This page is for Myth as a pirate in "Pirate of the Mediterranean". For the current Myth, Click Here.

Nicholas "Myth" Fazello is a created character that's made it to Soulcalibur III, IV, and Broken Destiny. He's also the protagonist of the Soulcalibur fan fiction Pirate of the Mediterranean.

What lies in his soul is Discovery.


Growing up at the town of Syracuse, Nicholas Fazello the son of a pirate and a local innkeeper obtained the nickname Myth because of his interest in myths and mythological creatures. He also dreamed of adventure on the high sea. When he was of age, his father reluctantly allowed him to join his crew. The rest of the crew was constantly teasing him because he was the captain’s son and that he carried no weapon. One day they came across a mysterious Asian ship that seemed abandoned. Scared that it might be trap, it was decided that one man was needed to investigate. To prove himself, Nicholas volunteered to go. The only person he found aboard was an old man meditating. As a gift for being the last person seen by the old man in this life, he received a katana.

Months later the crew decided to go after a treasure hidden in a cave near the coast of Spain. When they got there, they realized it was a trap set by no other than Cervantes De Leon. Cervantes slain everyone aboard the Medusa except for Myth. Sensing Myth's desire for revenge, Cervantes decided to try a little experiment. Cervantes spared him and threw him overboard. As he witnessed the Medusa sink to Davy Jones' locker, he remembered Cervantes words:

“Come back when you're ripe...”

Myth woke up some time later in the Labyrinth. The owl man Olcadan took him in as a pupil and through heavy training, made him stronger than the average warrior of the time. After leaving the Labyrinth, Myth decided that his skills wouldn't be enough to defeat Cervantes. He decided to go after Soul Edge so he could slay the dread pirate with it. He knew the sword was evil. But he planned on destroying later.

His travels lead him to many places and gave him many friends. This included his lover Liru. But they also gave him many curses. In Wallachia, he became infected with being a Berserker. And in Japan he killed the brother he never known he had. It was there he met Siegfried and discovered his own downfall; he was seeking the very weapon that slaughtered his father and crew. After realizing what he’d done, he decided to find a new method to defeat Cervantes.


Soulcalibur III

Myth finally kills Cervantes by stabbing him with Soul Calibur in the heart. After the dread pirate falls, Myth looks at Soul Edge and his now-broken katana Vendetta. He has to make a Decision:

  • Left/Default Myth picks up Soul Edge while Soul Calibur is still in his other hand. Immediatly both swords start battling for his body. Cervantes gets up and aims Nirvana at him. As soon as Cervantes fires, Myth uses Soul Edge to block it and throws Soul Calibur at him. The Spirit Sword impales Cervantes and the dread pirate falls again. Myth just states that its over and drops Soul Edge.
  • Right Myth picks up Vendetta and looks at his broken blade. Cervantes slowly gets up and tries to strike him with Nirvana instead of shooting him. Myth blocks with Soul Calibur and stabs Cervantes in the side of his head with Vendetta. Cervantes falls again and Myth strikes him with Soul Calibur one final time. Myth then takes the Spirit Sword and walks away stating that it'll make a fine replacement for Vendetta.

Soulcalibur IV

After the fierce battle with Algol on the top of his tower, the mighty hero king is exhausted. Myth, the victor of the battle walks towards the fallen swords. Algol says, “How can this be? How could I lose to the likes of you?”

Myth says nothing as he goes to the swords. Angered, Algol rushes with one of his forearm blades with the intent to kill the pirate. Myth just draws his pistol and says “I don’t think so.”

Myth shoots him and there is a hole in Algol’s forehead. Myth holsters the pistol and states “These swords are too dangerous for anyone to wield.”

The text-only epilogue states, What he did with the swords is unknown, but it is known that he lived a long life of piracy.

Critical Finish

Uses his katana to knock the opponent in the air and brings them down. He then powers up his blade by raising it into the sky. As they stand up, he slashes his blade through them vertically, sending crystals everywhere as the opponent drops dead, consumed by green flames.



Pirate Raid (SC3)

Amongst men of the sea, a rumor had began to circulate that the great pirate Cervantes had hidden an enormous treasure in a cave near the coast of Spain...

Naturally, this story was merely bait scattered by Cervantes in order to gather souls to feed to Soul Edge, but it brought a never-ending stream of pirate ships to Cervantes' hideout.

And now, once more, a ship was approaching. It was a two-masted ship, compact even for its time. As if hinting at the fate that awaited the ship, the wind increased in strength and raging waves washed upon the deck.

Seeing his prey come chasing the bait, Cervantes cackled and readied his weapon.

Sailor's Rest (SC4)


  • After his Musketeer hat gets destroyed between Soulcalibur III & IV, he wears a bandana like Snake in the Metal Gear games.


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