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"The Battlefield is where I belong."
— White Sable

White Sable is a major character in Soulcalibur V, and is the apprentice of Z.W.E.I., as well as his lover. She is also a member of Schwarzwind, albeit she acts as a lone warrior.

Her fighting style is similar to Z.W.E.I.'s, with the difference that her werewolf spirit is the incarnation of darkness from within her soul, L.E.A.H. Although it is a spirit of an aggressive and malevolant intent, it behaves as a protective and faithful companion to White Sable and her companions.

In Soulcalibur V she is referred to as The Blind She-Wolf.



White Sable wears an attire of white with minor additions of black and grey. Because she lost her sight from Dumas' henchmen, she has her eye area covered in bandages. She also has a hair piece on her head that is the shape of a crescent moon, another piece that resembles Pyrrha's, and she even has fur legging on her boots, and a fur tail on her coat. Her skin is light, her hair is shoulder-length and blond, and she has several claws marks on her cheeks, due to her training against Z.W.E.I. in the past.


Fighting Style

Critical Edge






White Sable has several meanings to her alias and her real name:

White Sable is the mix of the two color in complete opposite to one another. White is a common color of is name, while sable means black.

Her real name, Cecilia, means "blind" in Latin, while Lupin is a name that refers to a wolf.

Her werewolf's name, Leah, means "weary" in Hebrew, mostly because it instills a sense of fear to its opponents upon its appearance and nature.


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