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Jade is an Angel Princess who lives with her mom Elysium and her sister Carina.She has a very short temper and tried to kill her mom a lot of times.


Jade's Backstory is she was defending her kingdom when she was enfused with a part of Soul Edge by Nightmare and after the battle she was changed into the evil verson of herself who hates Her Mom and Soul Caliber.


She Uses Pyrrha O style and uses Soul Edge but she calls it Bopa Kina


Elysium       Jades Mom and Archenemy

Carina          Jade's Sister

Unknown Father


Tira   Jade's BFF

Nightmare Jade's New Master

Pyrrha O   Jade see's Pyrrha O as a sister


Jade does not know the real name of Soul Edge o she calls it what she would name it

Jade and Carina seem to have a good frendship even to the point were Carina helpedto kill there Mom

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