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"Do not pursue the Soul Edge, for it is pure evil."
— Xun-Yu

Xun-Yu is a fan-made character that appears in Soul Calibur V.

What lies in his soul is Generosity.



Xun-Yu was born in a poor village in Asia. His mother left him on the doorstep of the Grand Monastery and abandoned him. The monks took him in and raised him as their own. As a child, Xun-Yu was trained alongside many other young monks, learning various martial arts. When he was 11 years old, he took interest in using a staff in combat. His mentors allowed this and watched as he became the best fighter out of his peers. At the age of 17, he was skilled enough to fight against masters of the martial arts. He was able to defeat each of them in succession, impressing the monastery's grand master, Zhong. The grand master promoted Xun-Yu to mentor, making him able to teach younger monks in the ways of the staff.

Journey for Soul Edge

XunYu's Back

Xun-Yu as he journeys to find Soul Edge.

For next couple years, Xun-Yu led a great life as a mentor. But one day, Grand Master Zhong fell ill. Xun-Yu was told that he would not survive longer than a year without some type of special remedy. Doctors arrived shortly after and told the monks that nothing could save Zhong from his illness. Xun-Yu began to lose hope. One day while walking through town, he heard rumors about the mystical sword known as Soul Edge. He heard that it could grant any wish that the wielder desired. He decided to search for the sword and save his master's life.

Knights of Europe

Xun-Yu's travels took him to Europe, where he had heard there was a knight that wielded the Soul Edge. There he befriended many good knights of the land who were searching for the Soul Edge as well. The wished to help the farmers increase their crop output and cure the sick of their land, and ultimately, create world peace. Xun-Yu promised them that if he got ahold of the Soul Edge, that he would give it to them once Zhong was cured. The knights agreed to help him in his search.

Soul Edge: Not Good


Xun-Yu after the Discovery of Soul Calibur

Xun-Yu finally located the Soul Edge after months of searching. He confronted the knight that wielded it and asked him to hand it over. The knight attacked Xun-Yu in a rage and attempted to kill him. Xun-yu was far more skilled than the knight and knocked him out, taking the Soul Edge. He returned to the Monastery to cure his master. When he placed the sword near his master, Zhong sprang up and thanked Xun-Yu. Zhong was instantly cured by the Soul Edge's power. Xun-Yu was pleased and intended to hand the Soul Edge over to his knight friends in Europe. As he attempted to grab the sword, Zhong kicked Xun-Yu back and took the blade for himself. Xun-Yu was surprised by this and had no idea what was going on. Zhong had been turned into a malfested slave of the Soul Edge. Zhong proceeded to slaughter many monks in the monastery. Xun-Yu had no choice but for fight Zhong, as he was the only one who could stand up to his new power.

In a heated battle, Xun-Yu was able to knock the Soul Edge out of Zhong and smashed it to pieces with his staff. Zhong fainted, but later recovered from his wounds. Xun-Yu was glad to have his master back, but feared that the Soul Edge's power still lingered on in this world. He was determined to destroy it for good.

Discovery of the Soul Calibur

In his search to find a way to destroy Soul Edge, Xun-Yu discovered the Soul Calibur. He found out that it had the power to defeat Soul Edge. He took it back to the Monastery and sealed it away in order to keep it safe from anyone who would misuse it.

Soul Calibur IV

Li-Xin vs Xun-Yu

Li-Xin and Xun-Yu engaging in a sparring match.

Xun-Yu remained at the Monastery, training young monks. He was later confronted by a young samurai by the name of Li-Xin. The two sparred for a while. After the match, the two became good friends. They had much in common and respected each other's fighting styles. Li-Xin asked Xun-Yu about the Soul Edge and where to find it. Xun-Yu told him that it had been destroyed and he should not pursue the sword. Li-Xin ignored him and searched for the sword anyway. Xun-Yu could only shake his head in sorrow as the samurai set off to find the evil sword.
Xun-Yu at War

Xun-Yu fighting an enemy soldier

Months later, a knight by the name of Zethias was able to successfully create a Fake or Incomplete Soul Edge. Xun-Yu quickly warned his European friends of the danger and a huge war was started. Xun-Yu aided the war efforts and eventually called in help such as Li-Xin and Captain Rock, a pirate who befriended Xun-Yu in England. In a great battle, Zethias was defeated and his Soul Edge was destroyed.

Promotion to Grand Master and Marrige

Grand Master Zhong had passed away soon after the war, leaving Xun-Yu to be promoted to Grand Master. After his promotion, he saw to it that the Soul Calibur was moved to the Monastery, in order to keep a closer eye on it. He later married Minda, a European knight and had a daughter named Bao-Yu.

Curse of the Sword

Because Li-Xin came into contact with the Soul Edge, his children inherited some tainted blood. Xun-Yu was able to purify Li-Xin's daughter, Chun, but was unable to cure Meng-Yao, Li-Xin's son.

