Hakudoshi, more commonly known as Haku, is a character who first appears in Soul Calibur IV and later returns for Soul Calibur V. He is an elemental with incredible speed and agility related abilities.

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He is known as The White Lightning. What lies in his soul is: Unknown


At first sight, Haku is fair and blue-eyed. However, this look is caused by a glamour spell placed on him by his mother. In reality, Haku is deathly pale, has white hair and purple eyes. Despite his chipper personality, he enjoys wearing dark clothing and has a strange obsession with skulls in any form. His Soul Calibur IV costumes feature strange skulls of some type of beast on his shoulders and in Soul Calibur V, he wears a necklace of skulls and several skull-patterned clothings.


Elementals typically resided in Astral Chaos, but with the mess going on between Soul Edge and Soulcalibur, anything was prone to be released. Two elementals were purposely taken, forced to be bound to the evil blade, Soul Edge, as its unwilling guardians. These Elementals were Ice and Shadow, as Elementals had no true concept of names. In their close proximity, they gave birth to Haku. Not wanting their only child to be bound to Soul Edge as well, they used what little distance they could put between themselves and Soul Edge and cast a Glamour charm on the child, so it would appear human.

They left Haku with the nearest human civilization, and he was raised there. However, his human identity could not be kept as his powers of speed became to manifest. In some for of negotiation with Germany, he is sent to join their military as apowerful asset. There, he buts heads with another young blonde. Oddly enough, they shared similar names, as the name Haku went by at that time was Sigge.

That is when the tales begin. Tales that spoke of a powerful, yet cursed blade. And people were after it, and the power it provided. Haku had felt no obligation to go after it, but he wasn't surprised when Siegfried, his supposed rival, left for it.

Bored with Germany, and having no real reason to go back to Sweden, Haku pushed his powers to the limits, eventually finding that he could run across entire countries without breaking a sweat. Running on water was also something he managed to do accasionally, but he wasn't quite at that speed level. He made it across the water that seperates China and Japan. While there, he became known as Hakudoshi, the name meaning White Lightning. It was there he had his first encounter with a ninja named Taki. He was informed by her that he was allowed to live for now, so long as he remained civil and kept up his human disguise around most people.

He was slightly unsettled by being threatened, but brushed her off. It was here that he also met a demon girl named Sakura; however, she paid him no real interest despite his obvious interest. He accompanied her back to Europe, however, much to the disdain of her traveling companion.

Soulcalibur IV

While in Germnay, Haku tried his best to stay uninvolved in the destruction caused by Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. However, when the blades clashed together, it broke the magic on his appearance, and his parents were released from servitude to Soul Edge. However, the humans feared him because he looked malfested. Haku began to wear hoods, and could only maintain his human appearance due to fiding a crystal from Soul Calibur in the remains of the ruins Siegfriend and Nightmare fought. In these ruins, he encountered Tira, the girl attacking him on sight. He wasn't sure what was wrong with her, but he got away. He did notice that she was clearly malfested...

Hakudoshi decided it would be best if he tried to help end this crisis caused by Soul Edge. Seeing all the homeless and orphaned due to its terror was motivating him. Although he'd been separated from Sakura, he still remembered where she said she was headed. He began his journey to Ostreignsburg, and it was when he reached the city that he saw Nightmare's true reign of terror. The sky over the entire area was dark, and he could see in the distance a large, inhuman tower. He decided he'd have to make his way through the city first, and dethrone whoever was running that castle. In the streets, soldiers were fighting the malfested, and Hakudoshi spotted a woman warrior, redheaded and beautiful, and he assisted her in getting to the castle. He could tell she was initiall put off by his appearance, but he won her over by being helpful. Hilde, she introduced herself as, explained that this was her kingdom and people being killed. Haku gladly offered his help, and they worked their way to the throne room, where a part of the wall was missing. In the throne room was Tira, and she grinned as a large behometh ambled into the room and ran at Haku full force. Shocked, he was sent through the air after getting hit by its huge axe.

He temporarily lost consciousness, and when he awoke, he swiftly rose to his feet and went to assist Hilde. Running full speed, he impaled the giant through the chest, before going at Tira, who was in battle with Hilde. He told Hilde to go on ahead, and he would handle Tira. Tira attempted to go after Hilde, however, Hakudoshi ran in front of her and began to attack. It was then he noticed that Tira was acting the exact opposite from before; she was more cheerful and playful. She was getting under Haku's skin, and he was fighting sloppy because of it. Tira managed to actually slice him, but before anything else could happen, a pale hand grabbed her from behind and tossed her into the chasm fromt the destroyed wall. In her place, a pale boy with strangely green hair stood. "She'll survive it. Probably," is what he said, before moving past Haku. Hakudoshi stopped him wondering what this boy was doing here.

