(Zeus), as he appears in Sakura's Mind

lightning. He put in a rod and hid it in cave near where Sakura lived. When she was born, he put the spirit of himself inside of her so that he could mentor her. When she was 8, he told her where to find it. The kingdom praised and worshipped Sakura and regarded her highly, for one of their Legendary Spirits had chosen her. In the background was Hana, angry and jealous. Ever since then, the two princesses had been Rivals. Hana then heard of Soul Edge's power, which Raiden had warned Sakura about. Sakura soon went after her sister, 8 years later, when she left. Raiden helps her and guids her.

After Soulcalibur IV


Sakura nearly stumbled as she ran with two children in her arms. Syaoran was close behind her, fighting off row upon row of malfested. Sakura adjusted her children in her arms as she ran. "Syaoran, there's too many of them!" Sakura exclaimed. She stopped running and turned around. Syaoran shielded her from view of the malfested.

"Sakura, keep running, don't let them surrounds us," said Syaoran. Sakura adjusted her children again and began to ran.

"Mommy, where are we go-wing?" A two-year old hand reached up and pulled Sakira's hair.

"Shh, Hitoshi," Sakura whispered into his small little cat ears. Sakura abruptly stopped running and gasped. There were more malfested. She set her two children down on the ground behind her legs. She pulled out her sword and shield from off of her back. She kneeled down and gave her shield to the two Twins. They were small enough to both fit underneath of it. "Stay behind me and keep the shield raised, okay?" The twins nodded. Sakura stoodd up again and immediately banged one malfested in the face with the hilt of her blade. She took a swing at another, being careful not to move away from her children.

"We can't keep this up!" Sakura yelled to Syaoran. She turned around and grabbed her shield before picking up Hanako and Hitoshi again. She covered them with her shield and sprinted through the group of malfested. One of them grabbed her hair and she fell backwards.

Suddenly, a giant blade cleaved through a whole row of the malfested to reveal a woman that Sakura vaguely recognized. "Helen?" The woman nodded and offered a hand to help Sakura up.

"Alright troops, spread out and attack!" Helen commanded.

"Thank you, so much," Sakura breathed. She set her children down as Syaoran came over and picked them up. "I can't thank you enough, I really can't Helen."

"Are you alright? Is anyone hurt?" asked Helen.

"No, I think we're all good," replied Sakura. She raised her blade and threw it. It hit precisely in it's mark; right in the back of a malfested. "Now we just have to handle these!" Sakura held up her hand and closed into a fist. A stroke of lightning came down and hit the malfested where her sword was enveloped. Sakura ran past Helen and re-grabbed her sword from out of the malfested's back. Helen spun around and swung her blade as one of them tried to attack her form behind. One by one, the malfested fell to Helen and her Mercenaries', along with Sakura's, blades. Syaoran stood off to the side with both children in one arm, his Protective Instincts in full gear.

Finally, the last malfested fell by Helen's sword. Sakura sheathed her blade in her shield.

"That is the last of them," Helen said.

Sakura and Helen

Sakura and Helen, just after the malfested are killed

"Thank you for your help," said Syaoran, "and your timely intervention."

"I don't know what you we would've done," Sakura said. She smiled.

"You two could join my Mercenary group," suggested Helen. "That way we can provide protection for your children and you can help us get rid of the rest of these malfested." Syaoran had immediately perked up at the words, "Mercenary Group."

"Thanks for the offer, we'll definitely keep it in mind," answered Syaoran.

"Thank you again for your help, " said Sakura. "I do hope we'll see you around some time soon." With that, Sakura and Helen parted ways, both knowing they had made a new ally that day.

Soul Calibur V

Soul Edge was back. Sakura knew it was. His distinct Evil was flowing in the course where she sinced Spirits. It was weak, though. Whoever had it, wasn't doing a very good job. Sakura glanced over at her son and daughter, who were sparring against their father. She would've left it alone... but there was a problem. It was calling her name. What a strange experience this was. Sakura blocked out it's call. Nothing would lead her astray from the path of righteousness.

