Konrad (コンラート, Konrāto) is a fan character created by Hyper Zergling for Soul series of video games. He can be created in Soul Calibur V's Character Creation and has made appearance in Soul Calibur: Circle of Legends as a playable character and in Soul Calibur: Blades of War as a non-playable character.


Konrad and his older sister, Liana were enslaved by the corrupt duke Henri at a very young age. Liana was thrown into and arena made by Henri to fight against others who were also enslaved for the corrupt duke's entertainment. Meanwhile, Konrad was tasked with heavy lifting, having a large physique. Liana and Konrad seldom saw each other, having been given separate things to do. When Konrad was old enough, Henri began throwing him into the arena as well, although by then, Liana had already been promoted to be one of Henri's soldiers. Despite his strength, Konrad did not have the heart to fight out of fear that he would accidentally kill his opponent. Even though he held back in all of his matches, he still defeated almost every opponent he was put against. During a time he was spectating a match, Konrad witnessed a warrior named Shindra, who took down her enemies without hesitation, and yet, would spare opponents just before the finishing strike. After one of Shindra's more brutal duels, Konrad offered to help mend her wounds. Shindra accepted and the two engaged in a friendly conversation. Konrad was surprised that the born fighter was approachable off the arena and he only admired Shindra even more.

Konrad and Shindra soon became friends. Appreciating Konrad's support, Shindra promised him that she would help them both escape Henri. One day, however, Henri declared that Shindra was to be promoted as one of his military leaders. After Henri removed Shindra from the arena, Konrad had never seen her since. Nevertheless, he had hope in his heart that she would one day keep her promise.

Months later, after surviving many more fights in the arena, Konrad was given another challenger to face. As always, Konrad held back, not wanting to harm his opponent too much. As they fought, Konrad threw a swing very close to his opponent's face. She dodged the attack a little too late, and Konrad's hammer took off her mask, revealing her face to be Shindra's. Konrad and all of the spectators were shocked. Shindra immediately called for Konrad to follow her to the escape route, but before they could leave the arena, she began feeling immense pain throughout her entire body, causing her to collapse. Henri taunted Shindra, telling her that he had cursed her with a monstrous form ever since he enslaved her, and he was now activating it after all these years. Just as Henri finished explaining, Shindra had transformed completely, now a humanoid werewolf-like creature. Having lost control of her body, the transformed Shindra attacked Konrad. Helen immediately jumped into the arena to hold off Shindra while Xie Tian led Konrad through the escape route. Unfortunately, Henri had already blocked off any possible escape, having sent his other guards to kill a good number of mercenaries that aided the rescue.

Just when all seemed lost, Owen and Yuner arrived. With the Jingu Staff in hand, Owen swept through all of the enemies in his path until he confronted Shindra, telling his mother to leave the entire building and that he and Yuner would take care of the situation. Trusting her son, Helen left with Xie Tian, Konrad, and the surviving mercenaries. Owen restrained the rampaging Shindra with his strength in order to allow Yuner to restore Shindra back to her normal self. When Shindra was human again, Owen carried her out of the arena as he freed additional prisoners, with Yuner following just behind. When they finally escaped, Owen used the Jingu Staff to demolish the entire arena and Shindra reunited with Konrad, revealing her real name to be Alexandra. Helen then invited Konrad to join her mercenary clan, Lions' Pride, and he accepted, having no where to go to.

A few days after Konrad and Alexandra joined the Lions' Pride, Liana arrived at the Lions' Pride outpost, asking to join. She explained that she only worked for Henri lest he ordered for Konrad's execution. Now that Konrad was free from Henri's enslavement, she no longer needed to work for the man who ruined their lives. Helen subsequently agreed to have Liana join.


Konrad is a kind and gentle person who dislikes fighting out of fear that he might accidentally kill his opponents with his great strength.




Soul Calibur: Circle of Legends

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