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"Freedom can only be archived by those who fights for it"

— John

John Richard Johnathan (ジョンリックジョナサン, Jon Richādo Jonasen) is a Soulcalibur: Chronicles of the Sword fan character created by Johnnthemaster. He appears in Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V. He also appears in upcoming story Soulcalibur: Quest of The King as the main protagonist and Soulcalibur: Son of a Spirit as the deuteragonist. He is a Seinaru which is a race of spirits who have both human and spirit forms

His primary weapon is a Zweihänder sword called Anima better known as the king Sword although he's often seen wielding Fera and the Edgbur as well. In SCIII-IV he uses the same weapons and moveset as Siegfried. In SCV he uses the same moveset as Edge Master

What lies in his soul is Freedom

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material he is referred as The King of Purity.


Full Name: King John Richard Johnathan

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Blonde (SCIII-IV) Grey (SCV)

Age: 43 (SCIII-IV), 60 (SCV).

Birthplace: Almarian Kingdom, Present Day England.

Birthdate: January 1, 1548.

Height: 5'11" (180 cm) (SCIII-IV). 6'5" (195 cm) (SCV)

Weight: 341,7 ibs (155 kg) (SCIII-IV). 440.9 ibs (200 kg) (SCV)

Blood Type: Seinaru Blood.

Weapon: Sweihänder (SCIII-IV), All/Swerihänder (SCV)

Weapon Name: Anima (SCIII-IV) Omnes/Edgbur (SCV).

Fighting Style: Heavy Swordstyle

Family: Father: Rick (Deceased). Mother: Catrina (Deceased). twin Brother: Marco. twin Sisters: Linda & Jinna. Wife: Ivy. Sons, Johan, Jack & Richard. Daughters, Eve & Elly. Being created by Soul Edge, Night Raven

Appears In: Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV, Soulcalibur V

First Game: Soulcalibur III

Eng Voice Actor: Dan Woren (SCIII), Yuri Lowenthal (SCIV), Kirk Thornton (SCV)


John's human form resembles any normal human. He is somewhat tall with light blue eyes, A long scar dashing over his right eye,long Blonde hair and a normal toned skin. He is often clad in silver armor with blue ascents, a blue cape and red and yellow clothing. In SCIII he wears simple silver armor, a blue cape, black chain mail, a red tunic with golden ascents and yellow pants. In SCIV he wears pearl-silver paladin armor with blue ascents, blue cape, red shirt, yellow pants and a black chain mail. In SCV he has grey hair and beard, wears a dark blue coat with light blue fur over a dark red shirt, dark yellow pants, dark red cloves, dark blue boots and a silver necklace with a blue jewel. John's Spirit form always remains the same- a shining light blue angel with a tail and shining light blue eyes. His secondary costume in SCIII is consider a short sleeved white shirt, a red belt, yellow shorts and blue sandels. In SCIV is consider a long dark yellow sleeved thick shirt, a dark light blue belt with a dark red sash decorated with brown fur and a silver metal piece in the middle, dark light blue pants, brown fur with silver metal decorated with blue pearls gloves and boots and a dark red hooded cape. In SCV  wears silver armor that resambles his old armor from SCIII with light blue trim and a helmet with angels wings in each side and a cape with a light blue bird.


Before the events of Soulcalibur III

In the year 1546 a warrior named Rick Johnathan met and fell in love with a woman named Catrina they both got married, become the king and queen of Almarian kingdom and 9 months later Catrina gave birth to Four children. they were named John, Jacob, Linda and Marco however the were born without a father as Rick died by the hands of the Wizard. Jacob was send to a village far away from the kingdom after a year. 10 years later Linda was send to the flamear kingdom and Marko send to the solar kingdom John however was left at the Almarian castle. They have no memory that they had a fourth brother. Catrina trained john how to use a sweihänder at age of 14. During John's 15th birthday the wizard the ruler of Ascuridat kingdom suddenly attacked the kingdom before even Catrina had a chance to react the wizard killed her in front of John's eyes. the wizard attacked John but barely missed as John terrifed to get out of there, jumped out of a window and landed in the river below it. the wizard tought that John was dead or just wounded as he left the castle. John laid down on a beach near the river as John woke up he noted that he was in the Grandall Empire area. John joined the grandall empire and stay there as he become a general and untill The Red War. At the age 22 John met and fell in love with a women called Jen during the war however since she was already taken they became friends. After the war they both went seperated ways. John went to the Almarian Kingdom, his home, he was greeted by many soldiers, sevents and civilians alike and was crowned king becoming the youngest too, 21 years later john heard about the wizard was alive and now john's quest starts.

