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Ikaros (クリスティ, Ikaros) was a character who's first appearance was in Soulcalibur II as Sophitia. Christine is one of the main protagonists in Soulcalibur V:Jessie's birthday journey. Christine is confirmed to be appearing in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, but her 1P costume is different, rendering Tira's raven dress style without the hat. Born as the eldest and the only child since she was two. According to family, Christine was bullied in school.

What lies in her soul is Purity, Love, and Beauty.


Christine is a kind, shy, and smart girl that anyone can think of her. She always changes hair colors in every Soul Series.

In the Xbox Version of Soulcalibur II, as Sophitia, she wears Mileena's costume, and black/brown hair.

In Soulcalibur III, she has a pinkish purple royal shirt, short skirt, boots, and red hair.

In Soulcalibur IV, she has Tira's raven dress which was pink, Hilde's princess shoes which was also pink, a tiara which was pink, and blonde hair (She has blonde hair in PS3 Version and her hair was black in the Xbox Version.).

In Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, it was the same as the Soulcalibur IV, but her hair color was the same as the Soulcalibur II.


Pre-Revenge years

Christine was born the same as her sister. In second grade, she started to be shy after meeting people she don't know.

Soulcalibur II


Christine in Soul Calibur II as Sophitia.

Christine is seen as she was at Nightmare's stage. She questioned,"where am I?" Astoroth appears as he was about to knock her out, but attacks him back. Astoroth ties her up to his stage, forced her to be the princess. The Astoroths granted her wish that she want. She ordered the Astoroths to let her go. They decline her wish since they thought it was a forbiddened wish. Then she ordered them to be her servants since they won't let her go. The Astoroth don't care and accepts her wish.

Midnight, while the Astoroths were sleeping, the helicopter appears, dropping her bff in her bedroom to reunite her. Christine had a plan to escape. The Astoroths were about to grant her wish. She ordered them to let her have visitors in the palace. The Astoroths were confused and murmured that made Astoroth mad and interrupts as he yelled at the Astoroths, "It's a trick! Don't grant that one! I want this palace to be secured!" The Astoroths agreed. Christine complained and yelled, "what?! Why won't my family and friends come in to the palace?! I mean, why won't I have visitors in the palace?!" Astoroth shooks his head and explained, "I'm afraid the villagers are no longer welcomed here." Christine said, "it's a shame. Look, if you won't grant my wish, then-- you're banished from the palace!" as she enrages herself, "or I'm banished from the palace! Maybe you'll like that!" as she calls to her cue, the helicopter appears and picks her up along with Danyka as the screen fades white.

Soulcalibur III


Christine, using her fire power.

Christine appears at the World That Never Was, wishing that her sister was back on Earth. Christine also appears as a puppet while Courtney was summoned in the Realm of Darkness. Courtney believed that Astoroth had killed her. She (Christine) also appears as she reunites Courtney was back to her world.

Soulcalibur IV


Christine, giving up her powers to Ricardo.

Christine returns as the deuteragonist. She was seen the Wealthy Dark Mansion where she ran to her sister, immediately told Courtney that Ricardo was unconsciously possessed by Soul Edge. She gave her powers that she gave up to Ricardo and heals him with Soul Calibur after Siegfried kills Soul Edge. She was glad that Ricardo was healed by her with Soul Calibur.

She also appears after school, walking where the playground were, and Ricardo ran after her, thanking her for saving his life as they stopped. She blushed and he embraces her after that. Danny appears, waiting for a group hug. They accepts for a group hug.

Later, Christine was told that Ricardo is really dead while she and Danny video-chat. Christine believed that he wasn't dead or he'd survived, but Danny saw Ricardo killed by Astoroth. She wanted to take revenge on Astoroth for killing Ricardo.

At the Kunpaetku stage, she confronts Astoroth and said, "you. you're the one who killed Ricardo." Astoroth said confused, "I don't know what you're talking about." Christine said as she threatens Astoroth, "you mean you don't know?! Admit it. Admit that you killed Ricardo." Astoroth admitted and killed by her. A light of admit appears which means Ricardo was still alive and she hugs him as his return.

