"May blood rain down. Soul Edge, I beg of you: grant me permission to slaughter these foul men! Angelo, it is in your name I fight. Until the end..."
— Jeffery Dante

/!\ UNDER CONSTRUCTION /!\ The rest is coming soon!

Jeffery Dante (ジェフリー・ダンテ, Jefurii Dante) is a Soul series fan character created by JefferyDante and he is one of the main characters of a (still in progress) fan fiction. He appears as a created character in Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V. He also makes a non-canon appearance in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

What lies in his soul is Sorrow. In Soulcalibur V, he is referred to as The Despair Embodied.


In each game, Jeffery tends to have the same looks: long dark hair, grey eyes and a black and white color scheme.

In Soulcalibur III, he wears popular clothing, consisting of a shirt and pants made of simple fabric. He also sports dark spaulders and tasset.

In Soulcalibur IV, he abandons his spaulders and fauld and wears a vest. While in Berserk form, he wears dark greaves, armored clawed gauntlets, fabric tasset, a dark headband and leather straps. His eyes become silver in that form.

In Soulcalibur V, he wears a white shirt with a leather curlicued sleeveless vest, black pants, white boots and chains around his wrists and waist. However, the white of his eyes is dark red and his hair is shorter. While in Awaken form, he wears a white, black and golden armor.


Jeffery was born in a noble family some years after the beginning of the Dutch War of Independence, a conflict between the Seventeen Provinces and Philip II of Spain, sovereign of the Habsburg Netherlands. His father, Samuel, was a sponsor to the army. However, the Prince-Bishopric of Liège being surrounded by some of the Seventeen Provinces, such as the Duchy of Limburg, the County of Namur and the Duchy of Luxembourg, the Dante family decided to move to calmer lands to raise their new born child. They arrived in London to meet friends of Samuel, Earl and Countess Valentine. Their 12-year-old daughter took care of the young Jeffery while their fathers tried to find a way to stop the war. Earl Valentine was a knowledgeable man and introduced Samuel to the world of alchemy and the myth of the Evil Sword. For 8 years, Jeffery and his family stayed in London, helping Earl Valentine in his research for Soul Edge and witnessing his fall into insanity. However during that period of time Jeffery learned fencing and alchemy: his only aim was to help his family and save his beloved ones.

Strong with his newly acquired fighting techniques and knowledge in alchemy, Jeffery's father decided the whole family should go back to the Prince-Bishopric of Liège. As they were trying to return to their home, they were ambushed by thieves: Samuel was killed, and Jeffery and his mother were abducted. As they were tied into a carriage, Jeffery heard the thieves recognized his family and abducted them to get a ransom. Jeffery's heart was beating wildly as fear insinuated into his body during the journey which seemed to have last for days. Once they arrived to the encampment, his mother Sophie managed to free herself and began to use alchemy with her own blood. She managed to kill some of the thieves, and begged Jeffery to flee. Scared, Jeffery ran as fast as he could, shamefully leaving his mother behind him. As he was running through the forest, he heard his mother death cry and stopped: should he keep running or come back? He soon heard survivor thieves chasing after him. He began to run again but was finally caught and beaten unconscious. His last thoughts were for his deceased parents and his friend Ivy he will probably not see again.

He kept hearing his mother's death cry and seeing his father being slaughtered, each time trying to help them but repeating the same mistakes again and again. He opened his eyes. A ceiling. He wasn't dead? He took a look at the room and turned his head to see a boy. None of them broke the silence. After some minutes of staring contest, Jeffery jumped out of the bed, decided to find the thieves that killed his family and left him for dead. He walked to the door and thanked the boy, who asked him for his name and the reason of his departure. Jeffery answered with three words, "Jeffery, and vengeance".

"Then I come with you" answered the boy. Jeffery paused for a second and sat back on the bed, looking deep intohis host's eyes. A woman entered the room at that very moment and hugged Jeffery very tightly. Jeffery didn't know why she was so familiar with him but he didn't oppose any resistance to that display of affection. She convinced him to stay, for the battles were raging throughout the land and battlefields were not the best places for a young boy to wander, even if he was skilled in combat. Jeffery stayed with the people who saved him and spent the evening telling the Syrma family about his early life, his missing family, his roving to find a hospitable place...

While Jeffery was telling his story to the Syrma family, shame, grudge and sorrow were embracing him: he was supposed to be a skilled fighter and he couldn't protect his family. The next morning, his new friend Angelo asked Jeffery to teach him some fighting skills and they both went to Angelo's favorite training field. After some blows were exchanged, Jeffery stopped the training: a short sword was not meant for Angelo. They both began to make a greatsword out of wood and then resumed practising. They then trained for months and months.

