"I'm The King!"
— Hotaru
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Hoatru i is a hybrid between a Demon and an Angel . He appears first in Soul Calibur IV and reappears in Soul Calibur V

What lies in his soul is Corruption.


Soul Calibur IV

Hotaru is pale and has faded, light-green hair and icy blue eyes. His outfit usually consist of reds, golds, and black and he likes to wear boots. He wears a bright red shirt with gold symbolism on the chest. His pants are black and baggy and he wears a hood to match

Soul Calibur V

In Soulcalibur V, his skin is even paler than it was before, making him appear dead. A black steak is on the right side of his face and the whites of his eys are now black due to the completion of his malfestation. His hair is longer and thicker and he wears it in a messy, upwards hairstyle; that or in a ponytail. He still continues to wear black, red and gold, but he has abandoned his obessions with hoods and is seen to be a lot less conservative.


Soul Calibur IV

Although he was born on Earth, Hotaru grew up as a prince in the Clouds. One night when he was younger, he watched his sister training in the castle garden; sword fighting. He instantly found interest in this and something in his mind whispered to him one single word: power. So he was determined to learn this fighting style and face opponents and cause humiliation. The very thought of it made him smile. He asked his sister to teach him how to fight. His sister, Lee, agreed and taught him.

Many years later he has been informed by his mother and sister that there is a shard of Soul Edge resting within his heart. Little did he know that it was actually Inferno inside that shard, masking its presence.

Hotaru often found himself traveling down to Earth to be amongst the various human cultures. He always thought humans were such petty creatures. For example, a group of drunken bandits came across him one day. They attacked him and he killed every single one of them. That day was the very first time he killed anyone, and scarily, he craved more. Unable to think properly at the moment he climbed a tree and sat there until morning.

In the morning hours Hotaru twirled his sister's elegant sword in his fingers as he sat on a tree branch. He observed the animals darting around. His mind was screaming at him to kill every last one of them. He clenched and unclenched his fist looking torwards the sky. This had to be more than just a shard of Soul Edge. Maybe it was a really big one? Yeah, right. He had to find out what it was. But for now...

He spotted a demon- a girl with an immense power coming from her. However, the girl avoids a battle with him and only causes Hotaru a great pain in his chest without her even doing a signle thing. He ran from her, but did not return home. Although he had an extreme urge for bloodlust, he was still sane enough to not want his family in danger. That is when he went on a massacring ramapage in a small village. It is also when he met Tira.

Tira spotted him slaying a young man and could sense the evil emitting from his soul. She smiled to herself as she knew what his purpose was. She talked to him, told him about the one who would cause his death, if he were to meet him. Hotaru eyed her warily as she spoke. This woman with a ring blade had an unwelcoming aura about her. Then she said something that actually caught his interest: Soul Edge. It was in Ostreinsburg. Oh, he knew exactly where that was. Secretly in the back of his mind he had sought the blade for some unknown reason. Now he knew where the blade was, and he was not letting it escape. He thanked Tira, and turned to the west, where his adventure awaited.

He found himself adventuring with Sakura, the demoness he'd encountred earlier, Syoaran and Fumiko, Siegfried, the wielder of Soul Calibur, and his sister Lee. He helped them make their way to Ostreinsburg. There, they encountered two elementals bound to Soul Edge. They also met a charismatic and overly flirtatious young man with bright, blonde hair and sky-blue eyes. He was able to move impossibly fast and he used dual blades. Hotaru always sensed a darkness in him and it later revealed to him that he was the son of the two Elementals. This seemed to devestate the blonde more so than Hotaru thought it would. After all, he'd sensed it before.

Soon, Hakudoshi left and Hotaru wondered where he went off to. He told himself he'd find the guy after he retrieved Soul Edge. ....Soul Edge; nothing was going to stop him from achieving Soul Edge.

