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"When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power... only then will the world know peace..."
— Madoka

Madoka is the elder sister of Sakura and Hana Before Sakura went to find Hana, it was Madoka who went after her initially.

What lies in her Soul is: Serenity


Unlike both of her younger sisters, Madoka does not sport the dark magenta hair, nor does she allow her cat ears to be visible. She does, however, let her tail show. Her hair is a light blue along with her eyes. Even her skin is a lighter shade of pink.


Madoka was the first born and for a while, an only child. She grew up with the kindest of hearts and unending patience. Her parents often worried her comapassion would be taken for granted. Madoka was christened the "Flower of the Island" after the sacred ball of blue flame responded to her touch. Her magic ability drew in the flame and condensed into just a magical orb, the heart of it, a flame. The village people explained that the fire was placed there by an Angel called Prometheus. Madoka found this very fascinating as she continued to play around with the orb. It seemed to follow her mental commands at will.

The power she possessed caused a kind of uproar in the Demon Realm, for the sacred flame of Prometheus had not been moved or touched since its placement there upon the island. A meeting was called and Madoka, along with her parents, traveled to the Demon Realm Capital to meey with various rulers of differetn demonic Kingdoms. Amongst the rulers, was the acclaimed King of the Demon Realm, Kyou. Upon entering the council room, Madoka was surprised to see a young-looking, red Ryu-kin demon. At her sight, a charming grin appeared on his face. Madoka blushed despite herself. More monarchs piled into the room. Among them was a Demon that Madoka had no recollition of. Although she had never met each and every monarch personally, she knew of them. This one had odd, firefly-like wings. He looked rather uninterested.

Once the room was full, Kyou asked in an almost bored tone, why this meeting was called. An annoyed looking woman, her skin a harsh yellow, stood up abruptly. "This meeting was called because this, this... Child! This child has somehow managed to steal the Flame of Prometheus!" Madoka blinked and calmly stood, to show she wished to speak.

"For your information, Lady Ouryu, I did not steal the Flame of Prometheus," she said calmly. She frowned. "In fact, it came rather willingly with me." At this, Kyou began to laugh. Madoka flushed and sat back down.

"What's the big deal?" Kyou asked. "So, the pretty little girl happens upon the Flame. Who cares?" Lady Ouryu sneered.

"And what happens when the Angels hear of this? This stupid little girl has put us all in danger? I do not believe The Angels would be pleased to hear that their flame has responded to an idiot demon child." Madoka felt her face burn. Were all of the insults quite necessary?

"Could you not call my daughter an idiot?" Kotetsu demanded. "You piss-coloured bitch." Lady Ouryu fumed while Kyou rolled his eyes.

"I am the youngest one in the room, save the girl, and yet here I am being the mature one..." Kyou drawled. "It is a bit concerning, I suppose. Shall we call a meeting with the Angels...?" Madoka pushed her chair back and stood so she could leave. It wasn't her fault The Flame of Prometheus responded to her.

Outside, Madoka pouted under a dead-looking tree as she watched the Flame of Prometheus fly around her. Suddenly, a vibrant red flower was in her line of sight. The hand that held it, belonged to the dragonfly-winged demon who looked extremely bored during the meeting. Madoka hesitantly took the flower and the demon sat down next to her. "Aren't you supposed to be in there with all the other monarchs?" she inquired.

"Politics bore me," he said simply, eyes now on the Flame of Prometheus as it flew about. "Are you responsible for its movement?" Madoka nodded.


So, for the next hour, she sat there next to this strange demon who had given her a flower. She put the red flower in her hair and stood as her mother and father approached. "Time to go, little flower," Kotetsu said, helping Madoka to her feet while Kana smiled at the dark demon.

"Hello, Zirg! Still staying out of affairs I see?" The demoness smirked. Zirg shrugged.

"Drama is drama," he said in reply. Kana chuckled.

"Well, maybe we'll see you around on the Surface, eh?" Kana suggested, raising an eyebrow.

"Perhaps," Zirg said.

As Madoka and her parents said goodbye and began to walk away, Madoka couldn't help but think that Zirg was a really strange name.

Many years later, Kana announced she was pregnant. Madoka was delighted when her mother gave birth to adorable little twins. Even moreso delighted when their esteemed Thunder God, Raiden, blessed Sakura with his guidance and power. She noticed the unfortunate divide this caused between the twins. One of them, more hot-tempered than the other. In an attempt to keep peace, she kept them away from each other as much as she could, instead having one of them with her at all times. Then... Soul Edge happened. She couldn't stop Hana from hearing about the wicked blade and soon the young girl was gone. Madoka immediately went after her and attempt to reason with her. This only seemed to anger Hana. When Madoka grabbed her and tried to force her to come back with her, Hana retaliated by bringing her tonfa-blade back into Madoka's abdomen. Sense Hana's blades were enchanted with a degeneration spell, Madoka immediately felt the effects. She fell to her knees, in shock that her sister would actually attack her. Hana watched her for a moment, a strange look in her eyes before she left Madoka to her fate. Soon after, Madoka lost conciousness.

When she awoke, she recognized the area she was now in as the Demon Realm. "Are you alright?" Madoka turned her head to see Zirg. She hadn't seen this guy in... years. Years and years and years. She nodded. "What happened?"

"My sister, she..." Madoka pouted. "Attacked me." Zirg seemed surprised by this.


"No, the other one... Hana..." she trailed off. "Thank you, Zirg, for saving me."

"You're welcome. You can stay here, for as long as you like," he offered. "If you want..." Madoka smiled at him.

"I think I will."


Madoka is nice, mostly. She can be a bit... manipulative; she knows she's cute and she works it well.


Madoka's Weapon is the Flame of Prometheus, a ball of blue fire placed on her island by the Angel Prometheus.


Nujabes & MINMI - Who's Theme04:58

Nujabes & MINMI - Who's Theme

"Who's Theme" Nujabes and MINMI


I'm sorry... I have no choice.

I have to fight.

Well then, best of luck. - spoken when engaging in battle against Zirg.

This is wrong.


Are you in pain?

Leave me alone!

I can't die! -Spoken when getting up on low health.


No! - Spoken when knocked out.

I'm so sorry!

I'm weak...

I don't wanna die.

I don't... want this!

But, I blocked it! - spoken during a "Guard Burst".

It's shaking?! - spoken when hit by a tremor.

That must hurt...

Please forgive me!

Forgive me!


Please don't!

Please stop!

I can't... please stop! — spoken during her "Critical Edge".

Here I... go!

I'll remember you. You fought well.

Not my fault... You brought this on yourself!

I don't want to fall! — spoken during a Ring Out.


Don't... Take her! - Spoken while performing a throw on Nightmare.

Over here.

Stand still!

Please hit!

Go away!

No! I failed... - Spoken when timed out.

Don't hate me!


Sister of Hana and Sakura

Saved by Zirg after being attacked by Hana

Lover of Zirg

Mother of the triplets Chika, Akane and Kohaku


Like the rest of her sisters, Madoka's name has to do with Flowers and simply means Flower.


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