Meeting the Assassins

Master Assassin Rosabella Arcelloni traveled from Florence to meet with Xun-Yu. She too asked him about the Soul Edge. He warned her of its dangers and advised her not to pursue it. She, like Li-Xin, ignored his warning and left the Monastery. Xun-Yu knew that some way or another, Rosabella would learn that the Soul Edge is a sword of misfortune.

Soul Calibur V

Seventeen years pass and Xun-Yu had been able to learn a great deal about the soul swords. He learned that a being known as Soul was once connected to the Soul Swords. He was an entity like Elysium and Inferno, but he favored neither weapon. He was pure evil, yet had a sense for justice, thus a mixture of the two. Xun-Yu was worried, as he heard of Inferno and Elysium being awakened and released from the swords. He was right to be worried. Xun-Yu later learned that Soul was reawakening and planned had revived Soul Edge and Soul Calibur to full power. Xun-Yu called upon Captain Rock and asked him to cut off Soul before he could get the Soul Edge. Then, Li-Xin took Chun to get the Soul Calibur. Captain Rock's efforts to stop Soul were futile.

Destroying Soul

Xun-Yu later called his allies to help him stall for Li-Xin while he and Chun look for the Soul Calibur. They did a good job at first, but were surprised when Soul possessed Meng-Yao's body. Chun arrived later to deal with Meng-Yao and was able to stab Soul Edge in its eye to free him from Soul's possession. Soul released himself rom Meng-Yao's body and attempted to strike Chun. Xun-Yu and Li-Xin blocked the attack, giving Meng-Yao enough time to recover. He stood up, having complete control over the Soul Edge. Chun and Meng-Yao

then proceeded to strike down Soul and destroyed him. After the battle, Xun-Yu took both swords and sealed them in the Monastery.

Rise of the Malfested


Xun-Yu, defeated by Orbis

One night, a knight named Orbis infiltrated the Monastery and defeated Xun-Yu in combat. Orbis then proceeded to steal the soul swords and escaped. Xun-Yu sent word to his allies for support. Being injured badly, he was no help to his friends in his current condition. As time passed, Xun-Yu was forced to face a malfested version of himself. He managed to defeat his evil clone by breaking his neck with a hard swing of his staff. During the final battle, Orbis used the energy from both soul swords to create the Calibur's Edge a powerful weapon that made Orbis almost unstoppable. Xun-Yu offered some of his energy to Chun and Meng-Yao in order for them to deal a powerful attack. They succeeded and destroyed Orbis and the Calibur'

s Edge. After the battle, Xun-Yu realized that just sealing these weapons away was not enough. He decided to destroy both and scattered their shards around the world, hoping that they'd never be found.


Xun-Yu is a kind hearted monk who would rather not resort to violence unless truly necessary. In combat, He is very serious, never underestimating his opponent. After seeing what the soul Edge did to his master, Xun-Yu vowed to destroy or at least restrain it at all costs. Xun-Yu loves his wife and daughter very much and will protect them from harm as best as he can.

Fighting Style

Main Style

Xun-Yu is extremely good at using a staff in combat. His style is similar to Xiba's and Kilik's, preforming many low sweeps, ranged attacks, and spinning attacks. In terms of power, Xun-Yu is a fairly strong person, dealing heavy blows when needed. But because of the size of his weapon, it may be difficult for him at the beginning of fights. But once he gains momentum, he's nearly unstoppable. In hand to hand combat, Xun-Yu is also very good. He mainly uses Normal Kung-Fu, but also can use Wing-Chun and Monkey Style Kung-Fu.

Critical Finish

Rising Staff, Falling Thunder- Xun-Yu lifts his staff behind him and uppercuts his opponent with it. He then spins multiple times before slamming his opponent hard into the ground, creating a loud thundering sound.

Criticle Edge

Edge Crusher- Xun-Yu says I've had enough! and sweeps his opponent onto the ground. He then slams his staff onto the grounded opponent multiple times, each hit doing more damage. Next he lifts his staff up and draws it back far, causing it to glow with power. He finishes with a powerful, bone-crushing, un-blockable slam that can take out at least half of the health bar if all slams hit.


Soul Calibur V

  • Let us begin
  • Fine, I accept your challenge
  • Swing!
  • Slam!
  • Ha!
  • Rise! Fall!
  • Go down
  • Soul Edge must be destroyed! - Engaging in battle with a character wielding Soul Edge
  • So this is your method!? - spoken on a ring out
  • I pray that you do not pursue the Soul Edge
  • I will not kill you. You have the right to live.
  • Sorry about that. I don't hold back


  • Xun-Yu is considered to be a father figure to many younger fighters.
  • He has a longer history with Soul Edge than most of my characters.
  • Xun-Yu can be considered as the main protagonist due to his long history and him leading most of the searches and battles against the Soul Edge.

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