Henri, created in Soul Calibur V's Character Creation

Helen stabs Henri

Henri's initial demise at the hands of Helen

Henri (アンリ, Anri) is a notorious duke who committed many atrocities throughout his life. His first most notable crime, in the year 1584, was his successful attempt to assassinate one of the House of Habsburg's best military leaders, Jan Flanders, in an attempt to weaken the defenses of the Holy Roman Empire. This action, however, almost came at the cost of his life, as Jan's daughter, Helen, stormed into Henri's manor with several soldiers, impaling his abdomen and seemingly killing him. Henri, however, survived the attack within an inch of his life. His servants used shards of Soul Edge they had collected in order to bring their leader back to health. Henri then relocated himself and those under his rule to a more secluded area, continuing to lead his people quietly away from the eyes of others. For more than two decades, Henri began kidnapping children and raising them as slaves. Intending to create a smaller version of the Colosseum of the Roman Empire of the past, Henri built an arena where he would force the physically stronger children to fight each other for his entertainment. Henri would then pick out the best fighters from the arena to become his most prized warriors. Besides being forced to fight, some slaves, specifically female slaves, are given to Henri's daughter, Yvette, as "pets" for her to satisfy herself by abusing them.

Henri's henchmen

Possessing wealth and political power, Henri has his own military. The following list are warriors of Henri that have been named.

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