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

She appears at the Castle That Never Was, on chapter 30-1, being insulted by Danny. Christine was hurt in her heart and decides not to forgive or believed him. The boy who were friends with Danny and Ricardo, Adrien, starts to agree with her and said, "he always stays the same," while talking to Isaac, "I agree with her, Danny wasn't a good friend. He's mean." Christine gets mad at Danny that she could threaten him, as a super saiyen. She angrily runs up to him and said, "Adrien was right, maybe you aren't such a good friend to him after all. Adrien is right, you are so mean that I could threaten you for the rest of my life." Danny mocks her and said, "Ooh I'm scared." She seriously said, "Oh, if you're not scared, maybe if you're scared that I would tell your mommy on you." he still mocks her and said, "Ooh I'm still scared." She starts to get mad and turns into a super saiyen, a blonde messy hair, green blue eyes, and her serious grin. Danny starts to be scared and said, "wha... you're a... super saiyen?!" and she said, "yeah, and I'll do my special attack that would owe you an apology!" She uses her Super Kamehameha Attack and strikes him. He was badly injured by the Super Kamehameha Attack. He was scared and Christine said, "apologize for what you did to me." Danny said, "ok! ok! I'm sorry for what I've done to you! I'm sorry! And I promise!" She calmly, but still angrily said, "no, you never said a real apology. I never forgive you. I'll never accept this nonsense!" He said, "Please accept it. The apology is real, just the way you wanted it." her tears became the tears of sadness. She said, "I'm sorry, Danny. I was just... I was just an idiot. And apology accepted."

A few weeks later, on chapter 30-2, the current Kid Buu appears, he turns people to candy or chocolate. The current Kid Buu turns everyone in the world to chocolate and eatened except for Christine, Danny, Adrien, and Ricardo. At the Castle That Never Was, Christine, in her 1st goddess form, had a plan to stop the current Kid Buu by planning an invasion. During the invasion, raining, inside a ship, Christine asked the crew what they could name the crew. Danny said, "ooh! ooh! I know! How about, The Super Saiyen Best Crew!" The crew agreed about naming the crew. She agreed about it also. She could name herself, "The Supreme Super Saiyen Leader." The crew also agreed about naming their leader. She named Ricardo, "The Green Transporter" first, he liked it. Then named Danny, "The Brave Saiyen", he liked it. Last, she named Adrien, "The Xtreme Athlete." The crew liked their nicknames. At the invasion, outside when raining, the crew confronts the current Kid Buu. The current Kid Buu sent out his minions to kill the crew. Danny uses his nunchuk to swing it to the current Kid Buu's minions on the face. Ricardo kills the current Kid Buu's minions. Adrien also kills the current Kid Buu's minion with his katana. Christine was about to kill the current Kid Buu, but he fights her. She struggles as he knocks her out. The crew began to shock as they run to her. Ricardo kneels next to her and revives her. She woke up into his arms and said, "please... kill Kid Buu... before it's too late..." Ricardo angrily said, "what did you do to her?!!" Ricardo screams and kills Kid Buu. As the crew watches and shocks, the leader did it too. Kid Buu turns to Super Buu. Super Buu defeats Ricardo as he was injured badly. Christine said as she bursts her tears, "you. you... killed him... HOW COULD YOU?!!!" As she struggles to fight Super Buu, the crew stops her from her temper. Adrien said as he grabs her, "wait! we'll defeat him together." Danny agrees, "yes... let's all do it." Christine said, "everyone..." The crew, even their leader, prepares their super kamehameha and kills him. Christine swoons as Ricardo catches her by comforts her and said to her, "thank you... for saving the world..." After Kid Buu's defeat, before the clapout, Danny embraces Christine during his farewell. Ricardo was next to embrace her as the end of the heroes as they will return again.

Soulcalibur V

An older Christine, who was in middle school for now, later becomes more aggressive than before. She reunited with her former comrade. While she reunited with him, she was mad at him for requesting a hug after he asked her, "did someone hugged you?" and later was involved with him.

