"Will you fight me?"
— KunamariTemplate:UserCharacter (Old)

What lies in her Soul is Compassion.


  • Will you fight me?
  • Go easy on me Master. — Spoken when engaging in battle against Mitsurugi.
  • Werewolves don't scare me one bit. — Spoken when engaging in battle against Z.W.E.I
  • Alright let's settle this! — Spoken when engaging in battle against Yoshimitsu.
  • Mother, Father, I've avenged you both. — Spoken after defeating Yoshimitsu in battle.
  • It's been a while former master — Spoken when engaging in battle against Edge Master.
  • Looks like I'm a lot stronger now. — Spoken after defeating Mitsurugi in battlle
  • It's time to beat you Master taunt against Mitsurugi
  • Damn you cursed blade. - Spoken when timed out against Nightmare, Algol and Pyrrha Ω


  • She is Heishiro Mitsurugi's Disciple.
  • She was training under Edge Master at the age of 13 and left his side at the age of 17.
  • Seeks revenge against Yoshimitsu for killing her parents.
  • Fought Z.W.E.I in battle and won (Soul Calibur V).
  • Fought Kilik in battle and won (Soul Calibur V).
  • She and Natsu are best friends and Arch Rivals.
  • Her mother's name is Shizuka Sakura.


Luoyang: Grand Festival of Guandi Temple


  • She became Mitsurugi's student after he witnessed her defeat 10 Fu-Ma Ninja's at once with her ninja blades.
  • She always obeys her master without question.

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