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Anthony De la Cruz (アンソニー·デ·ラ·クルス, Ansonī De ra Kurusu) was the character who replaced Danny before the events in Soul Calibur V. He is confirmed in Soulcalibur V:Jessie's Birthday Journey.

What lies in his soul is Prime.


In Soul calibur IV, he wears a red armor costume. In Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, his costume will be the same as his Soul calibur IV style of his outfit.


Soulcalibur V

Anthony, summoned to the Astral Chaos, saw many various visions of the future. "Who is it?" As Anthony stood back slowly as Karissa appears, "We've finally met! Now, let's go together... and kill everyone... forever..." Anthony refused, but Karissa insisted him, "Please, remember our past. Our friendship. Our love. So let us go... together..." Anthony, still refuses, got mad and goes super saiyan. His hair was blonde spiky hair and his eyes are blue. As Karissa, doesn't hesitate, tries to encourage him, "Please, Anthony. You might wanna hear this. I like you, more than any girl that attempts to steal you. Let us go together..." Anthony refuses to her again and replied angrily, "No! I won't go with you! I know what you're up to, Karissa. You're an enemy!" Karissa, snaps to bad, hollered back at him, "What's that?! I'M an enemy?!! You're nothing but a useless nuisance!" Anthony rages, "I won't let you hurt anybody, expecially Christine! Before you do that, you'll have to get through me first!" Karissa grins, "So a nuisance attempted to stop me? Well I accept your challenge!" As they fight, Anthony, however, won her from his challenge. Karissa, defeated, cries over him slightly, "I thought we're together...." Anthony left her as his meet of his troops, which called "Team Prime," the good guys team.


Soulcalibur V

(Anthony confronts Karissa last time)

Anthony: Karissa... You've done enough...

Karissa: Anthony....

(Karissa laughs evilly.)

Karissa: You thought I had enough? Ha! Just because of that, you really stood a chance to stop me???

Anthony: Why do you want to kill Christine the first place?

(Karissa laughs again.)

Karissa: Because she thinks that she's better than me. That's what.

Anthony: That's not true! She would never do that!

Karissa: I'm just telling the truth.

Anthony: NO! You're wrong! Christine would never do that!

???: Yes I would.

(Anthony heard a voice as he turns around as he saw a girl with a black dress, revealing to be Christine, which is however, actually No. 902.)

Anthony: But—why?

"Christine": That's right. I think about that because I am better than her! Isn't that right, Karissa?

Anthony: No, how could you do this?!

"Christine": I worked for her all this time.

Anthony: Shut up! I don't want to hear you anymore!

"Christine": You've lost everything, everything that has to do in life!

Anthony: I SAID SHUT UP!!!!

(Anth'ony takes Soul Edge, then the screen fades away.)

Battle Quotes

Character Select:

  • Here I come!
  • Idiotic Punk!

Before Battle:

  • Ok, here we go.
  • Effort, Talent...they are meaningless.
  • Who...are you?
  • Whatever this is, I will destroy Soul Edge.
  • I sense it...Soul Edge is near.
  • Whatever...
  • *sighs* This is messed up.
  • For every death Astaroth has caused, I will not forgive him! (In Jessie's story mode)
  • I will not yield.
  • The blade is to be destroyed, I will not yield.
  • Well, at least your stance is great.
  • Andrew...
  • Andrew, what on earth have you done? (In Jessie's story mode)
  • Taki, this is and Maxi bein' nice to me? (In Jessie's story mode)
  • You and Astaroth tryin' to kidnap me? I don't think so, Tira. (In Jessie's story mode)

Victory Quotes:

  • I hope this is the right path for me... 
  • Soul Edge, get out of Andy's body! (In Jessie's story mode)
  • So, they may be my true parents...well then. (In Jessie's story mode)
  • La di da di da di da...
  • What a loser.
  • Hey man, we be cool, okay? (After realizing a perfect with Yun-Seong)
  • What in the world?
  • Kilik, tell me the truth, is Maxi really my father?! (In Jessie's story mode)
  • Everyone, you came to support me?
  • Sisters, please show me the way...
  • This may be dangerous, but I'll brave it out!
  • Okay, I won. *laughs*

Loss Quotes:

  • What?!
  • Why?!
  • This is bull crap!
  • No!
  • How?
  • I failed...
  • I lost? How could I lose?
  • I'm sorry, Hephaesteus...
  • Damn it...


Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV

Critical Finish

Jessie says, "Your life ends here!", then Jessie kicks the opponent in the face, then summons a spell to bring a failboat to fall unto the opponent and ruptures their inner organs. She then laughs silently and put a bomb that looks like justin bieber beside the boat and runs away. It explodes and the screen says "Boomboom finish"


  • As a result of having been reborn 1 year later, Jessie had a lot of memories of her true parents.
  • In the twenty-first century, Jessie is 13, but in the sixteenth century, Jessie is 15.
  • Before the events of Soulcalibur III, back in 1584, Jessie was lost and her parents were crazed with worry. They were wondering where she was. Kyam, told Taki, who was 22 at the time, and Maxi, who was 21, to search for her. None of the adults knew that Jessie, 8 years old at the time, was playing with a battered ninja sword, which was Battledorei in disguise and a battered nunchuk, which was actually Maracas. They found her in her bedroom playing with the weapons. Taki, Maxi, and Kyam were relieved to see that Jessie was safe. At age 11, Jessie was killed by Soul Edge(male) forcing Taki to use the tdeath scythe that she possessed, to have Jessie be reborn in America, 1996. Jessie, in Soulcalibur IV recovered her memories by a cat named Motokikan Ying-Yang.
  • Jessie's favorite color is blue. She wears all blue in the Soul series.
  • Jessie is a fan (2009) of ICP (Insane Clown Posse) and Tekken 6
  • Jessie is aspergers autistic. She has had that disability ever since she was 89 (both 1578 and 1998)


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