She hoped.

It was a typical day until Syaoran received a request from Seres Saharah. It seemed a nearby town was under attack; most likely from Malfested. So Syaoran left, leaving Sakura home with the kids. Sakura walks to her room and sits on the bed.  Soul Edge was still around. Maybe Soul Calibur had made a mistake...


Sakura rolled her eyes at her children. They didn't completely trust Z.W.E.I, which was understandable. He was kind of creepy. "I know what I'm doing," she said as she walked out the door with the brooding man. She had complete faith Z.W.E.I could handle Patrokalos in a fight. If she needed to, she would step in.

Fortunatley she didn't nned to step in. But now she was wondering more about Z.W.E.I and the creature E.I.N. Sakura approached Z.W.E.I as Patrokalos left. "He's leaving," she commented.

"He'll be back," Z.W.E.I assures.

And he's right. Patrokalos does come back. Of course though, he's still looking for his sister Phyrra. As they head out, Sakura idly wonders if they'll ever find this girl. That's when trouble begins. Trouble as in T-I-R-A, trouble. She shook her head in disappointemt when Patroklos easily let her words get to him. He ran after her, and Sakura called her children to her. They were to go back to Schwarzwind base while Sakura went after Patroklos. He was in the middle of a barren battlefield and he was hugging a blonde female. At the sight of her, Sakura felt a negative jolt. She then heard a voice she never thought would return. Raiden. Raiden was the spirit of Thunder, and had given Sakura the Blue Crystal Rod, and the Zeus crystal that granted her the control over lightning.

But now he was back and talking to her. "Sakura... A SoulEdge shard is embbed deep inside of her..." Raiden whispered. "She's dangerous..." he hissed. Sakura frowned warily at the blonde girl.

After Patroklos left with Pyrrha, Sakura decided to go after Nightmare. She was sure that Nightmare was the cause of recent destruction, since Patroklos wasn't wasting his time killing people for Graf Dumas anymore. Sakura froze. Patroklos didn't know that Graf Dumas was Nightmare... Sakura decided she would let these events play out. Nightmare was in the area Patroklos was headed with his sister, so he would know the truth soon.

Patroklos was back a few days later, just as Sakura predicted. Sakura was standing at Schwarzwind gates with her husband Syaoran, and Zwei. "She was malfested..." he mumbled pathetically to Zwei.

"What?" Zwei questioned.

"My sister was malfested!" Patroklos repeated, sounding slightly crazed. Sakura narrowed her eyes when she heard an arrogant laugh in her mind.

"I told you that girl was trouble!" Raiden lauged in triumph. "I was not trying to fool you, My dear Cherry Blossom Child..." Raiden then said seriously. Sakura crossed her arms and pretended to be watching Zwei fight Patroklos.


Siegfried had thought it be a great idea for Sakura to accompany Patroklos. So Sakura was with him and frowned at the Asian girl that wanted to fight Patroklos because he was good-looking. Sakura was agitated by all the useless fighting going on. It was wasting their time and they didn't exactly have a lot of that in the first place.

Sakura hurried them off to Ivy's mansion since she was probably the only one who knew how to actually restore Soul Calibur.


Sakura's mission had never changed. She was still trying to find her twin sister, Hana, but she had no real motivation to do so. "You haven't found your sister yet. She's still after Soul Edge," Raiden says. Sakura is in the middle of a forest by herself. It's dark.

"Then help me find her, Raiden," thinks Sakura. She sounds annoyed. Raiden laughs inside her mind.

"I cannot tell you exactly where she is," says Raiden. "But, I do know that she is cloaking herself with very powerful magic. She has become even stronger than she was 17 years ago, and you will need me more than ever. Someone is, perhaps, helping her."

