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"I have sen your future, one of your sons shall betray you and claim your castle of his own and then everything will start over"


Emilo Deaman (エミリオ悪魔, Emirio Akuma) is a Soulcalibur: Chronicles of the Sword fan character created by Johnnthemaster. He appears in Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V. He is Seinaru which is a race of spirits who have both human and spirit forms

His primary weapon is a sweihänder called The Edge. He uses the same weapons and moveset as Nightmare in SCIV and uses the same weapons and moveset as Algol in SCV

What lies in his soul is Domination

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material he is referred to as The Emperor of Corruption.



Given: Emperor Emilo Deaman


Red (SCIV)

White (SCV)


Red (SCIV-V)


immortal (shape of an 50-year old man)


Realm of Spirits


Before The Creation of Earth


5'11" (180 cm) (SCIV)

6'5" (195 cm) (SCV)

WEIGHT: 551 ibs (250 kg).


Seinaru blood


Sweihänder (SCIV)

Whole Body (SCV)


The Edge (SCIV)

The Edge & The Calibur (SCV)


What The Edge wants (SCV)

Own Style (SCV)


Siblings: Seinaru Ancestors (killed by Emilo)

Twin Brother: Johnathan The First

Son: Emil

Daughter: Emila


Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V


Soulcalibur IV


D.C Douglas (SCIV)

Jamieson Price (SCV)


Emilo's human form resembles any normal human. In SCIV he is tall with red eyes, long Black hair and a normal toned skin. He is often clad in black armor with a red cape and red clothing.In SCV he is taller, as dark red eyes and hair. his skin is paler, is more mascular then before and as tree long dark red horns. In SCIV he wears pearl-black demonic armor with red ascents, red cape, red shirt, red pants and a black chain mail. In SCV he is only clad in black with red trim bladed armguards and a black with red trim fault. Emilo's Spirit form always remains the same- a shining red human with wings, a tail, horns and shining dark red eyes. his secondary costume in SCIV he is clad in his old armor which is silver with red trim. In SCV light red and white recolored.


Emilo born in the realm of spirits watched over the universe with his brothers and sisters. after the creation of the Calibur, Emilo heard the some people of earth wished they were rich, king and other selfish wishes. Emilo created the Edge which fullfilt these wishes however after being cranting selfish wishes for countless of times, the sword turned into a demonic weapon and created a wicked soul called Inferno. Emilo was later found and sealed in a tomb forever. the Edge was destroyed by the Seinaru's but its fragments was scatterd around the world. Emilo broke himself free from the tomb and in anger killed all his brothers and sisters. He later founded the fragments and forged the Edge back to normal. Emilo later build the Ascuridat Kingdom and soon become the ruler.

Soulcalibur IV

Emilo Heard the a man named John was the ruler of Almarian, he knowed that John was a Seinaru. Emilo waited in his castle until John founded him and fought him. Emilo won the fight and created Night Raven who he sendet out to Collect souls and kill John. Emilo was enraged that Nightmare in his complete form, Night Dragon, Night Raven and Algol was deafeted by John and Draco. Emilo later attacked Almarian castle and took John's wife Jen as a prisoner. John was forced to save her and to end Emilo.

Emilo was ready for the fight but was john only fate knowns.

Soulcalibur V

Years passed as his kingdom fell in to ruins all that was left was the village which was now protected by John. Emilo was later found by his berserker who took to him to the now ruined castle of the Zeinaru in the realms of spirit were he will be healed. after being healed Emilo who new armor with spikes watch from castle as he sended his son and daughter Emil and Emila to find the remains of Night Raven and Nightmare the recreate Night Raven. After Night Raven's creation and his betray, Emilo was enraged and now had to take matters into his own hands.

Emilo's Reborn was terror to everyone how will Emilo destroy the world, only fate knowns


John was floating in air, holding the calibur up in the air while Emilo was on ground. Suddenly a beam of light hit John and transformet him to his spirit. Emilo yelled that it was empossible that John didn't have the power. John flew towards Emilo as he attacked. John missed Emilo as he impaled John with The Edge. John laid on the ground as he looked at his wife's dead body. Emilo pulled the Edge from John.

You could never saved this world and everything on it Emilo said to John as he took the Calibur and went into his body with the Edge. John looked at Emilo a last time before stopped breathing. Emilo jumped town from the tower and orderd the soldiers to attack Almarian. everything was destroyed and Killed including John's children. Emilo saw everything in tower, sunddely the Calibur and Edge came out from his hand and wings came out from his back which was colored light red and light blue. Emilo laughed evily as the black army cheered.

"Darkness will consume the world as long their is evil around but if there is good in it, it must be destroyed "

— Emilo


Emilo is considered evil by many due to his action and talking. He is an expect of war and show no mercy to opponets that insults him. He hates all life as he want his foes to surrender their souls to him. he will not hesitate to kill the innocent or his loved ones. he is cruel as he transform into his corrupted spirit form and slughter innocents without mercy. Overall he is an evil character.

Fighting style

Emilo's fighting style is the same as Nightmare's in SCIV. See his page for more information for more information. In SCV his fighting style is the same as Algol's. See his page for more information

Critical Moves

Critical Edge

Imperator Iram: Like Algol, Emilo has two parts to his Critical Edge and both spend an entire gauge though it is one of the most powerful in the game as it can take off more than half of the receiver's health. He starts by raising his fist in the air and shouts "Sleep for eternity!", bringing down his throne on top of them, stunning them from the sheer weight of it. Performing the combination again while in this state will cause Emilio to teleport on top of the throne and declare "The mighty Algol has no equal!" (since he is just Algol but created to look like Emilo), crossing his legs which causes the full weight of him and his throne to crush his opponent.