Not even his sister, which it unfortunately had come to. His heart was pulsing at an inhuman rate, for Soul Edge was right there. The only thing standing in his way, was Lee. His sister. Not even those facts could stop him from attacking her. He needed Soul Edge, craved it. If this is what he had to do to get what he needed, then so be it! She'd found out about his plans somehow and as soon as he'd entered the Tower of Lost Souls, she'd blocked his path.

The battle was nowhere near short, and when it finally ended the result was death. But Hotaru felt no sorrow for killing his sister. Soul Edge was too close for him to care. And sadly, Hotaru wouldn't have cared even if he wasn't on a mission to get Soul Edge. His thoughts and his self were too far gone. He was twisted in so many different directions and his mind was not the same Hotaru from before. He had matured, but into a killer that was still arrogant and mocking. His journey to Ostreinsburg had opened his mind and closed his eyes. He was fragile and hanging on a thin thread. One slip-up and whatever sanity he had left would shatter into oblivion.

He had finally achieved the goal he had been fighting over for a year or two. He had finally achieved Soul Edge.

And everything went black.

Soul Calibur V

Hotaru opened his eyes to see the darkened sky above him. There were leaves falling to the ground around him. He wasn't sure what tp be thinking at the moment. A darkness filled his core and he felt numb. Was his heart even beating? Hadn't he died? He can still feel Soul Calibur's icy burn rip through his back and chest, paralyzing him with pain and fear. He had never been so afraid in his life. He remembers Sakura faintly whispering, "sorry." before everything went black.

Hotaru shakily brought his hand to his chest. Suddenly, a sort of flame warmed his entire body and he sat up. Inferno. His heart was beating steadily in his chest.  Hotaru let a sinister grin slip onto his features. That was it, wasn't it. It was Inferno and not just a normal Soul Edge shard. He let out a laugh and then blinked. His voice... was different. Hotaru looked around and he realized he had no idea where he was.

"You, are Prince Hotaru Ryuu Nakamura," a familiar voice said. Hotaru turned his head and was surprised to see.. Sakura? "I know what you're thinking, but I am not Sakura. I'm her twin sister, Hana." Hotaru eyed her warily.

"Sakura has a sister...?" he mutters. Hana nods at him.

"Mm-hm. I know what she did to you, so I was wondering if you could help me..." Hana asks.

"With what exactly?" Hotaru questions.

"With taking her power and killing her," Hana replies, smiling. Hotaru smirks up at her. This girl was an idiot. Hotaru didn't partner up with anyone, but, if it meant killing Sakura then why not?

"What exactly do you need me to do?"

"I need a spell that can take her soul. If I can take her soul, then I can get Raiden's power. I already have an army of Demons and malfested to help us do it..." explains Hana.

"Well, I can help you there," says Hotaru. He stands up and holds out his hand. Hana hesitantly takes it. A rush of warmth flows through her veins. "Now you have the spell engraved into your mind. It only works if she's not moving, so use a Devil's trap, got it!?" Hotaru pulled his hand away with a smile. Hana stared at him for a few seconds.

"Thank you then," she replies. Hotaru continues to smile at her. The idiot didn't even know he was just using her. Why do all the work, when you can get someone else to do it for you?

"I have a plan," Hotaru says suddenly. Hana waits for him to continue. "But, we're going to need others. I'll collect the people you need, while you go ahead and get Sakura, okay. Report back to me after you get Sakura's soul, got it?" Hotaru ignores the irritated look on Hana's face. "Listen, you came to me for help, so you'll do as I say." Hana nods stiffly and walks off. Hotaru looks around and realizes he's in a forest. He should probably be able to find a town nearby... For some reason, he knows they'll know he's malfested. But, he knows exactly where he needs to look for the people he needs...

During Hana's Return

In a town in Greece, Hotaru strolled casually through the streets, looking for the local prison. He soon found it and walked inside, a pep in his step. The guard at the door asked him what he was doing and Hotaru responded by impaling his blade into the chest of the man. Whistling, Hotaru let the body fall to the ground and carried on his way toward the cells. He let his sword clink against the metal of the bars as he searched the individual cells. He peered into the bars and then paused in front of the last cell. He was met with the sight of white hair and glowing purple eyes on a melancholy face. Hotaru leaned against the bars and wrapped his fingers around them with an excited grin. He tilted his head. "Hello, Hakudoshi." The man startled and looks to Hotaru with thinly veiled shock.

