"I am but a single entity."
— Zirg

Zirg (ザーグ, Zāgu) is a fan character created by Hyper Zergling for the Soul series of fighting games that appears in Soul Calibur: The Demon-Angel War and Soul Calibur: Rise of the Archdemon.


Thousands of years ago, Zirg was born to the powerful demon lord Amon. It was during Zirg's years as the heir to his father's throne that Amon declared war on the Angel Kingdom. The demons began to win the war until Zirg's father was slain. Leaderless, the Demons began to falter tremendously and were driven back into the realm they came from. Seeing Amon's kingdom now severally weakened, other demons began invading it, fighting over land rights. As his father's heir, Zirg decided to keep just his father's manor, driving away those who attempted to take it. Having witnessed his father's recklessness, Zirg turned out to be a much different ruler than his father was, rarely if ever concerning himself with others outside of his own manor.

At some point during his rule over his manor, Zirg was called to a meeting in order to discuss what to do with the demon princess Madoka, who managed to possess the Flame of Prometheus. Zirg was completely uninterested in the conversation; the only thing about the meeting he was interested in was Madoka herself. After she felt insulted by another Demon in the meeting, Madoka left the room. Zirg followed her within a few minutes, and offered a flower to her in order to cheer her up. The two briefly exchanged words before parting ways.

Decades later, while wandering around outside of his manor, Zirg came across the heavily-wounded Madoka, and then brought the demon princess to his manor. After he helped Madoka recover, she thanked him for saving her and explained to him that she was attacked by her sister, Hana. Zirg offered to provide Madoka with indefinite hospitality, telling her that she can stay for as long as she wanted to. Madoka decided that she would stay in Zirg's manor as a permanent resident in order to hide her presence from her evil sister.

Soon, Madoka was pregnant with Zirg's children, who were triplets. Madoka named them Chika, Akane, and Kohaku, and were the heirs to Zirg's throne.

Soul Calibur: The Demon-Angel War

When she discovered that Kyou was in battle against her benevolent sister, Sakura, Madoka asked Zirg to provide assistance. As Madoka was very persuasive, Zirg reluctantly agreed and transported himself to Sakura's location in order to help her fight Kyou.

Soul Calibur: Rise of the Archdemon


Zirg is very laid-back and unambitious, not caring too much about anything that takes place outside his own manor, even though he is fully aware that such events are even taking place to begin with. Every so often he will leave his manor to find things to do when he feels too bored. Despite his carefree and unserious attitude towards most things, Zirg actually cares deeply for those he has developed close relationships with. For example, Naamah, his personal maid and bodyguard, serves him loyally without fail; because of her zealous dedication towards Zirg, he makes sure to never ask her for too many favors and often goes out of his way to see if he can do anything for her. Although he rarely fights, Zirg is very confident in his own abilities in combat; perhaps the most notable example is when he challenged Kyou, an equally powerful (if not more powerful) demon, to a fight by taunting him. For all of his physical power, Zirg has a single most-notable weakness – his inability to resist any request made by Madoka. Regardless of what she asks for, Madoka always convinces Zirg by a mere "glance."

Fighting Style

Zirg does not make use of a handheld weapon and instead, makes use of his own body and aura. Zirg is capable of fighting at all ranges. Most of Zirg's close-ranged attacks consist of fast kicks, while for other close-ranged attacks, he temporarily transforms his forearms into large bony claws. Zirg is most notable for being able to juggle opponents in the air effectively with melee combos. Perhaps his most notable combo continuer is his move called the "Shine Wave," which is similar to Nightmare's Soul Wave, but comes out instantly on command, grants him invincibility on execution, and vertically propels his opponent on hit. Shine Wave, however, has very limited range, sometimes making it difficult to land. Shine Wave is notorious for being able to chain into "Falling Drill," and then into another Shine Wave, seemingly indefinitely. This combo, however is escapable through Aerial Control. It is also possible to chain many Shine Waves in quick succession with Just inputs; doing so can easily cause Guard Crushes but requires incredibly precise timing. At a distance, Zirg can fire straight beams of aura at up to three shots per second, with each hit inflicting a bit of stun. However, these energy beams can be blocked and deal minimal damage. Regardless, these beams can keep enemies at a distance.

Critical Edge

Flying Reverse Roundhouse

Zirg spins clockwise before throwing a powerful flying reverse roundhouse kick at the opponent with his right leg.

Critical Finish

To the Heavens

Zirg says, "Don't blink," ("これで終わりだ!" in Japanese, which roughly translates to "This will end it") and then jumps onto the enemy with his left foot while spinning his entire body like a drill. He then immediately releases a yellow energy burst from his body that looks similar to Nightmare's "Soul Wave," vertically launching the opponent. Before the opponent can fall back down, Zirg jumps up to him/her/it with another energy burst from his body that sends the opponent even higher up and into the distance.

Theme Music

  • Zirg's Theme
    Zirg's theme


  • Nothing can prepare you for what you face now.
  • Good luck.
  • Come at me with everything you've got. — spoken when engaging in battle against Chika, Akane, Kohaku, or Naamah
  • Are you sure about this? — spoken when engaging in battle against Madoka
  • Now that's more like it. — spoken when engaging in battle against Kyou
  • I just feel the need to test my limits. — spoken when engaging in battle against Seres Saharah or Seraphiel
  • Not bad; I didn't think you'd put up a fight.
  • Challenging me was a poor choice.
  • As if you could ever beat me.
  • That will be all for today. — spoken when defeating Chika, Akane, or Kohaku
  • I didn't hit you too hard, did I? — spoken when defeating Madoka or Naamah
  • The high king? As if! — spoken when defeating Kyou
  • Be grateful that I am not my father. — spoken when defeating Seres Saharah or Seraphiel
  • I don't have time for this. — spoken after losing a time out
  • Fine, you win! — spoken when losing a time out against Chika, Akane, Kohaku, or Madoka
  • I am getting rusty. — spoken when losing a time out against Naamah
  • Don't blink. — spoken while performing Critical Finish
  • Duck this! — spoken occasionally, when performing a high vertical move
  • Sidestep this! — spoken occasionally, when performing a horizontal move
  • Block this! — spoken occasionally, when performing a throw or an unblockable attack
  • Behind you. — spoken when performing an attack while opponent is facing away
  • Oops.
  • Get out of here!
  • Eat this!
  • What was that?
  • What? — spoken when hit by a tremor
  • Ah! — spoken during a Guard Crush
  • Don't I have wings?! — spoken during a Ring Out
  • Gravity hurts! — spoken during a Ring Out
  • Come on! — Taunt



Soul Calibur: The Demon-Angel War

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