Hana's Return

Sakura trekked quietly through the woods outside of Schwarzwind. The sun's light was being flitered through the leaves of the trees until it hit the ground in splotches. Sakur tensed, feeling an ancannily familiar presence. Suddenly, Sakura deflected a blade with her shield before it could hit her. It richocheted into a nearby tree. A wormhole appeared in the ground in front of her. A wolf-like demon appeared from the portal and attempted slash at Sakura. Sakura back-flipped away before jump striking the demon. Her blade went straight through the demon's skull. A laugh that Sakura knew all too well, even after 17 years, echoed acroos the woods. A pair of golden eyes glinted in the darkness of the trees. Sakura narrowed her own golden-yellow eyes and clenched her sword's hilt, and anger growing in her.

"Well, well, well, Cherry Blossom. Long time no see, huh, sis?" Hana stepped out from the darkness. She lifted her hand and the blade that was stuck in the tree came flying to her. Sakura straightened herself up and glared at her twin Sister.

"So, you finally show your face after all this time," Sakura says. "And you choose to attack me." Hana laughed light-heartedly, as if this was some kind of joke.

"I was gauging your skill, and it seems I may have underestimated you," Hana admits.

"How did you manage to get a Demon to work for you?" Sakura demands. "What have you been doing all this time?" Hana expression grows slightly angered.

"Well, you see, I've always wanted the power that the Thunder God Raiden had granted to you, and not me," Hana explains. "I don't see why he gave you the the Thunder stone and not me. We are twins. He could've easily split the power between us, could he have not? He is a God."

"Maybe," Sakura starts, "maybe he realized how much a vile pig you were before you were even born. You don't deserve The Powers of Raiden."

"I'd watch my tongue with her, Sakura," Raiden suddenly comments. "She has something planned" Sakura nods slowly, eyeing her sister warily.

"For your sake, I'm going to ignore you just said that," Hana breezily replies to Sakura. "It won't matter. I have a whole army of Demons and malfested under my command, so long as this Blade remains in one piece." Hana shows off the long blade.

"What exacty have you confronted me for, Hana," Sakura questions. She was not letting her guard down, not for a second.

"I plan on taking what is rightfully mine, you see. I've encountered many kinds of Demons and withces. All kinds of spells and Magic has been introduced to me..." Hana raises an eyebrow. "Would you care for an example?" Hana runs at Sakura, her blade ready. Sakura clashes her sword against her sister's and takes a step back. She channels Raiden's power into her blade and once again blocks her sister's blade with her sword. This time, the lightning surges through her sister's sword and an electric current blasts her away from Sakura. Sakura mock-wipes sweat from her brow, electricty dancing on her finger tips.

"Did you get what you wanted, Hana?" Sakura asks, a grin creeping onto her face. Hana growls and stands back to her feet. She throws her blade again like before, excpet this time, a demons appears from a tree and grabs the blade to swing at Sakura. Sakura blocks this with her shield, but the barage of attacks does end there. Hana is suddenly in her face. The twin snaps her fingers and Sakura feels the necklace around her neck being ripped off. Sakura moves away backwards and quickly scans the area of the woods. There were four total demons and Hana. She saw her necklace in Hana's hand.

"I don't understand," Hana says. "The Thunder crytsal was in your Blue Crystal Rod. I know you had the crystal turned into a necclace. This is showing no trace of Power, though..." Sakura almost wanted to laugh.

"No, Hana... The power of Raiden is in me, the Crystal Rod was exactly that. It was a rod to help me control the powers. I have mastered them, so I no longer needed the rod," Sakura explains. "Even my children have powers over Lighning and electricity. Raiden's power is embedded into my Soul." Hana stared at Sakura for a few seconds. A look of realization dons on her face.