Soulcalibur III

In order to kill the wizard John must get stronger, John left his castle, carrying his sword Anima on his back and headed towards the temple of life and dearth. john arrived at the temple and prayed. suddenly spirits come from nowhere and told john everything to get stronger. John was told to go the grand labyrinth and find a man named Olcadan who is skilled in every kind of fighting art. John did what the spirits told him and went to the labyrinth. John arrived at the labyrinth entrance and step in. inside the labyrinth John fought many creatures mostly skeletons and lizardmen but they were no match for John as he defeated all of them. John ment Olcadan deep inside the labyrinth who had an owl's head and feets.

After defeating Olcadan and cured him from his curse, John left him so he could live his life once again and headed towards home. John arrived at his castle and told Hanson the general to prepere the army for war, Hanson told him why. John told him they shall attack Ascuridat castle to night. The night has fallen, john and his army was heading towards Ascuridat castle. they saw an massive black army who was waiting for them.

Whould John killed the Wizard and get his revenge the battle has begun.

Soulcalibur IV

5 months have passed since John defeated the wizard however John's quest was not over yet. He heard that Emilo Deaman the current ruler of Ascuridat and the wielder of the Edge is treating the world, John must stopp him of any means.

Arrived at Ascuridat John found Emilo and fought him in battle but lost Emilo warned him to not interfer with his plan before kicking John out of a window. John now must find the remaining Calibur fragments in order to defeat Emilo. Emilo who had the blood of John on the Edge created a man who looked like John which Emilo called Night Raven and order him to kill John but first get more souls to him and his sword, Soul Edge Fused. Night Raven did want he was told and went out to gather the souls and kill John.

How would John save the world no one knowns, will he find the remaining Calibur fragments and defeated Night Raven and Emilo is unknown. Will he save everything from destruction is unclear but John's destiny have begun.

Soulcalibur V

After John killed Emilo Deaman, John lived with his family, his wife Ivy gave birth to three children who he named Jack, Eve and Elly and a year later gave birth to his fourth child named Richard. John Watched his children grow up with Ivy. year 1607 John at age of 59 and their children: Jack, Eve and Elly at age of 16 and Richard at age of 15. John who was feeling that his rule as king has come to an end but now he must choose who will take his place. John have planned it will be one of his sons, John watched his sons for a year and finally found the one who will take over the kingdom Johan. when John said that Johan will take over the kingdom, Jack who was the twin brother of Johan got angry and upset about it. Jack planned something which was a secret to everybody not even his father known what he planned.


Soulcalibur III

John and the wizard repeatedy attacked each other the weapons rang echoed around the throne room. then their weapons clash themself. the wizard taunted john that he was weak as his father and will die like him, suddenly John graped Irkalla and took it away from the wizard as the wizard struggled to get it back.

Good Ending John throwed away Irkalla and impaled trough the wizard with Anima. John took away Anima from the wizard and cutted of his head. As the lifeless body fell on the floor, John picked up the head, went out side and showed both armies the head. The black army drop their weapons and walked away as they known there's no point continue the war if they have no leader. John's army cheered as they went home. John throw the head aside as he walked slowly home. John arrived at the castle and sat on his throne and tought what the wizard said about Soul Edge. Hanson walked to John.

"My lord, now the ruler of Ascuridat is gone it will take some time before a new ruler will take over." said Hanson as he bowed.

"Yes, Hanson i known but now all we can do is to live our life untill someone take over it. you may leave now" said John as Hanson leaved the throne. John put his hand on the forehead and sighed even if he had revenge his father he known this was only the beginning.

Bad Ending The wizard got back Irkalla and swinged it at john. john blocked but the swing was strong as John dropped Anima behind him. the Wizard impaled John trough the heart with Irkalla.

"This is the end for you John, goodbye" said the wizard as he pulled out Irkalla, graped John and throw him out the window to the battlefield. John landen on the ground death with blood came out from is chest and mouth. both armies looked at John's lifeless. Hanson stepped to john's body and looked at it as he tears fell from his eyes. the wizard stepped out from the entrance and looked at John's army. the wizard raised his arms towards the army and Lightning came from his hands. the army screamed in pain as the wizard laughed evilly and the wizard took away the lightning as the army fell down death.

