"I'm The King!"
— Hotaru
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Hotaru appears first in Soul Calibur IV, and reappears in Soul Calibur V.

What lies in his soul is Corruption.


Soul Calibur IV

Hotaru is pale and has faded, light-green hair and icy blue eyes. His outfit usually consist of reds, golds, and black and he likes to wear boots. He wears a bright red shirt with gold symbolism on the chest. His pants are black and baggy and he wears a hood to match

Soul Calibur V

In Soulcalibur V, his skin is even paler than it was before, making him appear dead. A black steak is on the right side of his face and the whites of his eys are now black due to the completion of his malfestation. His hair is longer and thicker and he wears it in a messy, upwards hairstyle; that or in a ponytail. He still continues to wear black, red and gold, but he has abandoned his obessions with hoods and is seen to be a lot less conservative.



Fighting Style


Ring Blade (Ouroborus)

Chinese Blade (Earth's Rotation). This Sword is directly from Heaven, gifted to Lee at her creation.


Soulcalibur IV

Hall of The Warrior God

Phantom Pavillion (See-Saw)

Soulcalibur V

Astral Chaos

Tower of Glory: Spiral of Good and Evil



He is the Son of Seres Saharah

Cousin of Yuner



  • Hotaru means "firefly" or "lightning bug" in Japanese.
  • Hotaru was probably the most conservatively dressed characters by LightningSakura until recent costumes


Cocky (Soul Calibur IV)

It's really boring when I know I'm going to win.

Wait, you wanna fight me? Ha! Get Real!

Yeah.... I'm winning this for sure.

Not bad...For trash.

So, are you strong?

I can play with you for just a few minutes.

I have no business with you. Get lost.

You're Hopeless!

Now Scream!

Here it... goes.

Come on!


You Suck!

You're Boring!

Eat this!

Giving up?

I'll bury you!

How's that?

I almost feel like dancing!

Stay down.

Don't. Struggle.

How's this sound?

Does that hurt?

Having fun yet?

Let's Have fun!

Prepare... To die!

Ah, ha, ha, ha!

Heh, Heh

This... is insulting! (After Losing in Story and Arcade Mode)

I believe they call this bullying! (Perfect)

You truly are a sore loser. (Win with low health)

I'll show you! (Activate Critical Finish)

I guess this was your last day! (Win Critical Finish)

Well that was a waste of time, ha ha ha.

Very good. That was the best screaming I've ever heard!

Angered(Soulcalibur IV)

Fight like your life depends on it.

Surrendering won't help. I'll still kill you.

You better keep me amused.

Okay, okay, how mighty you are.

This is a real pain, you know.

Shut up and come on.

I'll destroy you!

Go to Hell!


Shut up.

How's this?




You Irritate me.

I'll break your skull.

Wake up!

Go home!


Just go to sleep!

This is the end!

What are you, a cry baby?

Now Disappear!

I'll devour you.


You Suck.

Effort doesnt equal victory, dumbass.

Damn, you're annoying.(Win with low health)

Have fun in the afterlife.

I don't have time for corpses.

You're dead...

Your heart... it's beating!

You're so pathetic.

Prepare for your funeral!(When critical finish is activated)

Ugh! You've wasted my time.(Win Critical Finish)

Soulcalibur V

Ah, This will be easy.

Alright, I'm gonna enjoy this!

Ah, jeez, not you (when facing Kyou)

........Mother'' (when facing Seres Saharah)

Pretty little kitty...

Woof woof! (facing Syaoran/ZWEI)

Haku, you're no fun!' ('when facing Hakudoshi)

Get away! (when facing Elsyium, or someone with SoulCalibur equipped)

This is gonna hurt!!

I can feel it!!!-performing a Critical Edge

I don't even know my own strength!!

That's gonna leave a mark!!

I might have a position for you.

What a wonderful bonding experience... '(when defeating Kyou)

hmph (defeating Seres Saharah)

How do you skin a cat...? (defeating Sakura)

All bark and​ no bite!  (when defeating Syaoran)

Let's play again, Haku. (when defeating Haku)

Help me! (KO'd by Seres)

Bitch! (KO'd by Sakura)

Stupid dog! (KO'd by Syaoran/ZWEI)

More! (KO'd by Haku)

By a child?!? (KO'd by Hanako/Hitoshi)

....Not again... (KO'd by Elysium/someone wielding SoulCalibur)

Piece of crap...

Come on!

There's more where that came from.

I'm the best!- Taunt


Come on now!

Try again!

Bring it!


Just die!

Die, die!

Justice is for losers!

Hey, you cold?

Let's have... some fun!

Now... Stay down!


You idiot!


I'm the King!


Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V

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