"Oh, I see... Your soul..." Hana clicks her tongue. "How convienent this is for me, then." Hana brings her blade to her lips and whispers some sort of encantation. The blade begins to glow with an aura of green around it. She waves her hand and the demons sink back into the ground. Sakura feels confusion growing on her veins. Hana was going to try and steal her soul, was she? Sakura curses herself for her choice in words. Suddenly a giant glowing and spinning circle appears on the ground. Sakura's eyes widen in horror. It's a Devil's Trap.

"Very unfortunate when one is being used on you, is it not?" Hana comments icily. The whites of her eyes had turned black. "Watashi ni anata no tamashī o miseru. Watashi ni tamashī o ataeru. Zeusu no chikara wa tamashī ni natte imasu. Watashi ni Zeusu ni tamashī no chikara o motarasu."

Hana's sword glows even brighter than before. She smiles down at the blade before looking up at Sakura and, once again, throwing the blade. This time. it hits its mark.

Sakura wills herself not to scream. Instead she nearly bites through her tonuge and glowers down at the blade impaled into her abdomen. "Sakura!" Raiden yells frantically in her mind. He's fading. "Sakura no matter what happens, I am only loyal to you and only you!"

"Anata wa watashi no monoda!" Hana exclaims, jerking her hand back. A burst of light surrounds Sakura and her scream echoes around the forest.

Part 2

Helen vs. Hana

Helen faces Hana

Hana catches her blade. She walks over to Sakura's body and is surprised to see a living and breathing Human. She brings her blade up to give a finish blow, when she spins aorund and narrowly blocks an attack from a large blade. She makes eye-contact with an obviously malfested woman. She jumps back and summons her wolf once again. She can see Sakura struggling to stand and th woman helps her up. Hana frowns and stares down at her blade. Sakura should be dead, but instead she was a human. Hana sends her wolf after the woman. The woman blocks the creature's attack before retaliating with her own. When her demon is defeated, Hana knows that this woman is no one to mess with.

She does another spell and this time and disappears.

Sakura groans in pain as she stands up, leaning on Helen. With shaky hands, she examines her body and her eyes widen as she comes to the realization she is no longer a demoness. "She's going to go after my kids," Sakura says suddenly. "When they were born, they took a third of Raiden's power. They both have a part of Raiden. Once she figures out that Raiden isn't whole, she'll go after Hanako and Hitoshi, we have to go-" Sakura graons in pain once again.

"You are not fit to travel like this," Helen says. Sakura kneels down and grabs her sword and shield.

"We have to warn them though! I can't just sit here while my children are in danger," replies Sakura.

"There has to be another way to contact them," says Helen. "You need to rest before we set off." Sakura instantly thinks of Seres Saharah.

"We can call Seres," answers Sakura. She grabs her necklace and whispers, "Seres Saharah, I need you." In less than a second, a pillar of light followed bright white feathers floated down to the ground. Seres stepped out of the light, her wings spread wide. As soon as her eyes landed on Sakura, they widened,

"What the hell happened? Sakura, why are you human and Helen what are you doing here?" Seres demands. "What's going on?"

"Hana is back," Sakura answers simply. "Helen came just in time to save me. Hana stole the part of Raiden that I have, but she'll soon relaize that my children have the other parts. I need you to go to them while Helen helps me out." Seres Saharah nods before taking off in flight.

"Now we just have to figure out how we are going to avoid meeting up with Hana again," Sakura says.

"I can track her location," says Helen.

"Good. We better get moving." Sakura grabs her necklace again. She had a bad feeling about this whole situation.


Sakura hated feeling so weak. Was this how Humans felt all the time? Weak? She couldn't stand it. She felt useless. Helen told her to focus on getting to Schwarzwind base and then getting her Demon-Soul back. But, how was she supposed to get her Soul back from Hana while she was weak like this?

Part 3

Sakura didn't know she would miss Raiden until he was gone. She couldn't believe she missed the Thunder God's voice always whispering in her mind. Sakura felt hyperaware of everything. She almost envied Helen's strength. At least she still had her 6th sense. Speaking of 6th sense.... Sakura stopped walking and so did Helen.