"This is a start of a new age, the death of the last king of Almarian as fallen now we." before the wizard spoked done he was impaled by a large mutated sword and then the sword was pulled from the wizard as his lifeless body fell to the ground. The person who killed the wizard was clad in black armor, had grey hair with a matching beard. The black army saw Emilo Deaman had killed The wizard and began to bow.

"Yes, this is the start of a new age, now we shall go Almarian Kingdom, destroy and kill everthing there" said Emilo as he and the army headed toward Almarian Kingdom. Emilo and the Army arrived at Almarian Kingdom and as Emilo said everything was destroyed and Killed including John's wife and children. Emilo however went down a sectret path who was behind the throne and found the chamber of history. Emilo searched for something and then finally he found it the Calibur Emilo graped it and sunddeny the Calibur and his sword the Edge went into his body. Emilo went out saw everything in chaos, sunddely the Calibur and Edge came out from his hand and wings came out from his back wich was colored red and light blue. Emilo laughed evilly as the black army cheered for him.

Soulcalibur IV

John was floating in air, holding the Calibur up in the air while Emilo was on ground. Suddenly a beam of light hit John and transformet him to his spirit. Emilo yelled that it was empossible that John didn't have the power. John flew towards Emilo as he attacked. John impaled Emilo as smoke came, Emilo who had only scared john on his right eye and face. when the smoke cleared John was standing while Emilo still had the calibur in his chest barely could stand up.

"17 years from now one of your sons shall betray you, claim your castle of his own and take over the land in evil" told Emilo with his last words to John as he felt to the floor death. John graped the Calibur and the Edge and merged them into the Edgbur who john sheathed on his back. However even if John won the battle and saved the world he lost his wife Jen who he then carried to the castle and buried her in the graveyard. John sat on the throne and had a vision. the vision showed him many people including new ones and the Calibur and the Edge.

"This is not the end" tought John befor he went to bed.

"Darkness will always be around the world but if there is hope of light the darkness will disappear and freedom will return to world."

— John


John is considered good by many due to his action and talking. He is an expect of war and show no mercy to opponets that insults his father. He values all life as he asks his foes if the need a break, but will not hesitate to kill when protecting the innocent or his loved ones. In soul calibur III he was calm, brave and care about others. In Soulcalibur IV he is still calm, brave and care about others, he also seems to speak to his opponets as a teacher as he says unimpressive or try harder. Overall he is a good aligned character.

Fighting style

John's fighting style is the same as Siegfried's & Edgemaster. See their pages for more information

Critical Moves

Critical Edge

Just like his fighting style, John's critical edge is the critical edge of the character that he mimics; however he will always say the same quotes.

Critical Finish

Sancti iustitia John uses his sword to knock the opponent in the air and brings them down. raising his sword to the air as his ancestors send there powers to his sword Alma. As the opponent stands up, he slashes his blade through them vertically, sending crystals everywhere as the opponent drops dead, consumed by blue flames.

Unused Critical Finish

Sancti Ira John swings Anima thrice before hitting his opponet head with Anima's hilt. John then activate his spirit form and flies up to the air. John raises Anima up to the air and gets it by a light which transforms Alma into the Calibur. John dives towards his opponet with his sword in the front and impales him/her in the heart killing them. John pulls out Anima from the body and sighs.



A zweihänder found in his father grave Also know as the king sword. While Anima looks similar to faust, it is actually a completely different sword; as it was passed down the Johnathans family for generations. It's first wielder Johnathan The First had sealed a little great power within it known as the Calibur which only he was able to summon; but john eventually discovered he was able to unleash this great power as well. As the power is unleashed, the sword begins to glow brightly and transforms into a crystal sword version of it self (though it's hardly noticeable due to the bright light that engulfs the sword). Once it has transformed, a single blow will kill the foe with an explosion of crystals and blue flames, it then powers down and transforms back into Anima.


Edgebur is the form that the Edge and the Calibur took when they were bonded together. This took place after John defeated Emilo Deaman and John carries them with him in Soulcalibur V.


