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Ricardo (リカルド·ウェッブ, Rikarudo U~ebbu) was the character or newcomer of Soul Calibur IV as a created character. His role was statted unknown whether he was the main protagonist or the minor antagonist in Soulcalibur V:Jessie's Birthday Journey. His appearance will show as he renders Kilik's travelers costume.

What lies in his soul is Revenge.


In Soul calibur IV, he wears a green travelers costume of Kilik. In Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, his costume will be the same as his Soul calibur IV style of his outfit.


Soulcalibur IV

Ricardo briefly appears where Algol's birthplace, trying to wield Soul Edge, but Soul Edge said, "Be the part of me or your soul will be eaten." Ricardo said, "What?!" Soul Edge said, "You don't know? Maybe I'll eat you now!" Christine appears and yelled, "Stop! Don't listen to that weapon!" Soul Edge interrupted, "QUIET! I give him my orders!" Ricardo said, "Soul Edge is right, get out of here! I'll be fine!" Christine said, "but if you'll be part of him, you won't remember me!" Ricardo said quickly, "but if I can't be the part of Soul Edge, it'll eat me, or my soul!" Christine said, "but you won't remember me!" Ricardo yelled, "I'll remember you if I want to. What choice do I have?!" Christine slightly said as she sobs, "I was trying to help you." Ricardo said, "Whatever. I'll be the part of him!", as he wields Soul Edge and unconsciously possessed. Christine got scared and ran away. He appears, still possessed in Algol's birthplace. Soul Edge was destroyed by Siegfried. Ricardo was healed by Christine with Soul Calibur.

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Ricardo is seen in chapter 31-2, at the Castle That Never Was. Ricardo is told that Christine is missing. Ricardo believes that she was apparently "killed" by Soul Edge that caused by Danny. He gets mad at Danny after he killed her, but Danny disagrees and said that he didn't killed Christine. Ricardo did not believed him and decides not to be his friend anymore. Danny said, "I didn't kill her, but I want to help you find her." Ricardo stops and accepts.

At the Tower of Remembrance - Omen, they discovered her ancestor, unconscious 100 years after the war. Her ancestor was the 1st goddess, Athena of War. Danny tries to revive her, but she was 111 years for now. Danny thought it was her, but Ricardo said it was her ancestor, she was over 100 years for now.


Soulcalibur III

Jessie returns to Kilik and Xianghua with the news that she has destroyed Soul Edge.

Xianghua tells Jessie that her friends were concerned about her and Kilik tells her that her friends are waiting and that she should hurry. She reunites with her friends, Maxi comes approaching, running after Andrew.

Input Ending:

(Jessie strikes her rapier through Maxi's stomach)

Maxi: You...idiot girl.

(Maxi dies, Jessie and her friends walk away)

Non-Input Ending:

(Maxi misses the swing that was meant for Andrew)

Jessie: Oops. That was a dang mistake.

Andrew: L-O-S-E-R!

Maxi: Ahhh, Crap!

(Jessie and her friends walk off)

Alternate ending:

(Maxi hits Andrew with his nunchuk, Screen fades to white, Jessie and Andrew are seen at Xianglian's grave.)

Jessie: Are you okay dude?

Andrew: Only knocked out for five seconds. What an idiot.

(Jessie sees Xianghua and Kilik with Maxi and Taki)

Andrew: I am so sorry that they betrayed you.

Jessie: Andrew, can I rip his head off?

Andrew:'s my nunchuk.

(Andrew hands Jessie his nunchuk)

Jessie: Thanks.

(Jessie runs after Maxi)

Jessie: Good thing Andy is still alive, Punk!

(Maxi notices Jessie running after him)

Maxi: Oh, Crap...

Xianghua: What's wrong, Maxi?

(Xianghua sees Jessie running after Maxi)

Jessie: Die! Die a painful death!

(Jessie summons Blue Demon and Red Demon)

(Red demon flies into Maxi's body, while Blue Demon files into Taki's body.)

