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Linnea West (リネアウェスト, Rineau~esuto) was a character who's first appearance was in Soulcalibur IV as a created character. Linnea is one of the main protagonists in Soulcalibur V:Jessie's birthday journey. Linnea is confirmed to be appearing in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, but her 1P costume is different, rendering Cassandra's alternate costume style.

What lies in her soul is Pride.


Linnea is always smiling and her best friend thought that her frenemy had a crush on her, but knew him.

In Soulcalibur IV, she has Cassandra's alternate costume which was purple.

In Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, it was the same as the Soulcalibur IV.


Soulcalibur IV

Linnea appears with a party (Adrien, Danny, Courtney, and the man.) during Ricardo's unconsciously possession.

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Linnea is seen in the Wealthy Dark Mansion, forced to be the princess of the Wealthy Dark Mansion. She appears in a meeting. She, along with everyone, is turned to chocolate and eatened by Kid Buu.


Soulcalibur IV

(Linnea at Algol's stage, as she wields Soul Calibur.)

Linnea: So this is Soul Calibur. No wonder.

Algol: What do you think you're doing, little girl?!

Linnea: I must do this for my friend.

(Linnea summons a creature and killed Algol.)

Linnea: Did I do that?

(The screen fades black, appeared to be in her room.)

Linnea: No!

(Linnea collapes with Soul Calibur, but landed on the couch.)

Linnea: What did I do to myself? Everything looks different since I created this world. I guess I'll have to... Sacrifice myself...

(Linnea was about to impale herself with Soul Calibur, but then stopped by an illusion of Algol.)

Algol: Sacrificing yourself isn't the way to protect the people you love.

Linnea: So... You're Algol? My mother told me all about you.

(An illusion of Algol smiles and fades away. Still, his voice reminded her.)

Algol: Now. Brave heroine. Save the people you love.

(As the screen fades white. The Parody of Sophitia's ending.)

Battle Quotes

Character Select:

  • Here I come!
  • Idiotic Punk!

Before Battle:

  • Ok, here we go.
  • Effort, Talent...they are meaningless.
  • Who...are you?
  • Whatever this is, I will destroy Soul Edge.
  • I sense it...Soul Edge is near.
  • Whatever...
  • *sighs* This is messed up.
  • For every death Astaroth has caused, I will not forgive him! (In Jessie's story mode)
  • I will not yield.
  • The blade is to be destroyed, I will not yield.
  • Well, at least your stance is great.
  • Andrew...
  • Andrew, what on earth have you done? (In Jessie's story mode)
  • Taki, this is and Maxi bein' nice to me? (In Jessie's story mode)
  • You and Astaroth tryin' to kidnap me? I don't think so, Tira. (In Jessie's story mode)

Victory Quotes:

  • I hope this is the right path for me... 
  • Soul Edge, get out of Andy's body! (In Jessie's story mode)
  • So, they may be my true parents...well then. (In Jessie's story mode)
  • La di da di da di da...
  • What a loser.
  • Hey man, we be cool, okay? (After realizing a perfect with Yun-Seong)
  • What in the world?
  • Kilik, tell me the truth, is Maxi really my father?! (In Jessie's story mode)
  • Everyone, you came to support me?
  • Sisters, please show me the way...
  • This may be dangerous, but I'll brave it out!
  • Okay, I won. *laughs*

Loss Quotes:

  • What?!
  • Why?!
  • This is bull crap!
  • No!
  • How?
  • I failed...
  • I lost? How could I lose?
  • I'm sorry, Hephaesteus...
  • Damn it...


Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV

Critical Finish

Christine strikes the opponent 19x strike until they die and knocks them, kicks them, and blocks them. The opponent was about to fall, but didn't because she holds them on the chin with her finger after her thumb and throws them to the bomb. She kicks them, while her arms are crossed.


  • Christine was allies with Ricardo, Adrien, and Danny (probably).
  • She had the weapon, Soul Edge because she was possessed.


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