John's hand made Sword and his training sword during he time in Grandall Empire. Although it looks like Siegfried's requiem in Soulcalibur III it is a different sword. it was destroyed under the war. it was later found by john's soldier who took it back to the castle, repair it and gave it to Johan. John sealed a tiny bit of the Calibur powers in it so his son Johan could unleashed the power as well. In SCIII-IV john uses fera in his secondary costumes


A sweihänder forged by John himself it serves as john secondary weapon in SCV

the Calibur

The first spirit sword created by the Caliburs which one-fifth of the power is sealed within Anima which only Johnathan and John could released it. The sword was created of peace, love and understanding .the Calibur split into fragments from the sword around the world. The Calibur was created between the 10th century and 11th century to grant good wishes and to combat the Edge. Later John search for the fragments. In SCV it becomes Johan secondary weapon.


Lost Cathedral (SCIII)

It resembles many others, yet is like nothing else. A magnificent palace of water that seems to contain every form of architecture known to Europe. No one knows who made it, or where it is located. However, it is said that only those with a strong will and a willingness to bet their own lives can reach it. The great volume of water that flows through it is always circulating and pure, and it is said that it cleanses those who come here to pray. John seeks a showdown with Night Raven will this holy palace of water be the end of both their journeys?

Ostrheinsburg Castle Throne Room (SCIV)

The Ostrheinsburg Castle Throne Room serves as a stage for John in SCIV Notable features include a chasm at one end of the room as well as a line of knights who serve as a wall. These knights actually move forward over the course of the battle, shrinking the stage area a bit. it also serves as John's throne room during SCIV.

Free Imperial City Center (SCV)

The Free Imperial City is located in the territory of the Holy Roman Empire.The sound of weapons clashing break the peace, people are turning their heads in fear and curiosity.The ring is enclosed by several fences of different heights, some of which are breakable. Ring-outs are possible to three sides of the stage It serves as John stage in SCV and as the city center in Almarian Kingdom


Character Theme

  • Jeremy soule - The Streets of Whiterun

Soulcalibur III

  • Forsaken Sanctuary

Soulcalibur IV

  • Reign of Doom

Soulcalibur V

  • Virtuous Heart


  • John is referred as ``The Silver Knight´´
  • John is ambidextrous as he holds his sword either right or left hand.
  • John was the youngest king over almarian as he was only 22 years when he got the throne
  • John got his scar after a battle between him and Emilo Deaman which takes place in SCIV
  • John's scar can be created in Soulcalibur V.
  • John does not appears in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny as well the other characters created by Johnnthemaster as the game is non canon although he can still be created in the game but uses a different cape, have no beard and has a crown.
  • John scar is longer then siegfried's as it starts on his forehead and ends on his chin.
  • Broken Destiny that John's wields is not Soul Edge & Soul Calibur combined togheter instead its The Edge and the Calibur which is the first holy sword and cursed sword created by his ancestors. it is also called The Edgbur
  • John's name is derived from several languages John meaning "God grace", Richard meaning "powerful leader" and Johnathan meaning "Gift of God".
  • John's sword name Anima is Latin for spirit.
  • John's evil spirit form is called Diablo which means in Spanish Devil and Diablo looks like devil
  • John's good Spirit form is called Angelo which means in Italian Angel and Angelo looks like an angel with a tail
  • After John defeated Emilo Deaman John can now activet his wings without enter his spirit form.
  • Those who have the soul calibur are actually fragmants that have form themselves into weapons that suits the wielder. the wielders are: Siegfried, Cassandra, Ivy, Kilik, Seong Mi-na, Talim, Xianghua, Yoshimitsu, Setsuka and Luna.
  • According to John, the Calibur is a male while the Edge is a female. also the fragmants of them are either male or female.
  • the symbol on john's cape is the symbol of Almarian castle
  • John is 60 years old in SCV which makes him the second oldest character in SCV while Voldo is the first.
  • John's English voice actor in SCIV is Yuri Lowenthal with a darker voice who also voices Patroklos in SCV.
  • In SCV John is the first and only character that uses a different style in his costumes, 1st he uses Edge Master's and 2nd he uses siegfried's. 


