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Hanako has the same pink fur like her mother along with the cat ears and a tail. She has the same irregular green hair like her father and the same violet eyes, unlike Hitoshi who has the same creamy skin like his father. His hair, however, is the deep, dark, violet-red like Sakura’s. His eyes are the same sunny yellow as well. And like their parents their clothing consist well of blue and gold. Hanako usually wears a form-fitting dress with a moon on the front. She wears thigh high stockings and heeled boots. Hitoshi wears a sea blue and cobalt vest, very similar to his mother’s and white pants with green-blue cloud designs.


One year after the events of Soulcalibur IV two twins were born under the guiding light of Soul Calibur. Their names would be Hanako and Hitoshi. They grew up together on Sakura’s home island Sairento raaka Tenshi (Silent Falling Angels). The two were almost opposites; Hanako was sarcastic and outgoing while Hitoshi was honest and overly humble. They even had unexpected choices in fighting styles. Hanako saw that zweihander was her forte and followed after her father’s footsteps. Hitoshi on the other hand idolized his mother and went for sword and shield. There was never a day they didn’t argue over which style was superior, which always resulted in their mother groaning in annoyance.

Hanako rested her sword on her shoulder and eyed her twin brother warily as he glared at her. She was unfamiliar with being glared at by Hitoshi; he always seemed hesitant to be angry with her. She knew this time though, she had crossed the line.

“Hanako, Mother all but asked us not to use our Electric abilities without her supervision!” Hitoshi is trying desperately to not yell at his sister.

“Hitoshi, would you rather us have been attacked instead?” Hanako drawls in her normal bored tone. Hitoshi tilts his head and stares at her in disbelief.

“We could’ve easily fought him off without using our talents,” Hitoshi stresses the without. Hanako sighs and swings her sword off her shoulder. She begins to walk off, deciding to ignore her brother. Hitoshi sighs and follows her lead. They were thirteen and their powers were unstable. It was foolish to use them out here. Hitoshi idly wondered if this was some sort of sign for the future.

SoulCalibur V

Hanako ducked and immediately stood once more, grabbing her enemy by the neck. With a low growl she let out an energy burst and sent the man flying. Hitoshi's sword glowed in the darkness as he impaled a malfested in the chest. This wasn't right. Soul Edge was... gone. Right? Mother said malfested were people infected by Soul Edge. She also said that Soul Edge had been defeated. Of course, looking at its history, it had a habit of just being dormant for a while before coming back.

"Hanako, Hitoshi! Over here!" Sakura called to her children through the madness. Hitoshi instantly turned in the direction of his mother's voice while Hanako let out an annoyed groan as she tossed her opponent over her shoulder.

"I wanted to keep fighting..." she grumbles as she heads her mother's way.

"You guys head back to the rendezvous point. Your father and I got this..." Sakura says. She flexes her fingers around her sword's hilt. Hana sighs and rolls her eyes. Hitoshi nods and they run off.

It was a few days later and Hanako was restless. When was something going to happen? Her life as a royal Princess was boring and unworthy of her time, in her opinion. How could Hitoshi stand it?

"Come on, my children," Sakura calls, rushing out of the room and out the doors of her castle. Hitoshi raises and eyebrow and stands, grabbing his sword and shield off the wall and clipping it to his hip, much like his mother does. What was going on? And why did mother have Soul Calibur? He shrugs and follows her, Hanako right behind.

He soon realizes they're headed to Schwarzwind base. That meant Siegfried would probably be there and Hanako would no doubt want to spar with him. She always wanted to fight with someone. It irritated him to no end when she kept asking if he would battle her. He wasn't completely confident in his skills, no matter what his mother said about them.

"Soul Calibur is different than when I had it in sword and shield. It also won't react to my Soul. It's dormant...." Sakura explains to Siegfried.

"Well we have to restore it before Soul Edge gains full power," Siegfried says. Hanako glanced over at Hitoshi. Soul Edge is back? She leans over and elbows him in the ribs.

"I thought Soul Edge was done for..." she whispers.

"Curiosity killed the cat," Hitoshi mutters in response. But he was also curious as to why Soul Calibur was dormant and why Soul Edge was back. Again.

"But satisfaction brought it back," Hanako replied cooly.


"Mother, where are you going?" Hitoshi asks. She's strapping her sword and shield to her hip and slipping her boots on. He then also notices a man; a very tall man around their father's height with a giant crescent moon tattoo on his chest. Hitoshi resisted the urge to wrinkle his nose. He reminded Hitoshi of a dog.

“This is Z.W.E.I, and I’m heading out with him. We’re going to go find someone…” Sakura answers.


“The new wielder of Soul Calibur!”

Hanako raises an eyebrow, suddenly interested. Hitoshi already understands why, unlike his sister who lacked passion for anything except fighting and even then she was deficit.

“Who is it?” Hanako asks.


Hanako sends Hitoshi a surprised glance. Wasn’t he that murderer? The one who worked for Graf Dumas? Sakura caught her children’s looks and rolled her eyes.

“I know what I’m doing, don’t worry!”

“Plus she’s got me with her,” Z.W.E.I adds. Hanako and Hitoshi both narrow their eyes at him. He seemed kind of shady in their eyes. But they said nothing as their mother walked off with Z.W.E.I.


Hanako's preferred weapon is a blue-hilt zweihand with a pure white blade. Hitoshi uses a sword and shield, like his mother.


Free Imperial City Center




So, you wanna fight?

The battlefield's where I belong.

You seem strong.

I'm hungry.

You think you're strong enough?


...and go!


I won't lose!

You think so?

Too much!- spoken during Guard Burst

I won't go easy!- spoken before Critical Edge

You're mine!- spoken during Critical Edge

You say something?

Are you... stupid?- spoken in taunt

I lost!!!- spoken during Ring Out

Too strong!!!- spoken during Ring Out

Now, taste this!

Want more?

Just die!


Too simple!


I won't hold back!

Am I good enough?

You're finished!

I admit, you almost had me.

I should double my training.

Is that... all?- Spoken in Taunt

I was so close.- spoken during time's up

Noooo!!!- spoken during ring out once

I almost had it!- spoken druing ring out twice

On my honor!- Spoken during Critical Edge

Begone!- Spoken during Critical Edge

We're done already?

Until our next battle!

You'll... pay!

To victory!

Did you let me win? -Win against Sakura

Ready to give up?

This'll hurt.




This will hurt.


Soulcalibur V


Height: 2

Body Type:

Face: 2

Hair: Fairy Curls

Eyebrows: 13

Voice: Cynical

Upperarms: -8

Forearms: -10

Pectorals: -20

Hips: 20

Thighs: -2

Calves: -3

Stomach: -19

Chest: 9

Waist: -19

Muscle Mass: 1


Height: 3

Body Type: Normal

Face: 20

Hair: Long Straight

Eyebrows: 10

Voice: Young Knight

Upperarms: -20

Forearms: -20

Pectorals: -20

Hips: -20

Thighs: -20

Calves: -20

Stomach: -20

Waist: -20

Muscle Mass: 1


Son and Daughter of Sakura and Syaoran

Rivals of each other

Friends of Luke Scott

Hanako has a crush on ZWEI


Like their parents, blue is the main color of their clothing.

Hanako got her father's fighting style, hair color and eye clolr. Hitoshi got his mother's fighting style hair color and eye color.

They are polar opposites.

If they could choose Soul Edge or Soul Calibur, Hanako would choose Soul Edge and Hitoshi would chose Soul Calibur.

Hanako means "flower child" and Hitoshi means "even-tempered" or "level"


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