FanChar:IPatriot:Vanika Conchita

The real banquet begin...


Vanika Conchita,or Conchita Vanika is the queen from the fictional kingdom of Belzeba.

She appears in Soul Calibur Broken Destiny and Soul Calibur V.

What lies in her soul is Gluttony. She is nicknamed The Epicurean Daughter Of Evil.


In Belzeba,a interdimensional unknown country in a unknown continent,lives the Queen Vanika Conchita , a woman who, at one time, ate only the most delicious and exquisite food. Now, however, her tastes have evolved so that she wants something new and grotesque every day, and nothing enters or leaves her palace. The fifteenth personal chef of the year  asks for a brief vacation, but she, angry, decides to eat him. Running out of food to eat, she ends up eating her butler  and maid. Now,her wish is eat Nightmare and the Soul Edge.

Her feast is about to begin.


Tower of Remembrance - Spiral of Time(SC:BD)

Astral Chaos (SCV)


-She is based of the song of Vocaloid Akujiki Musume Conchita.

-She only speaks in Japanese,because MEIKO(from Vocaloid Series)no speak English.

-Her name Vanika is a deformation of Cannibal in Latin (Caniba)

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