  • Killed the Wizard after the red war to revenge his father
  • Enemy of Emilo Deaman and defeated him in SCIV.
  • Trained Siegfried how to use ice attacks without Soul Calibur Before the events of SCV
  • joined Draco's rebellion during the events of the mantis war
  • Saved Tira from Night Raven in SCIV
  • Saved Draco from Night Raven in SCIV
  • Friend to Draco and Tira.
  • son of Rick and Catrina
  • alter-ego of Night Raven and defeated him in SCIV
  • Twin brother of Marco, Linda, Jacob and Jinna
  • Lover and former husband of Ivy.
  • Former lover of Jen
  • Father of Johan, jack, jeny, johana and Richard
  • Trained Johan and Jack in the way heavy swordstyle and johana and jeny in the way of sword and shield style
  • Hanson is john's most trusted guard.
  • Defeated Xianghua before the events of SCIII to get first calibur fragmant.
  • Defeated Luna in SCIII to get the second calibur fragmant.
  • Defeated Kilik in SCIII to get the third calibur fragmant.
  • Defeated Talim in SCIII to get the fourth calibur fragmant.
  • Defeated Ivy in SCIV to get the fifth calibur fragmant.
  • Defeated Siegfried in SCIV to get the sixth calibur fragmant.
  • Defeated Seong Mi-na in SCIV to get the seventh calibur fragmant.
  • Defeated Cassandra in SCIV to get the eighth calibur fragmant.
  • Defeated Yoshimitsu in SCIV to get the ninth calibur fragmant.
  • Defeated Setsuka in SCIV to get the tenth calibur fragmant.

Series Appearances


Soulcalibur III

  • Now
  • Lets go
  • How pathetic
  • Impotent fool
  • Your mine
  • Go down
  • Don't get up
  • This is the end
  • It wont work
  • This is the end!
  • Did the pain set in yet?
  • That was too close
  • Don't ever get up again!
  • I will never yield to the likes of you
  • give up while you have the chance
  • Its too late to cower in fear
  • You picked the wrong person to fight
  • Do not underestimate the honor of a knight
  • You are not worthy to challenge me
  • that was disappointing
  • I'll accept your challenge anytime
  • This is your last chance to mend your ways
  • Soulcalibur III!

Soulcalibur IV

  • Silance
  • There
  • Ready
  • useless
  • enough
  • Unimpressive
  • Watch this
  • Try harder
  • Nearly done
  • Give up
  • To Soft
  • No excuses
  • Get ready
  • Except defeat
  • Stay down
  • Hows this
  • Sorry about this
  • Here i come
  • This is it!
  • this will hurt
  • i'll finish this
  • Is that all?
  • lets end this charade
  • it was an honorable battle
  • do you need a break
  • If i must win to survive
  • I apologize, please don't be upset
  • Such strength, i wasn't expecting it
  • No there must be some misstake
  • Don't worry i'll go easy on you
  • I'll stop this with my own power
  • I would gladly except your challenge anytime
  • Strength is not the only path to victory
  • The reason behind the fight it whats imported
  • It appears that words will not be enough
  • Must we fight until one of us fall
  • Darkness will always be around the world but if there is hope of light the darkness will disappear and freedom will return to world.

Soulcalibur V

  • No! - Spoken during guard break.
  • Ready
  • Huh? - when opponet resist throw
  • Was
  • How?
  • Impossible
  • Stop this
  • feeble
  • Your Mine
  • Perish
  • Forfeit
  • Repent
  • Take this
  • Not over
  • stop this
  • No chance
  • Scared now
  • Wrong move
  • Real power
  • Not yet - spoken after yoshimitsu's critical edge
  • You dare
  • Brace yourself
  • Your mine
  • your finished
  • Die here
  • Your to weak
  • have a taste
  • I won't die - spoken during Algol's Sadalsuub Markad.
  • Prepere to die
  • Fate has spoken - spoken after time out
  • You lack resolve
  • You are worthless
  • Your wide open
  • Giving up yet
  • Curse your weakness
  • Your no match
  • You are hopeless
  • Your a disappointment
  • The curtain closes
  • I can't loose! - Spoken during ring out 1st time
  • Its still to soon! - spoken during ring out 2th time
  • This will end it
  • Give up and die
  • Watch closely my speciality - spoken during Critical Edge
  • It ends now
  • I can see the fear in your eyes
  • So you desire to fight
  • Death is your only release - taunt
  • Give it your all or don't bother showing up
  • Try again tomorrow i'll gladly take you on


  • John secondary costume in SCIII
  • John as he appears in SCIII
  • John as he apppears in SCIV
  • John secondary costume in SCIV
  • John as he appears in SCV
  • John's secondary costume in SCV

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