Some day in 1584, bright beams of light fell all over the country: conflicts became fiercer, people became violent... The Prince-Bishopric was in total chaos. From this day on, Jeffery and Angelo kept on training, determined to end the war devastating the land, and Jeffery secretly seething for revenge. In 1589 Angelo's brother and father joined the Seventeen Provinces in their battle against Philip II of Spain, while Angelo and Jeffery became mercenaries to protect the land.

Soulcalibur III

Angelo and Jeffery heard that a powerful sword existed, a sword capable of purifying the heart and soul of the soldiers, thus capable of stopping the war. Jeffery began to wonder if it was as powerful as Soul Edge. They began their journey to find the sword named Soul Calibur. However, as the sword was bound to its evil counterpart, they had to find the Azure Knight.

They began their journey, gathering information all over Europe. Angelo followed Jeffery in London, to meet Jeffery's friend. She was an alchemist who formerly travelled with Nightmare. Upon arrival, she attacked them, believing they were ennemies sent by her former master. After a fierce battle during which she knocked Jeffery unconscious, Angelo began to talk Ivy into reason. She finally stopped her defensive assault and gave the boys information.

She explained that Nightmare was first a young man possessed by the evil sword which took over his body and soul, manipulating and burying his mind deep down the blue armor. Ivy stated that a way to destroy Nightmare was to kill the host, and searching and destroying the fragments of the sword scattered throughout the world. If the only way to acquire Soul Calibur and to stop the war was to kill and destroy Nightmare, then Angelo and Jeffery would do it without hesitation. Some days later, they decided to leave: they were now determined to hunt the evil entity down.

They had no idea how they could defeat such a fierce fighter: their only motivation was to protect their homeland. After wandering around the world, they finally arrived in the Lost Cathedral where the Azure Knight was fighting against someone. Angelo and Jeffery couldn't believe it: Siegfried was facing his devilish counterpart. A black man, Zasalamel, was watching the battle. Confused, Angelo and Jeffery hid and waited for the right moment to strike: both fighter would soon be tired of fighting, and that was the chance to kill Nightmare.

What they didn't know is that Zasalamel was performing a ritual to end the Soul Embrace. When he succeeded, both swords were freed, Siegfried gained Soul Calibur and Zasalamel transformed in Abyss. Angelo and Jeffery rushed to fight the terrifying creature. They defeated Abyss, without paying attention to Siegfried and Nightmare still clashing. They caused an explosion and released shards of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge through the air. A fragment of Soul Calibur hit Angelo, while Jeffery was hit by a fragment of Soul Edge. Both friends then collapsed.

Soulcalibur IV

Jeffery woke up on a battlefield, with dark clouds above his head. He felt different: his sorrow transformed into hate and his shame became an urge to bring destruction. He realized his friend was missing, probably killed during Siegfried's and Nightmare battle. The hate within him began to burn fiercely: Siegfried... It was Siegfried's fault if everything went wrong, it was his fault Nightmare existed, it was his fault if war was still raging on, and it was his fault Angelo died. He had to pay. He could feel inside that Nightmare was still alive, therefore Siegfried would try to kill his former evil side. Jeffery had to rush if he wanted to kill Siegfried with his own hands. He took two katana on the ground and named them after some Japanese names he once saw in a book: Yamato and Zanmato.

Soon he saw a huge tower which bolted from the blue. He rushed there as he knew the end was nigh. Hate was controlling him, he felt stronger and the Soul Edge shards' aura was emanating from his body: he needed to kill and destroy every living being! He "Who... Are you?" asked Jeffery, "I'm your friend, Angelo!" Jeffery tried to stab Angelo "Worthless dog! You are NOT my friend!" He took his twin katana, and his clothing changed as if an unnatural force gave him the abilities to fight and move with full potential. He went berserk, attacking relentlessly Angelo, unable to recognize him. "C'mon Jeffery, snap out of it!" screamed Angelo and he was trying to block his friend's strikes. "You are possessed by Soul Edge!"

Jeffery stopped, "Soul Edge? I've already put that behind me. I must free my friend's body from your possession, whoever you are." His eyes were now glowing. Angelo could hear swords clashing at the top of the tower, and he had to get Soul Calibur to help his family and also to cure his friend. "Let me go..." he whispered. Jeffery stood still, smiling "You want to stole my friend's body?" "But I AM your friend! Don't you recognize me?" Jeffery turned a deaf ear to these words and both began to fight together. In the end, Angelo found an opening in Jeffery's guard and knocked him unconscious.