When he was told that Hotaru was after Soul Edge, he got a bad feeling, He was a little comforted by Hotaru explaining that he wants to figure out why he is so drawn to the blade. However, Hotaru clearly wasn't human, so Haku offered to accompany Hotaru to the Tower of Lost Souls. It was then at the tower, that he noticed an aggressive change in Hotaru's personality; he'd come to enjoy being around the kid, his arrogance and rude remarks and all. However, they came face to face with Hilde, who was talking to a blonde man with what could only be Soulcalibur. Hotaru immediately attacked him, much to Haku's shock. He attempted to stop the boy, but was promptly thrown though a tower window, and fell several stories to the ground. They had been so far up, it felt like a few minutes before he hit the ground. He managed to stay conscious, but simply laid on the ground, staring at the lightning cracking in the sky, before it all went dark around him. Before he'd gone through the window, he had seen the fire of Soul Edge in Hotaru's eyes, and he knew that the boy was probably possessed by more than just a shard. He was going to save that kid, from whatever it was.

Soulcalibur V


Hakudoshi is a generally cheerful person with a snarky attitude. He is flirtatious, especially with the ladies, and charming. He truly is a pacifist when it counts, however his ego of his fighting skills get in the way of that. When fighting, he often makes condescending remarks under the guise of being sympathetic. Haku is also shown to be a caring person, as he goes out of his way to involve himself in the affairs of humans; he has nothing to worry about from Nightmare, as his soul cannot be taken.

Fighting Style

Haku was taught by his father how to fight, unbeknowst to him. He utilizes his super speed to perform quick, agile moves. Because of this, he jumps and runs around the battle field a lot, and his moveset emphasizes this. In addition to being able to move quite quickly, he also has enhanced strength to go along with his reflexes.


His dual swords, both called Styx, he recieved from his father. He uses these weapons in both Soul Calibur IV and Soul Calibur V.


Soul Calibur IV

Hall of the Warrior God

Soul Calibur V

The Adrian


Soul Calibur IV

"Destructo" by Two Steps From Hell

Two Steps From Hell - Destructo (Archangel)

Two Steps From Hell - Destructo (Archangel)


  • Son of Eice and DarkNight, two Elementals
  • Was infatutated with Sakura
    • Therefore considered Syaoran a rival
  • Wishes to kill Nightmare and destroy Soul Edge to free his parents
  • Traveling companion of Hotaru
  • Hopes to cure Hotaru


Hakudoshi's name/title means "White Lightning"

Haku's parents are elementals, which also makes him an Elemental. It is unknown what his Element is.

It is unknown whether or not Haku was really 23 during the events of Soul Calibur IV, as it appears he has not aged in Soul Calibur V


Soul Calibur IV

No excuses!

Get ready!

If I must win to survive...

Must we fight till one of us fall?

Don't worry. I'll go easy on you.

It appears that words will not be enough.

I'll stop this with my own power!

You leave me no choice. I'll make this quick!

Well aren't you a scary-looking thing. (vs Nightmare)

You're kind of insane, aren't you? (vs Tira)

For the Wolfkrone, right? I get it. (vs Hilde)

Strength is not the only path to victory. (Perfect)

It was an honorable battle. (Win)

I apologize. Please, don't be upset. (Win)

I will gladly accept your challenge anytime. (Win)

Such strength... I wasn't expecting it. (Win with low health)

The reason behind the fight is what's important. (Win)

May your Empire live on forever. (win against Hilde)

I'll stop this foul darkness right here! (Win against Nightmare)

Let's end this charade! (Critical Finish)


Do you need a break? (Taunt)

Go to.. sleep

My turn!



Accept defeat!

Too slow!


Try taking this!

This is justice!


Soul Calibur V

Oh! ...Why, hello there.

This should be a good fight.

Ready to Face me?

Do you really want to fight?

Do I look inviting to you?

Go on home, I don't wish to be violent.

Don't make me go all out.

Aye-yi-yi, Hotaru, now's not the time to play! (facing Hotaru)

Pretty little thing! (facing Sakura)

Long time, no see (facing Syaoran)

Like a clone, I swear... (facing Hanako)

They got busy (facing Hitoshi)

That... sounds wrong. You're a strange kid. (when defeating Hotaru)

Still lovely...(when defeating Sakura)

Why do I feel like I didn't win? (when defeating Syaoran/Hitoshi/Hanako)

Coulda did it with my eyes closed.

Do better next time.

Game over.

Oh. I'm sorry.

Get ready!

No excuse!


Stop it!

Need a break?



Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur V