Hakudoshi, more commonly known as Haku, is a character who first appears in Soul Calibur IV and later returns for Soul Calibur V . He makes a brief but important appearance in Soul Calibur: Demon Angel War along with Hotaru.

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He is known as The White Lightning. What lies in his soul is: Unknown


At first sight, Haku is fair and blue-eyed. However, this look is caused by a glamour spell placed on him by his mother. In reality, Haku is deathly pale, has white hair and purple eyes. Despite his chipper personality, he enjoys wearing dark clothing and has a strange obsession with skulls in any form. His Soul Calibur IV costumes feature strange skulls of some type of beast on his shoulders and in Soul Calibur V, he wears a necklace of skulls and several skull-patterned clothings.


Elementals typically resided in Astral Chaos, but with the mess going on between Soul Edge and Soulcalibur, anything was prone to be released. Two elementals were purposely taken, forced to be bound to the evil blade, Soul Edge, as its unwilling guardians. These Elementals were Ice and Shadow, as Elementals had no true concept of names. In their close proximity, they gave birth to Haku. Not wanting their only child to be bound to Soul Edge as well, they used what little distance they could put between themselves and Soul Edge and cast a Glamour charm on the child, so it would appear human.

They left Haku with the nearest human civilization, and he was raised there. However, his human identity could not be kept as his powers of speed became to manifest. In some for of negotiation with Germany, he is sent to join their military as apowerful asset. There, he buts heads with another young blonde. Oddly enough, they shared similar names, as the name Haku went by at that time was Sigge.

That is when the tales begin. Tales that spoke of a powerful, yet cursed blade. And people were after it, snf the power it provided. Haku had felt no obligation to go after it, but he wasn't surprised when Siegfried, his supposed rival, left to go after it.

Bored with Germany, and having no real reason to go back to Sweden, Haku pushed his powers to the limits, eventually finding that he could run across entire countries without breaking a sweat. Running on water was also something he managed to do accasionally, but he wasn't quite at that speed level. He made it across the water that seperates China and Japan. While there, he became known as Hakudoshi, the name meaning White Lightning.


Hakudoshi is a generally cheerful person with a snarky attitude. He is flirtatious and charming with an underlying cockiness. When fighting, he seems kind but there is a strange sense that he is also mocking you.

Fighting Style

Haku was taught by his father how to fight, unbeknowst to him. He utilizes his super speed to perform quick, agile moves.


His dual swords, both called Styx, he recieved from his father. He uses these weapons in both Soul Calibur IV and Soul Calibur V.


Soul Calibur IV

Hall of the Warrior God

Soul Calibur V

The Adrian


Soul Calibur IV

Rabbit Killer- "Make Me Hate You"

Rabbit Killer - Make Me Hate You

Rabbit Killer - Make Me Hate You

Soul Calibur V/Demon-Angel War

Far Too Loud- "Drop the Bomb"

Far Too Loud - Drop The Bomb

Far Too Loud - Drop The Bomb


Son of Eice and DarkNight, two Elementals

Was infatutated with Sakura

Therefore considered Syaoran a rival

Wishes to kill Nightmare and destroy Soul Edge to free his parents

Traveling companion of Hotaru

Helps cure Hotaru


Hakudoshi's name means White Lightning

Haku's parents are elementals, which also makes him an Elemental. It is unknown what he is the Elemental of.

It is unknown whether or not Haku was really 23 during the events of Soul Calibur IV, as it appears he has not aged in Soul Calibur V

Both of his themes are dubstep/electronic


Soul Calibur IV

No excuses!

Get ready!

If I must win to survive...

Must we fight till one of us fall?

Don't worry. I'll go easy on ya.

It appears that words will not be enough.

I'll stop this with my own power!

You leave me no choice. I'll make this quick!

Strength is not the only path to victory. (Perfect)

It was an honorable battle.

I apologize. Please, don't be upset.

I will gladly accept your challenge anytime.

Such strength... I wasn't expecting it.

The reason behind the fight is what's important.

Let's end this charade! (Critical Finish)


Do you need a break? (Taunt)

Go to.. sleep

My turn!



Accept defeat!

Too slow!


Try taking this!

This is justice!


Soul Calibur V

Oh! ...Why, hello there...

This should be a good fight.

Aye yai yai, Hotaru, now's not the time to play! (facing Hotaru)

Damn. (facing Sakura)

Long time, no see (facing Syaoran)

Like a clone, I swear... (facing Hanako)

They got busy (facing Hitoshi)

That... sounds wrong. You're a strange kid. (when defeating Hotaru)

Still lovely...(when defeating Sakura)

Why do I feel like I didn't win? (when defeating Syaoran/Hitoshi/Hanako)

Coulda did it with my eyes closed.

Do better next time.

Game over.

Oh. I'm sorry.

Get ready!

No excuse!


Stop it!

Need a break?



Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur V/Demon-Angel War

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