Later, she met a girl named Geniah, who later met her former comrade which made her jealous at first, but later becomes friends with him. She later met Jesse, who used to be in her period 1, 2, and 6 class. When she accidently went to a wrong lunch, she met an eighth grader named Anthony, was also friends with him. After she met him, a mean girl named Karissa gets in her way. She was so hot that Anthony starts to fall in love with her. Before period 4 starts, Christine overheard Karissa that she wanted to break up with Anthony because they were friends for years. Suddenly, Christine told Anthony that Karissa wanted to break up with him while made him heartbrokened. Eventually, Christine told Karissa that she overheard her saying that she wanted to break up with her. Karissa said, "What?!!" Christine slightly laughs evilly and said to herself, "I am evil." Karissa angrily told her, "I will kill you!"

Later that moment, Christine confronts Karissa and said, "you look pretty awful today." Karissa said, "If you won't get that out of your mind, then I challenge you for a match!" Christine said, "Bring it on!" They clashed and clashed and Christine's sword was clashed away. Karissa eventually said, "Now you die!" then about to impale her but blocked by Ricardo and he said, "Stop it! I said stop!" Karissa said, "Get out of my way! I'm about to finish her!" Ricardo said, "Stop! I mean it! I said stop! Do you hear me?! She is my friend and I won't let you hurt her!" Karissa said, "I said get out of my way! It's between her and me! If you won't, then I'll kill both of you! Die!" Karissa was about to kill them, but killed Anthony eventually. His final word are, "I'm sorry Karissa..." Karissa ignores him and vanishes. Leaving Ricardo and Christine behind, they saw Anthony dead, trying to protect them. Christine cries, "Anthony!" She holds him and said, "I'm sorry. I caused this... I CAUSED THIS!!!" Ricardo said frightened, "what are you doing? You'll die if you do it!" Christine said, "It doesn't matter if I'll die but I want to save him." So she revives him, then said her final words to him in her head, "Even though I die, I will still be there in Ricardo's heart." as she dies. Anthony wakes up and saw Ricardo and said, "wha-- What happened?" Ricardo said, "Karissa killed you and Christine did it to save you." Anthony saw her dead body and cried, "no. This can't be. Why?!" Ricardo said, "she gave up her life just to save you." Anthony cried but becomes angry, "You did this! Didn't you?!" Ricardo answered, "no." But then, Christine's ancestor, Athena of War stopped them, "Stop!" Anthony said, "wha--- You're alive, Christine!" Athena of War shooks her head, "I am no one, but her ancestor." Anthony questioned, "Ancestor?" Athena of War answered, "yes. I am her ancestor."Anthony questioned, "why didn't you revive her?! What's the matter with you?!" Athena of War said, "yes. I shall bring my successor back to life." Athena of War revives her then disappears. Sparks came into her body then went super saiyen. It shocked both Ricardo and Anthony. Christine awakens then slaps Ricardo and said, "You idiot! Why did you do this for me?!" Christine calms down then embraces him and said, "You troublemaker..." She smiles peacefully and the protagonists will return once again.

Soulcalibur VI

On her twelfth birthday, after days ago, Christine became mature, but still aggressive. She later was involved with Anthony also, besides Ricardo. Anthony became nicer to her, reminding her of Danny, made her realized what she've done to him, making her involved with him. Ricardo was the first one who falls victim by being trapped in a mirror. Christine wanted to avenge him by her search for Soul Calibur. She join forces with Anthony to search for Soul Calibur. Later, Karissa was in their way, "Where do you think you're going?" Anthony told her, "to search for Soul Calibur. You may not heard of it, it's a spirit sword." Karissa said, "Anthony. What a surprise. And your girl, too." Anthony angrily said, "Stop it Karissa. We're not even dating. You're making us feel bad." Karissa laughs evilly as she said, "oh, right... This girl I see is a little lunatic." Anthony yells at her, "Stop it Karissa! Now you're making her feel bad!" Karissa laughs evilly again and said, "Why should I? I'm telling the truth. It's not that I'm lying." Christine got mad then attempted to hurt her, "He said stop! Do you hear him?! For goodness sakes, Anthony is right after all! We know you're lying!" Karissa falsely shocks, "Huh? Now Anthony is on your side." Christine said, "That's right!" Karissa attempted to steal Anthony from her, but Christine defeated her by her own hands, "You idiots! I will get him by my side! I will!" As the team left, No. 902 appears, saying, "Do you need a little hand, 'Karissa'?" Karissa, defeated, said, "Who are you? How did you know my name?" No. 902 introduced herself and convinced to her, "I am No. 902, a puppet who was used in the darkness. So? I see you're defeated by her. I was about to kill her, too. So? Are you in?" Karissa agrees and joins her alliance.

