Naamah (ナーマ, Nāma) is a fan character created by Hyper Zergling for the Soul series of fighting games that appears in Soul Calibur: The Demon-Angel War.


Thousands of years ago, Naamah was a young maid serving in the citadel of the demon lord Amon who primarily took care of the demon prince Zirg. As a maid, Naamah was very obedient and executed her tasks without question. Prince Zirg, however, was very kind to his maid and never asked her for anything excessive. Although she never expressed it externally, Naamah was very grateful for having Zirg as her lord, and with time, she fell in love with the demon prince.

After Amon was killed in the very war he declared on the Kingdom of the Clouds, his military forces collapsed. Demons of other kingdoms began invading Amon's territories, claiming them as this own. Zirg decided to only keep his father's manor, driving away those that attempted to take it as well. Under Zirg's rule, Naamah became her lord's head maid. As Naamah was a formidable warrior herself, she also served as his bodyguard.

Zirg eventually took note of Naamah's feelings towards him and told her that he loved her as well. Zirg also decided it was time to ensure that he would have an heir lest he die at in an untimely fashion; he wanted Naamah to bear his first child. Naamah gladly accepted and became pregnant with the his first child. When Naamah finally gave birth to the child, it was not at all what she nor Zirg expected. The child vaguely possessed some features from each parent, but was not even humanoid in appearance. As the child grew physically, it did not grow intelligently, incapable of speech and limited to following fairly simple commands. Such a creature was incapable of sentient thought much less inherit a manor from its father. Naamah feared that her lord would be terribly disappointed in her, but Zirg reassured his lover that he would not give up. After many years of trying, however, all of their subsequent children were no different from the first, causing Naamah only further doubt.

Naamah despaired when Zirg brought another demoness – Princess Madoka – into his manor. It was not long before Madoka was pregnant with Zirg's children. Internally, Naamah despised Madoka and felt betrayed, but continued serving Zirg as if nothing was different. Naamah eventually came to notice that even though Zirg found another lover, he never treated Naamah any less than he used to. Furthermore, Madoka was always very kind and polite to Naamah, and almost never asked her for favors. The maid could no longer bring herself to hate the demon princess and realized that her lord's intentions have been pure. Naamah admitted her past emotions to Madoka and Zirg, accepting the former as a valuable friend and forgiving the latter for his actions.

Soul Calibur: The Demon-Angel War


Naamah is fiercely loyal to Zirg, obeying his every request and never questions them. Naamah's undying dedication towards Zirg often causes him to feel guilty for having so much done for him. Therefore, Zirg has vowed to never take advantage of Naamah's obedience and even asks her to stop working so hard; these requests, however, are the only ones she does not take, as she claims that she does not know how to enjoy herself beyond helping her own lord.

Naamah, of course, keeps many of her true emotions to herself, but Zirg has always been able to notice eventually, as the two have been near each other for centuries. As Zirg has always been very kind to her, she loves him dearly and only wants to help as much as she can. Naamah felt intense internal jealousy when Madoka was able to bear Zirg's heirs, while she could not even produce sentient children. Despite these emotions, she continued to serve Zirg loyally and treated Madoka with the utmost respect. Naamah, however, has also been shown to not be above revealing her hidden feelings in the event of reconciliation, having admitted to Zirg and Madoka that she used to hate the latter and felt betrayed by the former.

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Soul Calibur: The Demon-Angel War

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