Lin Chuantong (リン・チューアーントング, Rin Chūāntongu; Chinese: 林傳通 Pinyin: Lín Chuántōng) is a fan character in the Soul series of video games that was created by Hyper Zergling. He can be created in Soul Calibur V's Character Creation.



Fighting Style


Soul Calibur V

  • All right, let's see what you can do.
  • Can you beat this old warrior?
  • Silence!
  • Interesting.
  • Amateur!
  • You're no match!
  • Surrender!
  • Weak!
  • Return.
  • Take this!
  • No!
  • Dodge this!
  • Enough!
  • Excellent!
  • Show me...your resolve!
  • Well Done!
  • Hurry and... Begone!
  • Haha... Take this.
  • You'll never be... Ready!
  • Relearn... The basics!
  • Calm... Down!
  • You lack... Imagination!
  • You lack... Training!
  • How... could I...? - spoken when K.O.'ed by Kilik and Algol
  • Nice aim!! - spoken during Ring Out.
  • Good strategy!! - spoken during Ring Out.
  • So be it then! - spoken before Critical Edge
  • Brace yourself... - spoken during some Critical Edge (like Astaroth's)
  • Now watch! - spoken during Critical Edge
  • Weak. - spoken after some Critical Edge (like Leixia's)
  • Repent! - spoken after some Critical Edge (like Dampierre's)
  • Shameful! - spoken after some Critical Edge (like Ivy's)
  • Vary your attacks if you want to succeed.
  • Your instincts serve you well. Go hone them with training.
  • You are in thrall to your emotions. You must master them.
  • I prevail, with a victory well earned.
  • Finally, the time has come. - Spoken when engaging Algol in battle.
  • Get you gone and darken the world of man no more! - Spoken after defeating Algol, Nightmare, α Patroklos, Pyrrha Ω, and Elysium in battle.



  • "Hard Training" and "少年中國"
    Unknown titles


Soul Calibur V

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