While the team was searching, they saw a girl crying. It was Pyrrha, crying over a crystallized Patroklos. They asked that what's wrong. Pyrrha said that Patroklos was crystallized and said it was her fault that she did this. Anthony said to her, "We understand. So what's your name?" Pyrrha introduced herself saying her name. Christine said, "It's okay. Maybe you should join our team." Pyrrha asked, "what quest?" Christine replied, "to search for Soul Calibur." Pyrrha refused, but was join forced by Anthony.

The team finally found Soul Calibur until... Karissa appears with No. 902. Karissa said, "you're mine, Anthony! I will control you and the blonde one!" Pyrrha quickly wielded Soul Edge then turns into Pyrrha Omega. It shocked Karissa and was impaled with Soul Edge by Pyrrha and turns to normal. Suddenly, a crack collapse the place and collapse Anthony as well, but Christine grabbed his grip. Anthony said his final words to his alliance, "You've done well, my friends... and Christine... please... tell your friend I said hi." Christine attempted not to let go, but loses his grip. Anthony was now the second one who falls victim after falling off a cliff. Christine sheds her tears and said, "It's my fault that my true friends are gone." Ikaros appears, comforting her, "Don't cry... I am here to guide you..." Christine, willing to get her friends back, wielding Soul Calibur, begging the sword to bring back her friends. Soul Calibur shines a light. Christine appears back at her home, in her pajamas, thought it was a dream, "Huh? Am I back at home?" A voice called her, "Hey!" It was Anthony who called her, with Ricardo. Christine leapt up and hugs them, saying she misses them. They hugged her back and they could once again.


Soulcalibur II

Christine destroys Soul Edge once again. Two Months later, she finally returns to her homeland, but stopped when she saw a vision of a boy she never met and later reunites with her friends.

Soulcalibur III

Christine confronts Soul Edge and tries to destroy Soul Edge.

Input Ending:

(An unknown person appears)

???: Hey! What are you doing?!

Christine: Who?

???: Hang on! I'll handle this!

(??? uses his Kamehameha Attack on Soul Edge and strikes it)

Christine: (pants)

???: Are you ok?

Christine: DON'T TOUCH ME!!!

(As she attacks him with her rapier.)

???: What's wrong with you?!

Christine: What's wrong with me?! I don't even know who you are!

(As she defeats him as the screen fades white)

Christine: That's what you get for touching me!

(As she stomps away, leaving the unknown person behind, defeated.)

Non-Input Ending:

(She was possessed by Soul Edge.)

Christine: I'm purple?!

(As she went to the traitor's house to kill him)

Christine: State your name!

The traitor: What are you talking abou--?

Christine: You are so in trouble.

(As she kills him and the screen fades black.)

Alternate ending:

(As she kills Soul Edge and the screen fade black as she appears in the Castle That Never Was'.)

Christine: At least that boy that I barely even know saved me.

???: Yer talkin' about me?

Christine: Who--? Oh, it's you again.

???: Hi.

Christine: Why...? Why did you saved me?

???: Because... Because I wanted to protect you.

Christine: How come?--- I mean, I barely even know you.

???: I know. I had a vision of you, that reminds me of someone.

(As the screen fades white.)

Christine: Who?

Soulcalibur IV

Algol ending:

(Christine defeats Algol)

Algol: You--! You're just a little girl! How—Christine: It doesn't matter. And I'm not just a little girl, I'm an invincible girl.

(She took Soul Calibur and leaves.)

Normal ending:

(Christine was about to wield Soul Edge, but stopped by Ricardo from wielding Soul Edge.)