"I heard you were dead on top of the Tower of Lost Souls," Haku says slowly. Hotaru rolls his eyes.

"What a wonderful greeting; what are you doing in here? I heard you voluntarily put yourself in this place." Hotaru raised an eyebrow. "Explain yourself, White Lightning."

"I'm... a threat to Humanity, Frandlin," Haku mutters. Hotaru shrugs.

"Screw Humanity!" Hotaru taps the bars. "I've got a plan, but first let's get you out of here." Hotaru backs away from the cell.

"Frandlin, what did you do to the guard?" Haku asks suddenly. Hotaru scoffs.

"I killed him, duh. I killed every guard in here. Anyway..." Hotaru muttered an incantation and the bars shattered after he tapped them. Haku jumped to his feet and looked around.

"How did you do that?" he questions. Hotaru grins.

"Magic, my friend. Magic. Now, come on." Hotaru begins to walk away, expecting Haku to follow.

"I don't know about this, Frandlin," Haku says hesitantly.

"Call me Hotaru. And you are sure about this. C'mon, you're older than me, I'm supposed to be the hesitant one," Hotaru drawls. He smiles twirls his blade between his fingers. "C'mon, White Lightning."

Hotaru found himself accompanied by Haku all throughout the small town. "What is this plan," Haku asks him once Hotaru lead them through a portal and into a wooded area.

"My Father is King of the Demon Realm," Hotaru explains, "and I'm going to kill him and take his place as ruler. Also, I'm going to kill Sakura. You remember Sakura, don't you?" Haku nods slowly.


"Because she killed me. Then, I'm going to get Soul Edge and throw this planet into the flames," Hotaru says, grinning.

"If she killed you, how are you standing in front of me right now?" Haku asked, raising an eyebrow. Hotaru rolled his eyes.

"Just come on. I need to go check on Sakura's sister; did you know she had a sister? Fascinating. They're identical twins..." Hotaru grinned dreamily. "Identical..." He cleared his throat and smiled. "Stay here for a moment..." Hotaru walked back through the portal and went to go collect the town he'd malfested.

After Hana's Return/During Demon-Angel War

"I can't believe this!" Hotaru yelled, enraged. Hakudoshi watched with an amused expression. Hotaru stabbed his sword through a tree and screamed again.

"Are you throwing a temper tantrum right now?" Haku laughed. Hotaru glared at him and opened a portal behind the white-haired man.

"Yes, now leave so I can throw it in peace," he growled. Hakudoshi shrugged and stepped through the portal and Hotaru promptly closed it. That woman who was there foiled his damn plans! Humans always got in the damn way! Hotaru leaned against a tree and slid down until he sat. He'd just have to destroy Sakura after taking over his father's kingdom. He sighed and suddenly tensed. He felt someone's presence; a malfested. He relaxed and stood up, his eyes darting around. "You might as well come out, I know you're there..." He hoped it wasn't that Tira girl. She gave him the creeps with that circular blade of hers.

"You have keen senses indeed," a voice called out and Hotaru recognized it form earlier. From the trees,a woman appeared and Hotaru reach backwards to pull his sword out of the tree.

"Hard not to sense you with all of those Soul Edge shards practically running through your veins," Hotaru huffed, taking in the woman from earlier, Helen he thinks her name was. "What do you want, huh? Think you can take me on?" Hotaru let out a laugh and then winced, barely noticeable.

"Perhaps not, but with those wounds, you are in no position to challenge me either," Helen responded. Hotaru's mouth twitched into a humourless grin. This woman's calmness infuriated him. He leaned back against the tree and lifted his hand. Helen abruptly jerked forward.