"What's wrong?" asked Helen. Sakura narrowed her eyes and looked around.

"I feel a familiar presence..." she replied. She knew this person, but she hadn't felt his aura in 17 years. She had thought he was dead! "Hotaru... Frandlin ..." She muttered just he appeared from behind a tree.

"I'm guessing he's not a friend," said Helen. Sakura shook her head and lifted her sword. Frandlin began to laugh at them. Sakura felt another presence, but couldn't pin-point who it was.

"Wow, this is amazing!" Hotaru exclaimed. "You're nothing but a weak little human!" Frandlin twirled a bright white blade between his fingers. Sakura noticed the blood stains immediately. That's when the next person stepped form the Shadows. She gasped.


"Haku?" she said quietly. It was him. It had to be. His hair was white and his eyes were purple. He was dead pale, but it was him. He was in his true form. He didn't answer, only regarded her with a blank stare. Suddenly, from around them, an army of malfested soldiers began to walk from the trees surrounding Helen and Sakura. There was no way they were going to be able to defeat them, especially now that Sakura was a human.

"Make way for an Angel!" Seres Saharah flew down from out of nowhere and swung her giant blade through a malfested. The malfested began to attack. From out of the trees Hanako, Hitoshi and Syoaran came swinging. It was an all-out battle. Hakudoshi and Hotaru stood on the sidelines watching with interest.

Sakura parried an attack and countered. She was back-to-back with her husband, Syaoran. At the sight of her, Syaoran had raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. There was no time for questions. Slowly, but surely, they were cutting down the army of Malfested. It was a whole village full. t.

Hitoshi avoided hitting them with his blade and hit their pressure points instead. Helen only attacked with kicks. Sakura avoided hitting them at all. Seres Saharah was purifying them as she went through. Once they were finished with the army, Hakudoshi and Hotaru were nowhere in sight.

"I can't believe he's alive," Seres Saharah said. "My son is alive and the first thing he tries to do is kill someone. Of course."

"Helen, and I will go after Hana. The rest of you should find Hotaru and Haku," Sakura commanded. The group nodded and took off. "We need to find Hana, and I think I know exactly how I can."

"How is that?" Helen asked.

"I still have the blue crystal that Raiden gave me. We can track her using the crystal," Sakura explained.

"Well, let's go before Hana has anymore time to regroup," Helen said. Sakura nodded and they took off.


"Why does your sister want Raiden, this Thunder God, so much?" asked Helen. They were still looking for Hana. The Demoness was good at hiding, it seemed.

"She wants to amplify Soul Edge's power by using Raiden. Plus, she's jealous that I got him," Sakura replied. "I need my Soul back before she fgures out that Hanako and Hitoshi have the other parts of Raiden."

"Oh really?"

The two heroines turned to face Hana. The woman was smiling evilly at them. "No wonder Raiden's power seemed so weak," she laughed. She summoned a wolf-demon and attacked Sakura. Helen chose to step in the fight as well. Sakura ran past the Demon as Helen handled the beast and swung at her sister. Hana made another demon block the attack before jumping back. She twisted to the side to avoid Sakura's blade and in turn grabbed Sakura by the arm. She pressed her blade to Sakura's neck. "Don't move, or miss Kitty goes bye-bye!" Sakura struggled in her sisters grasp before she decided to elbow her sister in the face unexpectedly. Hana stumbled back and Sakura grabbed Hana's blade. She tossed it to Helen, who caught it easily.

Hana growled, but did nothing. There was nothing she could do... She smiled slowly and wickedly. A demon appeared from behind Helen and attacked her. Helen managed to avoid most of the attack, but the Demon goes straight for Hana's blade. Sakura threw her sword at the demon, impaling it in the head and Hana screamed in rage.