Critical finish

Corruptus Animus: Emilo uppercuts his opponent in the air and slams The Edge into the floor and a red energy sphere surrounds him. The opponent falls down, is drawn into the sphere momentarily and then is launched out of it. This move drains the opponent's Evil soul into The Edge.


The Edge

forged by Emilo, The Edge was just a sword who cranted selfish wishes, but after being cranting selfish wishes for countless of times, the sword turned into a demonic weapon and created a wicked soul called Inferno. Those who grasp its hilt are unable to escape its curse, as its spirit invades the mind like a parasite and drives its wielder insane. As its blade is soaked in blood it grows in power, yet it manages to shine a polished red. The Edge is distinguished by the animate eye. The Seinaru foundet it and destroyed it. Emilo was sealed in a tom for lifetime never to be release however fragments from the Edge have spread around the world. one of these fragments went in an ordinary sword but after being bathed in blood and hatred countless times, that sword turned into the same as the Edge the wicked soul Inferno took the sword wich he called it Soul Edge. After Emilo broke free from his prison he gather all the fragments he could find and forged the Edge back again but now weaker then before. As Soul Edge was referred as the "evil sword" nobody now that the Edge was the real treat and Emilo was the real enemy. After siegfried released the Evil Seed from its prison Emilo took a huge potion of the Evil seed and created the Dark Seed wich was a more powerful version of it and in liquid form. those who drink will change there appearance into a more demonic, corrupted and most drink again after a short time to be keept alive.


Tower of Remembrance - Degradation (SCIV)

It's very high, and it reaches even beyond the clouds. Another set of clouds can also be seen above the stage. around the tower are blue and red colered crystal the blue side which may refer to the Calibur, and the red side which may refer to the Edge. serves as the tower of Ascuridat castle.

Astral Chaos (SCV)

This stage is an open circular platform with ring-out possibilities to all sides. it serves as Emilo's place were he awakened his full power.


  • Emilo is referred as ``The Corrupted Emperor´´
  • Before Soulcalibur IV Emilo was called The Emperor
  • Emilo was originally gonna have Algol Fighting Style in SCIV but the style was banned so Emilo went with Nightmare style but has his style in SCV
  • His Japanese name Emirio translates in English to Emilio


Character Theme

  • Hello Zepp - Charlie Clouser

Soulcalibur IV

  • The Supreme Sword

Soulcalibur V

  • Antares


  • Father of Emil and Emila Deaman
  • Creator of the Edge and the Calibur
  • Master and creator of Night Raven
  • Defeated by John after the events of Soulcalibur IV
  • Defeated and killed by Johan after the events of Soulcalibur V

Series Appearances


Soulcalibur IV

  • Fool
  • Foolish
  • Suffer
  • Scream
  • preposterous
  • Disappear
  • Dirty scum
  • Just disappear
  • Die quietly
  • You fool
  • Be gone
  • Die now
  • Rot in hell
  • Witness My Power
  • Surrender your soul
  • What was that
  • Is that all
  • This is the end
  • The time has come
  • cry out in fear
  • Crawl at my feet
  • Now do you understand
  • You still insist on fighting
  • The winner is determined by strength
  • Did you feel my power, you maggots
  • So you wish for an early grave
  • there is no possibility victory for you
  • Join me or die, the choice is yours
  • Don't blame me, blame fate.
  • Only the strong survive! has is sould be.
  • Were did you get that power?
  • Looks like your strategy's is not working for you

Soulcalibur V

  • I will teach you the way true kings fight.
  • Your words will earn you no mercy.
  • Sleep for eternity! - spoken before Critical Edge
  • The mighty Algol has no equal! - spoken during Critical Edge
  • You are... Nothing! - spoken when Taunting
  • Interesting... - spoken when knocked out by Mitsurugi
  • There must be an end. - spoken when time runs out.
  • Know my wrath!
  • Afraid?
  • Entertain me - spoken during guard break
  • Foolish.
  • Stand down.
  • Prove yourself.
  • Brace yourself.
  • Delightful!
  • Attest.
  • Is that it? Disappointing.
  • This is... true power!
  • Entertain me!
  • Kneel... and surrender!
  • Sleep.
  • You are not my equal.
  • I surpass... all humans.
  • Accept your demise.
  • Scatter to dust.
  • Crawl to my feet and beg for mercy, mortal!
  • Very soon now, all gods shall bow down to me!
  • I find your failure amusing.
  • Good and evil mean naught to me.
  • What?! - spoken when hit by a tremor.
  • How crude! - Spoken when ringed out.
  • Become a part of me once again. - Spoken when fighting against Nightmare, αPatroklos, Elysium or Pyrrha Ω.
  • Finally! The swords and I will become one! - spoken after defeating Nightmare, αPatroklos, Elysium or Pyrrah Ω.
  • You dare challenge me? Foolish. - spoken when fighting against Mitsurugi.
  • Inexperienced and weak! But still a worthy opponent. - Spoken after defeating Mitsurugi.
  • You think you can beat me? - spoken when fighting against Edge Master.
  • Brings back memories... - spoken when Edge Master wins a round against him.
  • Stay, old man. You may prove of some use to me. - spoken after defeating Edge Master.
  • Pitiful...!- Spoken when ringed out.
  • Sword of kins... Return to me! - spoken when throwing α Patroklos or Elysium.
  • Sword of conquers... Return to me - spoken when throwing Nightmare or Pyrrha Ω
  • Give your self... To my world - spoken when throwing Edge Master
  • There must be an end. - Spoken when losing a battle, when time runs out.
  • You refuse to stand aside... - Spoken when losing a battle to Edge Master, when time runs out.


  • Emilo as he appears in SCIV
  • Emilo's secondary costume in SCIV
  • Emilo as he appears in SCV
  • Emilo's secondary costume in SCV

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