Jessie: *laughs* There's no escape from my curse now, you idiots. *laughs*

Soulcalibur IV

Now that Maxi has obtained Soul Edge, he can finally defeat Astaroth, but Kilik is seen flying to the ground. Astaroth appears with Taki in his right arm. "Give me Soul Edge!" Astaroth commands, as he tosses Taki aside. Jessie is seen, on one of them pillars, saying to herself, "No, do not give him Soul Edge." As the power of Soul Edge enters Maxi's body, Jessie runs and knocks Maxi unconscious. The memories from her past come back to her. Then Soul Edge appears saying, "Jessie Parnell, why do you wish to destroy me? Do you want to be eaten?" Jessie replies,"You better answer why you killed me and my guards in the past. Was it because you were jealous of the revenge I needed for my uncle?" Soul Edge answers, "I only eat souls, That is why I killed you. You were pure. You had the best soul around." Then Jessie grabs the sword, saying, "After what you did to Father, do you really think you should let darkness enter him?" Then Jessie snaps the sword, saying, "I don't think so!" The screen fades to white with Taki's voice saying, "Thank you Jessie." Then, the text only epilogue says: Jessie lived a life with her biological parents. 

This ending is a parody of Maxi's ending in one way:

Xianghua is replaced with Taki.

Battle Quotes

Character Select:

  • Here I come!
  • Idiotic Punk!

Before Battle:

  • Ok, here we go.
  • Effort, Talent...they are meaningless.
  • Who...are you?
  • Whatever this is, I will destroy Soul Edge.
  • I sense it...Soul Edge is near.
  • Whatever...
  • *sighs* This is messed up.
  • For every death Astaroth has caused, I will not forgive him! (In Jessie's story mode)
  • I will not yield.
  • The blade is to be destroyed, I will not yield.
  • Well, at least your stance is great.
  • Andrew...
  • Andrew, what on earth have you done? (In Jessie's story mode)
  • Taki, this is and Maxi bein' nice to me? (In Jessie's story mode)
  • You and Astaroth tryin' to kidnap me? I don't think so, Tira. (In Jessie's story mode)

Victory Quotes:

  • I hope this is the right path for me... 
  • Soul Edge, get out of Andy's body! (In Jessie's story mode)
  • So, they may be my true parents...well then. (In Jessie's story mode)
  • La di da di da di da...
  • What a loser.
  • Hey man, we be cool, okay? (After realizing a perfect with Yun-Seong)
  • What in the world?
  • Kilik, tell me the truth, is Maxi really my father?! (In Jessie's story mode)
  • Everyone, you came to support me?
  • Sisters, please show me the way...
  • This may be dangerous, but I'll brave it out!
  • Okay, I won. *laughs*

Loss Quotes:

  • What?!
  • Why?!
  • This is bull crap!
  • No!
  • How?
  • I failed...
  • I lost? How could I lose?
  • I'm sorry, Hephaesteus...
  • Damn it...


Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV

Critical Finish

Jessie says, "Your life ends here!", then Jessie kicks the opponent in the face, then summons a spell to bring a failboat to fall unto the opponent and ruptures their inner organs. She then laughs silently and put a bomb that looks like justin bieber beside the boat and runs away. It explodes and the screen says "Boomboom finish"


  • As a result of having been reborn 1 year later, Jessie had a lot of memories of her true parents.
  • In the twenty-first century, Jessie is 13, but in the sixteenth century, Jessie is 15.
  • Before the events of Soulcalibur III, back in 1584, Jessie was lost and her parents were crazed with worry. They were wondering where she was. Kyam, told Taki, who was 22 at the time, and Maxi, who was 21, to search for her. None of the adults knew that Jessie, 8 years old at the time, was playing with a battered ninja sword, which was Battledorei in disguise and a battered nunchuk, which was actually Maracas. They found her in her bedroom playing with the weapons. Taki, Maxi, and Kyam were relieved to see that Jessie was safe. At age 11, Jessie was killed by Soul Edge(male) forcing Taki to use the tdeath scythe that she possessed, to have Jessie be reborn in America, 1996. Jessie, in Soulcalibur IV recovered her memories by a cat named Motokikan Ying-Yang.
  • Jessie's favorite color is blue. She wears all blue in the Soul series.
  • Jessie is a fan (2009) of ICP (Insane Clown Posse) and Tekken 6
  • Jessie is aspergers autistic. She has had that disability ever since she was 89 (both 1578 and 1998)


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