Liana (リアーナー, Riānā) is a fan character designed by SoulGauger and created by Hyper Zergling for the Soul series of video games. She can be created in Soul Calibur V's Character Creation and has made appearances in Soul Calibur: Blades of War and Soul Calibur: Circle of Legends as a non-playable character.


Liana lived with her parents and her younger brother, Konrad. Before Konrad reached the age of three, soldiers sent by the corrupt duke Henri stormed their home and killed the parents. Both Liana and Konrad were then captured and enslaved. Liana was first tasked with housework in her first few years in enslavement. When she reached the age of fourteen, Henri noted that she had a strong body for a girl. Henri decided to throw into an arena he designed to fight against others who were also enslaved for his entertainment. Meanwhile, Konrad was tasked with heavy lifting, having a large physique. Liana and Konrad seldom saw each other, having been given separate things to do.

Liana proved to be a very strong and skilled warrior, defeating every single enemy she was put against, whether it be human or otherwise. Henri decided he could use a warrior like Liana and told her to serve him as such. Liana initially refused, until Henri threatened to have her brother killed if she did not obey. With no choice but to accept, Liana became one of Henri's most valuable fighters.

Soul Calibur: Circle of Legends

Within a few years, a new champion of the arena was determined: Shindra, who also joined the ranks of Henri's best warriors. Following the return of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, Henri sent one of his servants to bring the former to him, while he sent Shindra after the newest wielder of Soul Calibur.

Shindra, however, never returned, prompting Henri to send sounds to locate her. When Shindra's location was revealed, Henri ordered Liana to lead several other soldiers to retrieve her. When Liana found Shindra, she was with her mother, Helen, and Xie Tian. Shindra and her allies proved to be more than a match for Liana and her subordinates to handle. Soon, only two of her original company, including Liana herself, remained, forcing her to retreat. Before Liana left, however, Shindra told her that she would find a way to help Konrad escape. Liana only responded with a nod, acknowledging the girl's promise, but not believing it.

Months later, while Liana watched Konrad fighting a masked swordswoman in Henri's arena, her brother accidentally knocked his opponent's mask off. The swordswoman was none other than Shindra, who had returned to rescue her friend. Just as Shindra tried to escort Konrad out of the arena, Henri induced the curse he had inflicted on her many years earlier; he began forcing a transformation on her body, changing her to a werewolf-like creature. The transformed Shindra began to attack Konrad, although she was stopped and held off by Helen. Meanwhile, Xie Tian and other mercenaries of the Lions' Pride continued Konrad's escort. Henri ordered his other guards to stop Konrad's escape, feeling that Liana would most likely betray him in the current situation, he sent the Edge Mistress to make sure she does not make a move. Edge Mistress, however, was interrupted with the arrival of Owen, who began to demolish the arena with his Jingu Staff. The Edge Mistress, instead, returned to Henri in order to help him escape the crumbling arena By now, Yuner had restored Shindra to her human state while Konrad had successfully escaped the building. Liana made use of what little time she had left to leave the ruined structure herself.

With her brother freed, Liana decided to follow those who helped her brother. She eventually found the outpost of the Lions' Pride and thanked Helen and Shindra for helping her brother escape Henri's enslavement. Having no where left to go, Liana then asked Helen to join the Lions' Pride to which the mercenary leader agreed.

Soul Calibur: Blades of War




Soul Calibur V

Soul Calibur: Circle of Legends

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