Jeffery opened his eyes: pain was destroying his body, as if he were being eaten from the inside. With the last forces remaining he had, he performed an alchemy ritual and used the darkness inside his body to cast it faster and stronger. He couldn't die now, as he felt Siegfried was still alive. He had to pay for what he did. The world had to pay, they had all to die, they must... The pain stopped. Jeffery wasn't berserk anymore. Was it Angelo he faced earlier? He had to search for him. He rushed to the top of the tower and saw his friend changing into crystal and vanishing into dust. He tried to help him but it was already to late. Despair surrounded him: he lost someone again... He remembered Ivy telling him her real father wasn't really dead, that he cheated death thanks to Soul Edge. Jeffery had to find Soul Edge to resurrect Angelo. Jeffery's journey began the day his soul died.

Pre-Soulcalibur V

Jeffery wandered around the world for 12 years. He visited numerous European countries, gathering various information about Siegfried and Nightmare. However, the sources began to dry up, he lost traces of Siegfried and his mercenaries... Jeffery was blinded by hate and despair, he needed to find Siegfried, the one who got Soul Calibur, to defeat Nightmare and steal Soul Edge, the only way to resurrect his friend. Since wandering throughout the world was not the best solution to encounter Siegfried, Jeffery thought he could trick the Schwarzwind. His family was noble, they had money, and he was the only heir... He could use his money, to become an important figure and summon the Schwarzwind to his place, to destroy them one by one.

However, as war was still raging in the Prince-Bishopric, he wasn't sure he could get his money back, nor if he would find his family mansion still standing. He decided to find another source of money... He remembered he once met a weird blind man, known by the name of Voldo, who was the guardian of a place named the Money Pit: with such a designation, the place should be filled with treasures, gold and jewels. Jeffery decided to pay a visit to that old man in Italy. His mind was focused on obtaining the treasures held there, he walked for days without even eating or drinking. One day, he arrived near Milano and, right when he stepped into the city, he collapsed. While unconscious, he had the weirdest dream: he was waking up in a dark room, surrounded by figures wearing cloaks. "Finally, I am complete again" he said. Jeffery was scared: the voice which talked wasn't his! He stood up and the people bowed before him. "Yet there are other shards in the world. Find them. Find souls. FEED ME! I AM THE GREATEST NIGHTMARE!"

Jeffery opened his eyes, he was in a house and, judging by the sunlight coming through the curtains, the sun was at its zenith. He tried to stood up, but sat back on the bed as he was feeling dizzy. "Easy easy." Jeffery turned his head and saw a young girl, in her early 20s. "Who are you?" he asked. "I am Flora Dall'alba" she answered, "I found you in the street this morning, the vultures were circling around your body, drooling for a feast, I thought you were dead." "I do not need no help!" Jeffery thundered. "Quiet, you were dehydrated." She wasn't even afraid of him, she was cold and had a strong voice. Jeffery stared at her while she was folding his clothing. "... Thank you." he finally said. "You're welcome. At least I'm good at something." she whispered. Jeffery looked at her arm, it sported many scars. "Where do they come from?" "My former master did that to me. This one was when I spilled some milk on the table. This one was when I left a stain on his shirt, he eats like a pig so it was quite the hard task to clean his clothing. And this one was when..." she was showing her longest scar, "when he was drunk and bored, so he had fun with a white-hot poker and me." She just said that as if it was something she read: she wasn't bitter, angry or scared. "I'll repay you" Jeffery said "I guess I owe you one and~" "Whatever" she said abruptly "I'll be dead in no time, so save your money for something useful. The doctors said my poor condition as a servant took my health away. I will die, that's all." Jeffery felt something burning within his chest, where he was struck by the shard. "I shall cure you." "... What did you say?" "I shall cure you." "I will never ever be able to be cured, I will die, end of the line." she answered, as calmly as before. "I have a way to cure you, but you will have to follow me and give up on everything you have." she stood up and went downstairs. "Visit the city or do whatever you want, but dinner is at sunset."

