Kage (影, Kage) is a fan character in the Soul series of fighting games that was created by Hyper Zergling. He can be created in Soul Calibur IV's and Soul Calibur V's Character Creation.

What lies in his soul is Dignity. In Soul Calibur V's promotional material he would be referred to as The Invisible.


Not much is known about Kage's past other than that he is part of the Fu-Ma Ninja clan and the "Kage" is not his real name but only something others call him by. What is known about Kage's past is that he suffered from an accident that burned much of his face and that his parents were killed not long before the events of Soul Calibur IV.

Kage, despite not being fully trained as a ninja, was one of the many assassins sent by the insane Toki to kill the nuke-nin Taki, having been told that she was responsible for the death of his parents.

Soul Calibur IV

Kage and his team were able to find Taki, but they were all easily defeated. Taki explained to Kage that she had no knowledge of the death of his parents, and that Toki was under the influence of evil. The young ninja had no choice but to believe the rogue’s words for the time being, but decided to find out for himself. He and his team continued to pursue Taki, but this time, only to observe her actions. They witnessed the clash of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge in the Lost Cathedral, and then narrowly escaped when the resulting eruption demolished the building.

Soul Calibur V

Kage and his team eventually witnessed the destruction of Soul Edge. After the Fu-Ma Ninja clan was reformed under Chie’s leadership, Taki took Kage as a disciple to complete his ninja training.

Before the events of Soul Calibur V, Taki went on a journey to find Toki, based on rumors that he was still alive. Although she was supposed to return within two weeks, she had not. Kage decided to set out on a lone journey to find his mentor.



Soul Calibur IV

Soul Edge and/or Soul Calibur rise up in swirls of energy. Kage looks up, rushes to the sword(s), jumps, and grabs the or both swords. He looks around and sees the energy coming to him. Kage lifts the sword(s) while it/they glow(s) with power (if both swords are held, a vortex will lift Kage off the ground), rushes forward again, slashes the energy dispersing him, and jumps off the tower. The scene changes to him with the Soul Calibur or Soul Edge in the ground. He pulls it out and raises it in triumph.

The text only screen says "His name will be engraved in history and will live on forever."


Nightmare is dead on the ground, with Soul Edge next to him. Kage walks up to the evil sword and prepares to lift it up. Suddenly, Taki jumps down next to Soul Edge and stabs the sword in the eye with Mekki-Maru. Enraged, Kage attacks Taki, who defends herself and overpowers Kage, defeating him with her Strangulation Blade throw. Before striking the final blow on the young ninja, Taki instead drops Kage and explains to him that Soul Edge will not bring his father back and will only lead to death and destruction. She walks away as Kage stares back at Soul Edge. He then gets up and follows Taki.

The text-only epilogue says: "He would continue to pursue the rogue ninja, not out of vengeance, but for more answers."

Fighting Style

Critical Finish


Hypothetical Default Skills

  1. Start Dash B
  2. Invisible
  3. Step Speed Up




  • Kage's aesthetic design attempts to replicate what real ninjas looked like. Real ninjas wore dark blue as it was the best color for camouflage at night; black clothing would have made them appear like shadows.
  • Kage's alternate costume is loosely based off Ganondorf's appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The colors are more specifically based off Ganondorf's green palette swap in Super Smash Bros. Melee, referencing the professional smasher Kage, who is the best Ganondorf main in the world at the respective game. Kage, the smasher, of course, uses the green palette swap.


Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur V


Soul Calibur V

Fighting Style: Natsu
Height: 3
Base Body Type: Normal

All -20
Muscle Mass: 2
Face: (Any, except 18 and 19)
Hairstyle: Buzz Cut
Eyebrows: (Any)
Voice Type: Reliable Leader
Pitch: -8
Tone: 8
Malfestation Level: None


Head: Iron Mask
Undergarments: Rubber Unitard
Upper Body: General's Armor
Lower Body: Jodhpurs
Arm: Silver Gauntlets
Ankle: Shinobi Tabi
Feet: Oathbearer's Greaves


Weapon: The Master
Custom Effects: Outrageous Pack


Body Color
Skin: [2:6, 8]
Hair, Facial Hair, and Eyebrow Color: [0:0, 31]
Eyes: [Any/0:8, 6]
Facepaint: Any of the scar "facepaints"
Equipment Colors/Patterns
All: [0:0, 31]
Body: Any combination/assortment of scars over his face
Weapon Color
Weapon Trail: [9:0, 31]

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