"I shall take in your Resentment..."
— Kyou
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Kyou is the current King of the Demon Realm.

What lies in his Soul is Envy


Kyou was raised as a Prince along with his three other siblings in the Demon Realm with his parents Apollyon and Eligos. His early life was filled with his mother Apollyon yelling at his father about anything and everything. Kyou often found himself with his mother, listening to her rant on and on about his father. She insisted she should be the one to rule, that Eligos was a tyrant.

Kyou's father did not pay much attention to him which he did not mind. Whenever Kyou foud himself alone with Eligos, it ended very strangely and uncomfortable on Kyou's end. At one point, when he attempted to resist his father, Eligos lashed out at him and clawed his face, damaging his eye permanently. This lead to Kyou wearing the eyepatch and the scar on his face. So, Kyou really avoided being around Eligos at all costs. Instead he surrounded himself with his older and younger siblings whose company he actually enjoyed. The eldest of him and his siblings, Kikyou, was often the one found Kyou in the awkward states with their father. These situations just gave Apollyon more and more to go on about.

As time passed, Kyou grew to loathe his father's very existence. It was strange. The man gave him everything he wanted but did...strange things to him. To put it simply, Kyou wanted his father's head on a silver platter.

When Apollyon came to him with a plan, a plan that would make him King... He couldn't say no.

Kyou slowly entered the war-plan room, where his father stood at the table, by himself. Perfect. He walked until he stood directly behind his father, who undoubtedly knew he was there. "Father, what are you doing?" he asked curiously, looking over Eligos's shoulder. His father spared him a quick glance before looking back at the maps.

"Strategic planning. Do not trouble yourself with my matters. What do you want?" Eligos was marking something on the map. Kyou ran through the plan his mother explained to him in his head several times before shrugging and sinking his razor-sharp teeth into Eligos's shoulder and ripping a chunk out of his father.


With a yell of surprise and probably pain, Eligos brought his opposite hand up to punch Kyou in the face. Kyou backed away from his father and all the other man could do was stare at him in shock. There was blood splattered all over Kyou's face and dripping from his mouth, and all Eligos could do was stare. Kyou snarled and stomped his foot, a dark red aura encompassing him and he grew larger and bigger until the ceiling shattered at his mass. A magnificient red dragon roared in rage before engulfing Eligos in its mouth with a snapping finality.

Staff and servants who had heard the commotion had come barreling into the room, just in time to see Kyou eat his father in one gulp. Almost as soon as it happened, it was over, and Kyou morphed back into his more humanoid shape with a strange taste in his mouth. "My father tastes horrid... ugh..." He waved a dissmissive hand at the servants scurrying about the ceiling debris. "My mother will fix this up, leave..."

"Prince Kyou..." one of the servants, Mars, approached Kyou. "Doesn't this mean that you... are soon to be King then?" Kyou pretended to ponder the statement and scratched his chin. He grinned maliciously.

"Why, yes it does."

So began, Kyou's reign of not-so-terror. In fact, he was a pretty good King and had even gotten the Angels and Demons to be on fairly good terms and had a Peace Treaty signed. This was also how he met Seres Saharah. He'd heard about the Angelic Princess. Who hadn't? She had quite the reputation. When the petite, little angel-vixen smiled at him during the meeting, it was over.

It was so over, and now he had two kids and Seres was worrying herself with a stupid human boy who idiotically grabbed Soul Edge like an imbecile. Kyou saw less and less of Seres and you know what they say? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. While Seres was flying around Earth after a human teenager, Kyou had fun with a small demoness that reminded him of the Angel-vixen. That demoness soon disappeared too and Kyou often rolled his eyes at the ridiculousness of it all.

Then... Seres started to be a bitch. Did she really have to insult and belittle him just to tell him no? However, Seres was putting herself in danger going to the human realm. The Soul Edge sword and Inerno was something the Angels and Demons needed to work together to do.

He also needed to tell her something really important about their son, but she was never around when he was.

In the end, Kyou all together stopped going to the Angelic Kingdom to see Seres and instead began to devise a plan to get her to come to him...

Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V


Although he is hot-head, rash and stubborn, he also has a strange naivety to him.


My Beloved is Kyou's weapon in Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V, although it underwent colouration changes.


Soulcalibur IV

Tower of Remembrance - Ancient Gate

Soulcalibur V

Astral Chaos


Soul Calibur IV


Two Steps From Hell - Cannibal (Halloween)02:23

Two Steps From Hell - Cannibal (Halloween)

Soul Calibur V/ Demon-Angel War

Heian Alien, Metal Mix

東方 Touhou Metal - 平安のエイリアン - Heian Alien04:43

東方 Touhou Metal - 平安のエイリアン - Heian Alien


For a while, Kyou was worshipped in Japan as a legendary Red Dragon, hence his middle and last name that was given to him by the Humans there. Akaryu means Red Dragon and Nakamura means Middle Village.


Soulcalibur IV

Here I come!


You are wasting your time with your rhetoric.

Very well then. I shall fight you.

I shall take in your resentment.

It seems we're both destined for hell.

Put down your weapon if you wish to live.

Let's see how well you fight.

An empty victory!

I guess I could have eased off a little.

Soulcalibur V

Why do you choose to fight?

What do you hope to accomplish?

You....-when facing Siegfried

My pretty little angel-when facing Seres

Little lightning bug...-when facing Hotaru

Kneel before me.

Brace yourself

Don't make me laugh

Do as I tell you, damn it!

My power knows no bounds.

Your death will be painless-Taunt

You were a worthy opponent indeed.

There is no hope for you.

You are powerless before me.

I don't care if you hate me... As long as you're mine-win against Seres

Feels so good!- KO'd by Seres

She's MINE!-KO'd by Siegfried


Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur V

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