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personal life

hiro was born into a wealthy family. as a little girl she had a passion for reading her grans old books. when she was 12 she found the book the Geishas way . when she opened the book, she found two small hunting knives hidden in the back pages of the book. the moment she touched the knives the souls of her relatives formed with the knives and her great great great nan showed her a vision of her future.She saw how she was going to die, in only two minutes from a  knife wound to the neck frp, her friend.the moment the she opened her eyes, she was taken back in time to save her from her death she appears in soulcalibur IV and soulcalibur V

soulcalibur 5

"Her body shivered as the vampire poison cursed through her viens . I saw her tanned skin fade to an pale oinion and her beuatiful glossy hair recede to a white off colour. The worst part was her glistening emerald eyes turn into a sharp white iris her sclera turning jet black."

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