"Not if I can't heal myself, so I think I'll just reclaim those shards," Hotaru said in a gravelly voice that Helen noticed was indefinitely not his. Since she was being dragged closer to him, she decided to use this to her advantage. Once she was close enough, she abrupty swung her blade, catching Hotaru in the side and he stumbled to his knees, hands pressing underneath his ribs. Helen swiftly moved backwards from him and Hotaru let out a frustrated scream borderline sob.

"Today is not my day..." he muttered, moving his hand away to examine the dark blood staining his pale fingers. "That was very stupid of me, you could've killed me..." Helen raised an eyebrow.

"I am sure you have survived worse," she commented. Hotaru expression flattened. He slowly rose to his feet and glared at her, his eyes turning a dark shade of scarlet.

"You dare mock me?" he demanded. "Why won't you bow to my Will, mortal? My power courses through your body and yet you resist me..." Hotaru flinched and closed his eyes, bring a hand to his head and Helen watched him warily. "Damn..."

"I wondered why the son of an angel would possess so much evil energy. I believe I understand now. An evil presence controls your heart," said Helen, after a stiff silence. Hotaru scoffed.

"What are you talking about?" he demanded. Helen narrowed her eyes a fraction.

"Ask yourself this: Why do you desire Soul Edge?" she asked.

"Because I... I do! It's mine! It belongs to me, I crave... it..." Hotaru trailed off, frowning, a headache forming at his temples. "I want it! I just.. Shut up!" Hotaru stomped on the ground, a portal forming at his feet. He fell forward into it and Helen shook her head, not attempting to follow him.

Hotaru landed on top of a startled Hakudoshi who was sitting next to Hana. "We've got stuff to, let's go," he growled, ignoring how his blood was dripping all over the ground. Damn that woman to hell! Who did she think she was? How dare she, how dare she...


Originally, Hotaru was just an arrogant and rude teenager who was sure he could win every fight. He often teased his opponents during fights in order to irritate them and put them off their game. But as the years passed the 'shard' of Soul Edge made itself more present and it corrupted half of his mind. Now his temper is quick to flare. He gets into fits of cruel, cold-hearted anger.

In Soul Calibur V he's still a narcissistic jerk. He is also a lot crueler than he was before and now has full control over his mind and thoughts, and has put a lid on his anger. Inferno, however, still corrupts his thoughts.

Fighting Style

Hotaru's fighting styles are all learned from his sister, Lee, except for the Ring Blade. In that case, he simply mimicks what he remembers of Tira.


Iron Rod (Solid Flame)

Ring Blade (Ouroborus)

Tonfas (Sadism and Masochism)

Chinese Blade (Earth's Rotation). This Sword is directly from Heaven, gifted to Lee at her creation.

He recieved The Chinese blade from his older sister, Lee, when she was training 


Soulcalibur IV

Hall of The Warrior God

Phantom Pavillion (See-Saw)

Soulcalibur V

Astral Chaos

Tower of Glory: Spiral of Good and Evil


Initial Theme

"Daiben," originally sung by Miku Hatsune of the Vocaloids

【Kiro】Daiben【HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!!!!!!】Cover03:37

【Kiro】Daiben【HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!!!!!!】Cover


Secondary Theme

東方14 Metal Vocalアレンジ Farce Silhouette ┆ Pizuya's Cell┆04:10

東方14 Metal Vocalアレンジ Farce Silhouette ┆ Pizuya's Cell┆

東方14 [Metal / Vocalアレンジ] // Farce Silhouette ┆ Pizuya's Cell


He is the Son of Seres Saharah

Cousin of Yuner

Allies himself with Sakura's Twin sister, Hana. He is the one who tells her about all the magic.

Used to be friends with Sakura, until Inferno took over his mind.

He does not actually care for Inferno nor does he care for Soul Edge. It is just Inferno's desires influencing some of his thoughts

He has always been interested in Hakudoshi . You could almost go as far to say that he even likes Haku.