She raised her hand and a bolt of lightning goes flying at Sakura who narrowly avoids the onslaught. Helen redirects the lightning with her sword. "We need to  go!" Helen exclaimed to Sakura. Sakura nodded in agreement. Helen attacks Hana one last time and manages to hit her. Hana is sent flying to the ground.


"I have her blade. What now?" asked Helen. She held up the sword.

"Now we find Seres Saharah and ask her how to get my Soul off of it." answered Sakura.

Part 4

"Hana obviously didn't know what she was doing," said Sakura as she examined Hana's sword.

"Why do you say that?" asked Helen. Sakura trailed her fingers across the blade's hilt.

"Raiden is purely inside the sword, and not mixed in with her soul. She has no spiritual connection to Raiden," explained Sakura.

"I'm assuming that's a good thing," Helen said.

"Yes, that is a good thing. It means that Seres should have no trouble getting him out of here," said Sakura.

"Speaking of Seres, we are drawing closer to her location," announced Helen. Sakura could hear the sounds of fighting and they picked up their pace. They came upon the scene of Seres and Hotaru fighting. Seres was in need of some help. She was getting overpowered by Hotaru's sly attacks. He was tricky. Sakura charged at him and attacked from behind. Hotaru saw her just in time and ducked. Sakura growled and tried to attack Hotaru again.

"You can't defeat me, Sakura!" Hotaru laughed. He then let out a yelp of pain when Seres surprised him from behind. He is sent flying and hits a tree. He leaves an imprint on the tree as he falls to the ground onto his knees. "Damnit!"

"Keep your eyes on all of your opponents!" Seres exclaimed. She was pretty proud of herself, although she was a bit upset that she was fighting her son. Hotaru ignored her and his eyes landed on Hana's blade. Sakura had handed it to Helen before charging at him. He stood up and brushed himself off.

"That doesn't belong to you," he said in a low tone. He held up his hand and Helen felt the blade tug out of her grip. She held on tighter to the sword's hilt. Hotaru narrowed his eyes at her. He began to approach her but was stopped by Syaoran's blade. The warrior swung his giant sword and Hotaru barely dodged it in time. It grazed his side. "Now you're making me mad!" he yelled angrily. With a shout of rage he threw his sword at Helen. Luckily, Helen was able to block it, but it was all the distraction that Hotaru needed to get Hana's blade. As it flew out of her hand, Sakura made a run for it and caught it. Suddenly, something happened. The sword began to glow brightly and Sakura could hear Raiden's voice again.

"What's going on?!" asked Seres Saharah. Everyone shielded their eyes from the glow of the sword. The light enveloped Sakura. The light began to fade away and revealed Sakura once again. Her cat ears and tail were back, but her skin and hair were dead white. Her eyes were dark and glowed yellow.


Sakura in her full Demon Form

There were markings on her face. She growled and leaped at Hotaru who stumbled backwards and sunk into the ground as a shadow, disappearing from the area.

"It's been a while since I've seen you like this, Sakura," Syaoran commented.

"Is this form more powerful than your usual form?" questioned Helen. 

"Considerably stronger, but I only use it when I need to," answered Sakura.

"That's all fine and dandy," interrupted Seres Saharah, "but we need to move. Hotaru just teleported out of here and we have to find Hana before she finds your kids!"

"Right! Let's go!" Sakura and the others were soon on their way to find Hanako and Hitoshi.

Part 5

Sakura gave Helen Hana's blade once again and they set off. Seres Saharah flew ahead of them to see if she could find them quick.

They weren't even close to Sakura's children when Hana was across them again. Sakura came to a halt in front of her sister. Their glares were identical and they began to circle eachother. Helen stood off to the side and let the sisters do their thing. It was obvious that this needed to be between them and them only.

"I see you got Raiden back," said Hana. She glanced over at Helen. "How about you give me my sword back and we have a fair fight?" Sakura almost laughed.

"No way you're going to fight fair," Sakura disagreed. "You'll just summon up some more demons to do the fighting for you."

"I promise I'll fight fair." Hana put a hand over her chest. "You have my honor as Princess of Our Nation." She smiled wickedly. Sakura growled but looked over at Helen.

"Will you toss it to me?" she asked. Helen didn't think it was such a good idea, but she tossed the blade to Sakura anyway. Sakura caught it and held it out to Hana. Hana took the blade and grinned.

"How does it feel to have all of Raiden's power coursing through your veins in your demon form?" Hana asked. "It's only fair if I get to be just as powerful!" Hana stabbed her blade into the ground and a bright light enveloped her. When the light was gone, Hana was revealed. Much like Sakura, she was all white and had markings on her face.

"Are you ready to be defeated?" Sakura said. She raised her blade at Hana. Hana copied her movements and soon they were at it. Sakura attacked first with a vertical, arched slice. Hana blocked it and countered another oncoming attack from Sakura. They went back and forth attacking until Sakura caught Hana off-gaurd with a jump attack. Sakura jumped high in the air and came crashing down on Hana with her blade. Hana crumpled to the ground with a scream. Sakura began to stab her sword downawards but Hana rolled out of the way. Hana kicked low and Sakura stumbled forward. She caught herself and blacked an onslught of attacks from Hana. The girl was enraged as she threw every attack she could manage at Sakura.

Finally, Sakura impacted and was about to deal the final blow when Helen yelled, "Sakura, behind you!" Sakura turned around just in time to block and attack from a Wolf-Demon. Helen joined in the fight when more Wolf-Demons began to come out of the ground.

"Damnit Hana, you said you'd fight fair!" Sakura slashed at the wolf-demon in front of her and back-flipped away from it. She turned back to face Hana. Sakura's sister was grinning like a cheshire cat.

"You should know by now that I don't play fair, kitten," she said evilly.

Helen fought through a couple of Demons before making it where Sakura and Hana fought. More and more Demons began to pop up everywhere. Sakura looked around and saw that they were surrounded. She turned her attention back to Hana who was fighting Helen. Helen was hitting with very strong blows while Hana struggled to block them. Suddenly, Hana stumbled backwards as her sword broke and shattered into pieces.

The demons began to disappaer and fade away. "It's over Hana," said Sakura. "You lose!" Sakura pointed her sword at Hana. Hana looked up into Sakura's blade. Slowly, she raised her hands in the air. Suddenly, she slammed her hands on the ground and Sakura and Helen were sent flying back in huge blast. Sakura hit a tree while Helen landed on the ground.

Sakura slowly stood up and looked around in the dust and smoke. Her sister was nowhere to be found. "She escaped." Helen dragged herself over to Sakura.

"Why did her sword suddenly shatter?" Helen questioned.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling it has something to do with Hotaru...."

"Sakura!" Seres Saharah flew out of nowhere, a desperate expression on her face. "Kyou has broken the Angel-Demon Treaty Alliance; he attacked Kasimira and he's flooding the Cloud Kingdom with his ranks as we speak!"

"But what about Hotaru?" Sakura demanded. Seres turned to Helen.

"I know we just met, but I know you can scry..." Seres started. "Could you track my son, Hotaru? You met him earlier, the boy with green hair." Helen nodded.

"Of course," she replied. Seres sgihed in relief and took Sakura by the arm and dragged her off. "Alright, let's go, I need your help!"


Sakura is an honorable girl and often apologizes to the opponent after winning if they are sparring. She especially cares about her family and will do about anything for them, even give up her own life. She has a slight anger issue problem.

In Soulcalibur V she is still the fighter she was in Soulcalibur IV.


Soul Calibur IV

Sakura watches as Frandlin falls first to his knees, then onto his back. She can't help but think he looks at peace like this. Sakura looks at Soul Calibur in her hands and at the shattered remains of Soul Edge. She truly does believe it was for the best.


