"That didn't satisfy me at all!"
— Victory quote

Jennifer Alex Spencer is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She appears in Soul Calibur IV. She has become possessed by the Cursed Sword, and fights like its most famous wielder, Nightmare due to the swords comfert with that style and that Jennifer has no past fighting experince.


Mike and his wife Jennifer lived life as a simple Antiques Dealer until they got an unusual sword in there store. this sword was blood red and had an eye on it. It had been years since Soul Edge had been forgotten in the sands of time, but unknown to them, that Cursed Sword had made it into there lives.

About 5 days after acquiring the sword, Jennifer was manning the shop by herself when she heard someone speak. Looking around the store to help the potential customer, she was shocked to learn it was the sword speaking. It wanted her to grab its hilt. At first she refused, but the sword promised immesurable power if it did. Curious about what it meant, Jennifer finally complied, and when she grabbed the blade, her strength was increased, and she learned the Swords unique style. Unfortunately, the moment she grabbed it, she became a servant of the Sword, and when it commanded her to gather souls, she complied without question.

For the next 2 days, she killed 18 people with Soul Edge to fuel her masters hunger. Deciding that her next target should be her defensless husband, she waited at home for him, and when he arrived home, She was waiting to claim his soul. Right before she could make her move, her masters enemy, The Spirit Sword Soul Calibur, appeared and engulfed her in a bright light.

When she awoke, she was confused as to where she was, But her master recognized it right away, It was the past, when it was capable of fighting without a host. Soul Edge gave his new slave two commands: Steal as many strong souls as possible, and find the man named Zasalamel, as he had potential to bring him back to life. She eagerly complied, as her old life was done, now she exists to serve Soul Edge.

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