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"Fear Not, I will Protect You"
— Raphael


Unlike other Angels, Gaurdian Angels do not typically reside in The Angelic Kingdom unless they choose to. Guardian Angels are born in Heaven and reside in what is called The Utopia of the Blessed, loacted in Astral Chaos. Michael and Rafael were born in Heaven and stayed there for years upon years. Like every other pair of Guardian Angel brothers, Michael and Rafael were assigned a human as soon as they were born. For millenia, they waited and waited for their human to be born with only a name to go by: Alexander Tadeas. When finally he was concieved and born in 1590, they were relieved to finally have purpose.

As they watched their new beloved Human adjust to being born in the human world, news spread through the Utopia that a Human was currently residing there. They went to go see who it was and discovered a young woman who just as confused as they were.


Michael is the more brash and hot-headed of the two. He likes to hear himself talk. Rafael is calmer and gentler in a sense, but is very serious and commanding with an almost merciless edge. They both have strange Superiority complexes against Humans, especially Rafael, sans Alexander.


Michael has long (nowhere near as long as Rafael's), blonde hair. He wears red, white and gold armor that matches his Sword and Shield.

Rafael has vibrant, strawberry-red hair and green eyes. His hair is very long and he pulls it back into a loose braid. Unlike Michael, he does not wear armour, instead he wears white, god-like attire. He also does not have his wings on display most of the time.


Michael wields a Sword and Shield, which he can light aflame at will. Rafael's weapon, a long, mechanical blade, bends to his every command.

These Weapons are called, by mortals, The Flaming Sword and Song of Healing

Critical Edge


Michael's Critical Edge is the Ascending Angel. He hits the opponent into the air with his shield before throwing his sword into their stomach. He flies into the air and grabs the hilt of his sword, bring the blade up and through his opponent. He lands on the ground right before the opponent does.


Rafael's Critical Edge is Judgement Day.


Utopia of the Blessed



Michael's Theme, "Night of the Avenging Angels"

Immediate Music - Night Of The Avenging Angels (Epic Choral Orchestral)03:25

Immediate Music - Night Of The Avenging Angels (Epic Choral Orchestral)


"O Fortuna"

Carl Orff - O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana05:22

Carl Orff - O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana



How trifling...

And now you will feel Vengeance.

To Hell with you!-when facing an "evil" character

Trust me when I say, you shall be bested.- when facing the Rafael

Heaven smiles upon you, friend.

I do not understand the purpose of this- when facing Alexander

Good job...-when KO'd by Alexander

WHAT?!- when KO'd by Rafael




May the Father... forgive you!

Bow down!


It's over!

Exactly as planned

I am Superior- taunt

Hear My Name!- activating Critical Edge

The Avenging Angel.... Ascends!- during Critical Edge

I'm shaking?!- when hit by a tremor

This is Absurd- Guard break

But I can fly...!- when ringed out

You could not have prevailed.

The outcome was Destiny.

I Banish you, foul creature!

You were a worthy opponent.

I'm supposed to protect you!- win against Alexander

Are you alright, brother?- win against Rafael


Do not fear me.

You Will Obey Me.

Face Me then.- when facing Michael

You are irrelevant but I will fight you if you wish.

Begone from this world.- when facing an "evil" character

This goes against my nature.- when facing Alexander

I failed you!- KO'd by Alexander

You're kidding me!- KO'd by Michael





You... bore me.



Admit... defeat.

Face Judgement.

Unfortunate Soul.- taunt

Now you will face Judgement- activating Critical Edge

Behold the Pain of the End Days.... The End.- during Critical Edge

Foresight- breaking out a grapple

What's happening?!- when hit by a tremor

I have WINGS, you know....!- when ringed out

You got me...- when guard broken

I suggest you stay down.

If only you had obeyed.

There you are, where you belong: at my feet.

Repent and you shall be forgiven.

Come here and let me heal you!- win against Alexander

Michael, you look quite foolish on the ground. Please, get up.- win against Michael


Are the Guardian Angels and weapons of Alexander Tadeas

Met Kisandra after SoulCalibur sent her to The Utopia of the Blessed


Michael and Rafael are pulled directly from the Archangels of the same name and even have the same titles.

They seem to have a strange kind of Rivalry going on between them, as this is seen in their battle quotes against each other

Michael and Rafael are not actually brothers, or related to each other


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