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This article was written by 'KnightOfTheWind'. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer permission.

Raem is a Soulcalibur: Chronicles Of The Sword character created by 'KnightOfTheWind'. What lies in his soul is Duty.


Raem was born as the son of the chieftain of an unknown tribe and his wife. However, shortly after his birth he fell gravely sick, it was certain that he was about to die.

But the night the Death came to take the baby with him, his parents stopped the skeletal figure, and begged him to allow the baby to live, as he was the future chieftain, and even when he was just a few weeks old, they loved him very much. After a few minutes, Death finally decided to allow the child to stay in this world, with the next words:

"Very well...your child will stay with you. It is obvious that this boy is very loved. He will have a long-lasting and healthy life. However, I want something in exchange. This child will serve me, starting on his 10th birthday. He will take my job of taking souls to the next world. If you refuse, if you don't give him the task, he will die on the spot" he said with a deep and scary voice. After he said those words, he turned around, and disappeared into the darkness of the hut, leaving behind a white and gold scythe. Raem grew fast and surrounded by love of his parents, but also admiration and fear from the other tribals.

When the date of his tenth birthday came, his parents suddenly brought the scythe Death had left four years ago. Raem, confused by the sad looks on his parents faces, and the big weapon that his father held in his hands, asked: "Dad...ahm....wh...what's going on?" "The time has come, my son. It's the time for you to take the task you where chained to a few weeks after you were became very were about to die...Death spared your life...but in exchange..."

Death appeared "but in exchange you will take the souls and lives of people. You will do my job. For this, you will see the people whom their time has come, you will disappear in the shadows, appear in the darkness next to them, and you take their live. You must be relentless, do not hestitate, no matter their age, gender or race". Then he disappeared again.

" is my duty to become the Angel of Death..." Raem said after several awkward minutes, as he took the scythe from the hands of his father. "I assume that if I refuse, I will die" His father nodded "Very well...I accept this terrible task. It is now my mission to bring rest to uneasy souls."

As Raem grew older, he became used to his new life. He received visions of the person whose soul had to be taken (usually waking him up), then he walked into the shadows, that acted as a teletransportation metod, he appeared next to his victim, and used his scythe to kill the person in question. More than once, the victim would try to defend itself, but it was no use, since Raem had grown very experienced also in combat (some said that his training was overseen by Death itself). He respected his job and, to some point, started to like it. However, he didn't like it when he had to kill children, he suffered when he gave the impact into the small body. He still lived in his village, where, as it had been all of his life, he was very feared and respected. Eventually he made some friends, whom he treated warmly and showed a caring nature. He also helped his parents in daily work, leaving when another soul had to be taken, and then coming back.

However, as he reached adulthood, a vision changed his world. It was something he knew had to happen, but he did not want to do: the next soul that had to be taken, was his father's.

Raem walked into his father's dark room, very uneasy about what he was going to do. His father was just lying in bed, weak and somewhat broken. "Are you here to give me rest, my son?" his father asked. "Yes" was the only reply. "Looks like my time has come...heh, I hoped to live a bit longer. Just remember son, death is a natural part of life. Do not feel sorry for me, nor by any other whose road is at an end. I will return after a time in the Asgaard...I will become a new life...until then, Raem, my son, farewell. May we meet again...Go on, do what you got to do". As Raem rose his scythe, his father closed his eyes and said "I do not regret everything...take are of yourself." Then, the scythe came down into his body, Raem's eyes filled with tears.

Tragedy soon struk. Following his father's death, came his mother's who just said "I love you Raem" before dying. and to make matters worse, one of his closest friend's time came sooner, as he was very sick. This events lead Raem to become an extremely cold and closed person. He ultimately took the desition of leaving his village, and leaving everything he knew behind, just focusing in his duty, and not allowing anyone into his heart again.

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