Jeffery was confused: why didn't she answer? Maybe she needed some time... Jeffery left the house and wandered around the city. The sun was hot and made him forgot his original plans: he even took some pleasure in seeing the innocent life continuing, far for the horrors of war. After hours of walk, he headed to his host's house and went past a bakery. The scent of the pies was an absolute rapture! Jeffery bought one for tonight: it was the least he could do for her. They ate in silence and it was Flora who broke the silence: "I accept." Jeffery looked at her face, she was calm and resolute. "After all, I have nothing to lose, I might die tomorrow or in two months, so let's gamble with life..."

Jeffery felt the shard burning within him: he bit her and drained her life force. When she was close to death, he slit his own wrist and let some drops flow in Flora’s mouth. He laid her on the bed and waited. He doesn’t know how long it took. One hour? One day? In the end, Flora opened her eyes. They were silver. “What… What happened?” “You are my child now. You will help me get money and minions. You will serve me without any questioning. Do you agree?” “I do, master.” She grinned. But her grin disappeared “I… I see something! You… Fighting a monster! In the Money Pit!” Jeffery first thought Flora was driven crazy by her transformation, but she mentioned the Money Pit… How could she know? “Let’s go Flora, this is our destiny.” They took everything they needed in Flora’s house, and then left.

They travelled for some days before reaching the Money Pit. Right before they entered, Flora stopped. “What’s wrong?” said Jeffery “Are you scared?” “It is there. The monster is looking at us.” Jeffery drew his sword “Show you, fiend. I shall cut you to pieces!” Something jumped from the ceiling, but before Jeffery could hit it, a rock crashed on the creature and slammed it to the ground. “I will defeat him, master…” Flora’s eyes were glowing, she was holding a knife, but her other hand was drawing complicated patterns in the air. The stone which struck the gigantic spider-like monster hovered over the beast and slammed into its body again. The creature hissed. Was Flora guiding that stone? The creature dodged the third attack and rushed to get Flora. She jumped over its head… His head! It was Voldo, disguised as a spider! “Disgusting!” Jeffery said. But Flora was relentlessly attacking Voldo. “Go get was you need master, I will take care of that thing!” Jeffery rushed to the Pit, hoping that Flora will make it: her seer powers were useful; he might need them later on… After some minutes, Jeffery entered a room filled with gold coins and jewels. He stuffed in his bags and pockets as many things as he could. Upon leaving, he noticed a sword with a black blade and a golden grip. Without hesitation he took it and rushed to the entrance where Flora and Voldo were still battling fiercely. “Your master Vercci has returned into the Pit! He wants to see you!” Voldo stopped attacking; he paused for a second… Then he crawled into the Pit, leaving Flora and Jeffery outside his lair. “Now we go” said Jeffery, “Germany awaits us.” They both left with what they stole. Time for revenge was nigh.

To be continued...

Theme Music

Soulcalibur IV

  • "The Devils Cry - MvC3 Remix" [1] (Normal form)
  • "Vergil Battle - UMvC3 Remix" [2] (Berserk form)

Soulcalibur V

  • "Nalepa" [3] (Normal form)


Soulcalibur IV

  • Fear my wrath!
  • Pathetic!
  • Who are you? You're starting to annoy me.
  • The likes of you could never stop me.
  • Well then, let us dance!
  • Do not delude yourself, wretched fool.
  • You'd better make this worth my while.
  • I'm in a pleasant mood. Let us play.
  • I will not give you the chance to strike again.
  • How foolish of you to anger me.
  • That look suits you. Stay down there.
  • So, the evil sword has sent you to do its bidding.
  • Worthless dogs...learn your place!
  • Soul Edge? I've already put that behind me.
  • It's over! C'mon!
  • What a joke!
  • What's wrong?
  • A-ha!
  • Come along now.
  • Time to perish!
  • How pitiful!
  • You're mine!
  • Ugh! Disgusting.
  • I am not amused.
  • My turn now!
  • On your knees!
  • I shall make you one of my minions!
  • How does it feel to no longer be human? - after winning a round with Critical Finish.
  • How does it feel to be reborn? - also spoken after winning a round with Critical Finish.
  • Better luck next time!
  • This is not amusing.