Ricardo: Go.

Christine: Ricardo.

Ricardo: I was doing this to protect you.

Christine: But why?

Ricardo: It's too dangerous.

Christine: What bothers you when it was dangerous?

Ricardo: The one was dangerous, was Soul Edge. There! You happy now?

Christine: I don't understand why you're mean to me.

Ricardo: I told you, I only wanted is to protect you! So leave me alone!

(So Ricardo grabs Soul Edge as he wields Soul Edge.)

Christine: No!

(Christine embraces him.)

Ricardo: Don't do it. It's too dangerous!

Christine: I'll destroy Soul Edge myself!

(As she destroys Soul Edge. She embraces Ricardo after Soul Edge's defeat.)

Ricardo: Thank you.

(As the screen fades white.)

Bad ending:

(Christine was about to wield Soul Edge.)

Christine: I must do this. I know I can!

(Christine wields Soul Edge without soul devouring. Ricardo appears, but was too late.)

Ricardo: Stop!

Christine: Get out of here!

Ricardo: Don't do it!

Christine: I can't take it!

Ricardo: Just let it go!

Christine: But—Ricardo: Just—let it go!

(She lets Soul Edge go, as she faints.)

Ricardo: Are you okay?

Christine: I--

Ricardo: I understand. You did the right thing...

(Ricardo embraces her while cradling her, as the screen fades black.)

Soulcalibur V

(Christine was at the Skate Park. She was sitting on a bench, holding a picture of SSJ Goten.)

Christine: (smiles)

(Geniah comes to her)

Geniah: Hey. Don't you wanna talk to him?

Christine: I think so.

{Christine gets up and comes to Ricardo.}

Christine: Hey.

Ricardo: Hi.

(Christine slightly leans on his shoulder.)

Ricardo: (smiles)

Christine: You wanna meet at the bar?

Ricardo: Nah.

Christine: Why not?

Ricardo: Cause I-- Cause of him.

(Christine saw Anthony at the bar.)

Christine: What about him?

Ricardo: See? Every time you hang out with him, I get all jealous.

Christine: Don't worry. I'm hanging out with you now. (holds his hand)

Ricardo: (blush)

(The screen fades white.)

Battle Quotes

Character Select:

  • Annoying.
  • Don't bother me.

Before Battle:

  • Effort, Talent...they are meaningless.
  • Who... are you?
  • D--Danny? (In Christine's Story Mode)
  • I don't like you.
  • I see, but I cannot lose here.
  • Which do you want destroyed, body or soul?
  • Ricardo, tell me the truth. What is the secret? (In Christine's Story Mode)
  • You were right after all, Adrien. Maybe Danny isn't a good friend. (In Christine's Story Mode)

Victory Quotes:

  • Oops...there you go.
  • Maybe you should change your style.
  • Determination does not equal strength.
  • Run now, Danny. It's too dangerous to be here. (In Christine's Story Mode)

Loss Quotes:

  • No!
  • How could this?!
  • You... won me, Danny... I've... failed...*falls down* (In Christine's Story Mode)

Create-a-Soul Creation

Soul calibur III



Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV

Critical Finish

Christine said, "let's go!" strikes the opponent 19x strike until they die and knocks them, kicks them, and blocks them. The opponent was about to fall, but didn't, because she holds them on the chin with her finger and said, "I don't think so," then throws them to the bomb. She kicks their unconscious body, while her arms are crossed and said, "you aren't strong enough to defeat me!" If she does this against Ricardo, she said, "Hmm, better luck next time." instead of her opponent quote.


  • Christine was allies with Ricardo, Adrien, and Danny (probably).
  • She had the weapon, Soul Edge because she was possessed.
  • Strangely, she is infected by No.902 with karma while she is sleeping. This may known the reason why she had Soul Edge as her current weapon.
  • Eventually, she addresses Ricardo as an "idiot" during the Soul Calibur V events.
  • Christine is similar to Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2, and Videl from Dragon Ball series.


With Ricardo

For more informations, go to their friendship.

With Danny-Anthony

Coming Soon...

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