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"Threaten my kingdom, and I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger."
— Seraphiel

Seraphiel (セラフィール, Serafīru) is a fan character created by Hyper Zergling for the Soul series of fighting games.


Thousands of years ago, the demon lord Amon declared war on the Kingdom of the Clouds. Having forces in the millions and being incredibly powerful himself, Amon slaughtered many angels. After hundreds of years of battles, Seraphiel and his sister, Seres Saharah, faced Amon on the battlefield. Both sides struggled tremendously until Seraphiel eventually landed the finishing blow on the demon lord. Leaderless, Amon's forces became significantly less organized, allowing the angels to completely reverse the tide of the war in their favor and granting them their eventual victory.

At some point in his life, Seraphiel descended from the clouds into the world of humans. Arriving in what would be present-day China, he disguised himself under the name of Fan Li, and became the advisor in the state of Yue. Eventually, he would fall in love with a mortal whose beauty exceeded those of his kind. The two had a single daughter they named Yuner, and she was as beautiful as her mother had ever been. When Yuner reached the age of nine, her mother died of illness. Her father continued to support her as she grew into a young woman.

Yuner grew at the same pace as the mortals around her, and knew nothing of what she really was. As the years went by long after she reached adulthood, however, it was clear that she was not normal. She asked her father what she really was. Having no choice, he revealed to her that she was not of the world she lived in. Her father apologized and blamed himself for making the mistake of living with humans, and asked his daughter to return with him back to the clouds. Yuner agreed, and the two of them ascended back to the Kingdom of their kind.

In the year 1607, the number of malfested began increasing at alarming rates. Possessing the ability to cure humans of malfestation, Yuner set off on a quest to revert the malfested, accompanied by her bodyguard, Eliana.

Soul Calibur: The Demon-Angel War


Fighting Style




  • "Archangel"
    Two Steps From Hell - Archangel (Voice)(Choir) (Archangel)

    Two Steps From Hell - Archangel (Voice)(Choir) (Archangel)



Soul Calibur: The Demon-Angel War

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