  • Hotaru means "firefly" or "lightning bug" in Japanese.
  • Hotaru is the only child who does not share any resemblance with his Mother or his Father. He has green hair and blue eyes. Neither of his parents have green hair or blue eyes. This is probably dues to Kyou's Demon background.
  • After the events of Soulcalibur IV, Hotaru did not actually die. He was in a dormant state until Hana awakened him. Inferno had planned to keep him dormant until Soul Edge had regained enough prowess to come find him and reclaim him.
  • Hotaru does not actually like Hana, but he hates Sakura more then he dislikes Hana and will do anything to get Sakura killed. However, he does find her attractive.
  • Hotaru was probably the most conservatively dressed characters until recent costumes


Cocky (Soul Calibur IV)

It's really boring when I know I'm going to win.

Wait, you wanna fight me? Ha! Get Real!

Yeah.... I'm winning this for sure.

Not bad...For trash.

So, are you strong?

I can play with you for just a few minutes.

I have no business with you. Get lost.

You're Hopeless!

Now Scream!

Here it... goes.

Come on!


You Suck!

You're Boring!

Eat this!

Giving up?

I'll bury you!

How's that?

I almost feel like dancing!

Stay down.

Don't. Struggle.

How's this sound?

Does that hurt?

Having fun yet?

Let's Have fun!

Prepare... To die!

Ah, ha, ha, ha!

Heh, Heh

This... is insulting! (After Losing in Story and Arcade Mode)

I believe they call this bullying! (Perfect)

You truly are a sore loser. (Win with low health)

I'll show you! (Activate Critical Finish)

I guess this was your last day! (Win Critical Finish)

Well that was a waste of time, ha ha ha.

Very good. That was the best screaming I've ever heard!

Angered(Soulcalibur IV)

Fight like your life depends on it.

Surrendering won't help. I'll still kill you.

You better keep me amused.

Okay, okay, how mighty you are.

This is a real pain, you know.

Shut up and come on.

I'll destroy you!

Go to Hell!


Shut up.

How's this?




You Irritate me.

I'll break your skull.

Wake up!

Go home!


Just go to sleep!

This is the end!

What are you, a cry baby?

Now Disappear!

I'll devour you.


You Suck.

Effort doesnt equal victory, dumbass.

Damn, you're annoying.(Win with low health)

Have fun in the afterlife.

I don't have time for corpses.

You're dead...

Your heart... it's beating!

You're so pathetic.

Prepare for your funeral!(When critical finish is activated)

Ugh! You've wasted my time.(Win Critical Finish)

Soulcalibur V/Demon-Angel War

Ah, This will be easy.

Alright, I'm gonna enjoy this!

Ah, jeez, not you (when facing Kyou)

........Mother'' (when facing Seres Saharah)

Pretty little kitty...

Woof woof! (facing Syaoran/ZWEI)

Haku, you're no fun!' ('when facing Hakudoshi)

Get away! (when facing Elsyium, or someone with SoulCalibur equipped)

This is gonna hurt!!

I can feel it!!!-performing a Critical Edge

I don't even know my own strength!!

That's gonna leave a mark!!

I might have a position for you.

What a wonderful bonding experience... '(when defeating Kyou)

hmph (defeating Seres Saharah)

How do you skin a cat...? (defeating Sakura)

All bark and​ no bite!  (when defeating Syaoran)

Let's play again, Haku. (when defeating Haku)

Help me! (KO'd by Seres)

Bitch! (KO'd by Sakura)

Stupid dog! (KO'd by Syaoran/ZWEI)

More! (KO'd by Haku)

By a child?!? (KO'd by Hanako/Hitoshi)

....Not again... (KO'd by Elysium/someone wielding SoulCalibur)

Piece of crap...

Come on!

There's more where that came from.

I'm the best!- Taunt


Come on now!

Try again!

Bring it!


Just die!

Die, die!

Justice is for losers!

Hey, you cold?

Let's have... some fun!

Now... Stay down!


You idiot!


I'm the King!


Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V

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