Soulcalibur V

  • Why should I waste my breath explaining that to you? You could never comprehend my reasons. You were born in a legacy that was feared and privileged. You want for nothing and have the world at your feet. How could you ever understand?! You who were spared by death and then surrendered your soul! On that day I died! But YOU! You ran away to save yourself! And you continue to flee! - as a response to Siegfried's Why fight me, if lose is all that you can do?
  • SHUT UP! How dare you say such things after what you have done! - as a response to Siegfried's My victory was destined, such as your fate.
  • Fool.
  • Dodge this... Here.
  • You look good.
  • Ready?
  • Vanish!
  • Go!
  • Too late for laments.
  • It is time.
  • I'll lead you.
  • I bring you despair... Never forget this pain. - spoken during Critical Edge.
  • It's just a whim.
  • Now you sleep!
  • Skies rage!
  • Stop pretending you're sad.
  • I... Will never be a memory.
  • Only the chosen may survive.
  • So how does it feel?
  • Death shall beget life.
  • You will live again as part of me.
  • Say goodbye.
  • What an empty victory.
  • You have done well.
  • I am a cut above you.
  • That was entertaining...
  • Pitiful fool...
  • Hmph, I was expecting more..
  • What happened...?
  • Impressive...
  • What should I be sad about?
  • So this is it...
  • How was I broken?
  • Where did you find this strength?
  • Next time, I won't hold back.

Malfested form

  • I WILL KILL YOU! - when facing Angelo.
  • How much can you take? - when facing Flora.
  • I dare you... Hurt me if you can! - when facing Patroklos.
  • May your misdeeds merit you NO mercy! - when facing α Patroklos.
  • I want you to beg for forgiveness. - when facing Z.W.E.I.
  • At least you'll help me kill the time! - when facing Leixia.
  • Even a ninja gives in to despair. - when facing Natsu.
  • A pretty ghost from the shadow. - when facing Ezio.
  • Flowers wilt in but an instant. - when facing Viola.
  • There's only room for one. - when facing Raphael.
  • Just destroy everything... - when facing Pyrrha.
  • Solitude isn't heroism. - when facing Pyrrha Ω.
  • I come bearing a gift for you, Siegfried... The gift of DEATH! - when facing Siegfried.
  • I shall have your head for siding with Siegfried, willing to lay down your life for his! - when facing Hilde.
  • Say goodbye to your future. - when facing Xiba.
  • I shall never forgive you! NEVER! - when facing Ivy.
  • I've already seen hell. - when facing Cervantes.
  • You should let go of your past. - when facing Aeon.
  • Can you stop me? - when facing Tira.
  • Into the depths of darkness. - when facing Nightmare.
  • You'll become a memory... - when facing Mitsurugi.
  • Stop pretending you care. - when facing Maxi.
  • Taste the blade of a swordsman. - when facing Yoshimitsu.
  • A fighter with no will bores me. - when facing Dampierre.
  • Your life is an illusion. - when facing Voldo.
  • I fear not death. - when facing Astaroth.
  • All becomes one with me... - when facing Elysium.
  • A fate of endless battle... - when facing Edge Master.
  • To slay a god... - when facing Algol.
  • You seem quite worked up... - when facing Kilik.

Awaken form

  • I will snap your neck in two! - when facing Angelo.
  • Let us begin... - when facing Iris.
  • An unfortunate matching... - when facing Flora.
  • A hero of prophecy falls eventually. - when facing Patroklos.
  • Light shall be laid to rest here. - when facing α Patroklos.
  • My despair will lead to your end. - when facing Z.W.E.I.
  • Are you her child? - when facing Leixia.
  • You have to learn to stay focused. - when facing Natsu.
  • I'll make you frown. - when facing Ezio.
  • A clone! Or are you...? - when facing Raphael.
  • I'll wake you from your dream. - when facing Viola.
  • Don't fear the power to destroy. - when facing Pyrrha.
  • I am the chosen one. - when facing Pyrrha Ω.
  • Go ahead and scream! I will cast you into an abyss of eternal despair! - when facing Siegfried.
  • I shall crush your prayers. - when facing Hilde.
  • You're annoying... - when facing Xiba.
  • You ignorant traitor... - when facing Ivy.
  • Is that all? You can do better than that. - when facing Cervantes.
  • What does a beast know? - when facing Aeon.
  • You will know what true "terror" is. - when facing Tira.
  • I am the one who lives an endless nightmare. - when facing Nightmare.
  • Do you want more scars? - when facing Mitsurugi.
  • Your hero is nowhere in sight... - when facing Maxi.
  • Enchained to the cycle. - when facing Yoshimitsu.
  • Your tricks cannot change fate. - when facing Dampierre.
  • All you know could be an illusion. - when facing Voldo.
  • Seems I do not have to hold back. - when facing Astaroth.
  • Only I can ruin everything. - when facing Elysium.
  • Can you mimic my strength? - when facing Edge Master.
  • A former hero? Please... - when facing Algol.
  • You are also a cursed warrior. - when facing Kilik.



Soulcalibur IV

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