Soulcalibur IV


Blue Crystal Rod and Blue Line Shield

Soul Calibur (Sword and Shield)

Soulcalibur V


Brave One

The Master


Soulcalibur IV

Distant Marsh

Soulcalibur V


Sakura's Theme

Nujabes - flowers04:00

Nujabes - flowers

Sakura's Theme

Flowers by Nujabes


"Prepare yourself!" - Player One Selection

"Fight!" - Player Two Selection

"I will not hesitate to kill you."

"I have bet my life of this sword."

"Fighting is not only way to settle this."

"I will not hold anything back."

"I'm sorry, but I cannot lose."


"Sleep... Eternally!"

"Okay, get ready for this!"

"Stay down!"

"Brace yourself!"

"This is the end!"

"Even with the same moves it all depends on the user."

"This is my power!"

"None can withstand this attack!"

"Only one can emerge the victor."

"Are you even trying?"

"I'll crush you!"

"Don't move!"

"Do not underestimate me!"

"Still kicking!"

"What would you call true strength?"

"All my strength!"

"Stop struggling!"

"I'm not playing."

"I saw that!"

"Take this!"



"Won't work!"




"Too late!"


"Did you go easy on me?"

"You're so predictable."

"The end!"

Soulcalibur V

"Let's get this fight started!"

"Trust me. You won't be disappointed!"

"Tomorrow's victory starts with a heart of steel."

"Doubts and fears will sabotage one's victory."

"A splendid show of skill!"

"You only realize what you have once it's gone."


"It's over!"

"No way!"

"This is it!"

"You'll pay!"

"Take this!"

"I won't let you!"

"I'll end this!"- spoken before Critical Edge

"Brace yourself!"- spoken during Critical Edge

"My specialty!"


Even though he attempted to keep her away, Siegfried and Sakura are like Brother and Sister

Met a man around her age named Syaoran, who she proceeded to fall in love with.

Cervantes is one of her greatest Enemies, and she plans to destroy him for good.

Met a girl named Leandra her path to Soul Edge, and they were soon good friends.

Is Good friends with Helen , an amazing warrior.

Fought Tira to a draw; they were rivals ever since.

Mother of Hanako and Hitoshi.

Twin Sister of Hana. Her sister was after Soul Edge and Raiden's power.


Artwork be PJavino

Sakura's name means "Cherry Blossom," and her sister's name, Hana, means "Flower."

Sakura can be made either Sophitia style or Cassandra style or both. However, her style in SCIV is Pyrrha Omega.

Sakura's favourite color is blue, as you can see for her clothes consist mostly of the colour. She also likes the color combination of Blue and Gold.

Sakura has never worn pants or shorts in any of her costumes, and she never will.


Soulcalibur IV Formula

Physique: +50

Muscualirty: +20

Face: 2

Voice: 2 pitch +35(Voice acting is in Japanese)

Hair:Fairy Curls

Hair Color: 5:59, 31 2:07,02 5:11,17

Eyebrow:3:51, 25


Skin: 8:51, 06


Head: Cat Ears 4:56,14 1:63,12


Neck:Neck Ribbon 9:33,05

Shoulder: Gorgon Spualders 4:41,15 5:43, 13

Undergarments:Beong-Seong Underwear 9:44,15 5:27,04

Upper Body:Arabesque Vest 9:40,11 9:18,28

Arm:Kitty Mittens 9:59,10 5:59,08 9:07,25



Foot: Kitty Sandals 5:59,10 5:59,10 3:07,02

Soulcalibur V

Height: 3

Face: 2

Upperarms: -4

Forearms: 3

Pecs: -4

Hips: 20

Calves: -6

Stomach: -9

Chest: 20

Waist: -19

Muscle Mass: 2


Hair: Feminine Curls 9:56,31

Make-up:(5) [9:55,5] [9:62,17] [9:56,8] [9:1,22]



Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V

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