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-I do not want to do this, but I have no choice.

Real Name Evelyn Fleurent
Birthplace Dublin,Ireland
Birthdate 12 of March,???
Age Apparent 19
Height 1,90 metres
Weight Top Secret!
Blood type Her blood is Soul Calibur
Weapon Lance (SCIII),Spear and Sword(SC:BD)
Weapon name Ambition(SCIII),Scorpion(SC:BD)
Fighting style Lance(SCIII),Große Erbschaft(SC:BD)
Family Her master Olcadan

Sister:Hrist Fleurent Uncle:Iris Fleurent (Deceased)

Alignment Good-Light
Appears in SoulCalibur III and Soul Calibur:Broken Destiny
First game Soul Calibur III


Evelyn is a girl destinate to save the world and defeat her sister,Hrist.

She was raised by Olcadan.Evelyn is inmortal because her blood is Soul Calibur,but apparent 19.

She is a Fleurent and she birth in Dublin,Ireland and her sister is from the Austrian Empire. Olcadan,her master,he kill Iris,her uncle,but she don't know. Her history is short,because it's freezed in Wolfkrone by Soul Calibur.                                                                 

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