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"Voi possedete grande demone potere, ma la mia volontà era più forte. (You possess great strength demon, but my will was stronger)"
— Rosabella to Soul Edge


Young Rosabella

Rosabella during her teenage years

Rosabella was born to Armani and Sofia Arcelloni in Florence. Her parents were craftsmen, mainly crafting bows and crossbows for the local malitia. Rosaebella's family made good money and lived on a villa outside of Florence. As a child, she enjoyed watching her father craft bows. Her mother fell ill when Rosabella was 10 years old, and died one year later. He father had trouble paying the villa's rent without Sofia and the family was evicted. Rosabella and her father were forced to live in poverty in a poor village outside of Florence, hardly making any money.


Julius and Rosabella

Julius finds Rosabella too weak to work.

When Rosabella was 16, her and her father were kidnapped during an unknown European organization's raid. They were separated soon after. He father was forced to make weapons for the organization's military. Rosabella was taken to the organization's leader, Julius, and was forced to work as a slave. The labor was too much for her body to handle and she fainted occasionally.

She had not seen he father in months and assumed the worst. She managed to escape Julius's residence and fled the organization's territory.

Learning to Fight

While she was on the run from Julius, Rosabella returned to her family's old villa and was able to find her father's bow and crossbow that he had crafted for her. She took both weapons and trained for days. She was able to master the two weapons in under two weeks. She set out again, encountering Julius's thugs. She was able to take them out from higher ground with her bow, and close range with her crossbow.

Becoming an Assassin

Rosabella was travelling through a small town when she was ambushed by Julius and his top men. She reached for her bow but was gabbed by one of Julius' thugs before she could fire an arrow. He told her that he had been looking for her for a long time, and planed on marring her once they arrived back into his territory. She

Rosabella pleads for Ricardio to train her.

tried to escape the thug's grasp, but was unsuccessful.

Suddenly, an Assassin came to her rescue, dropping from a rooftop. He quickly disposed of the thugs. During the fight, Julius managed to escape. Rosabella was amazed and thanked the Assassin. His name was Ricardio. Rosabella bowed to him and asked him to train her in the ways of the Assassin. He refused at first, but realized that she would need his skills if Julius were to return. Ricardio agreed to train her and took her under his wing.

Quest for the Soul Edge

Rosabella apprentice

Rosabella as an apprentice.

During her training with Ricardio and the other Assassin apprentices, Rosabella heard stories about the Soul Edge and it's great power. She did not believe it at first, but was convinced when Ricardio said that a friend of his had encountered the Soul Edge before. She later set off to find the Soul Edge, hoping that it had the power to save her father.

Journey to the Monastery

Rosabella traveled to a monastery in Asia to speak with Xun-Yu, the grand master of the temple. She asked him about the Soul Edge. Xun-Yu told her that he had encountered it before, but it was a fake one created by the shards from the original Soul Edge. Rosabella asked him about the whereabouts of the shards. He told her that he did not know, but she should stop searching for the sword, for it was evil. She ignored him, thinking only of rescuing her father. Rosabella left the Monastery and continued her search.

False Soul Edge

IMG 20130607 210644 501

Rosabella training with Ricardio.

Rosabella traveled the land for two years, searching for the Soul Edge. Ricardio met up with her and continued her Assassin training on the road. As they traveled, her skills as an Assassin grew to where she was eligible for a promotion to Master Assassin. With no luck on the search for Soul Edge, the two returned to Florence, where Rosabella was promoted to Master Assassin.

Months passed as Rosabella traveled to England to find the Soul Edge. She encountered some of Julius' thugs and took them down easily. She asked one if he knew about the Soul Edge. The thug told her that Julius had many shards in his possession and planned to create an Incomplete Soul Edge. She was angered by this and left Florence to find Julius.

Rosabella eventually made it to Julius' residence and stormed inside. She was attacked by his guards, but they gave her no trouble. She found Julius, but she was too late, he had already created his Soul Edge. Julius was hardly in control of himself. He told her that he was going to have her as his bride, regardless of her choice. Rosabella still refused him. Julius rushed at her in rage and attempted to strike her down. She blocked the attack just barely and kicked him back. The two fought each other for what seemed like hours. Julius managed to deal a fatal blow to Rosabella's leg. She fell to the ground as Soul Edge began to take over Julius completely. Soul Edge spoke to Rosabella saying:

"This body should suffice for a while, but you will be my next host!"
— Soul Edge to Rosabella.

Julius ran towards her trying to grab her. Rosabella quickly pulled out her crossbow and shot the Soul Edge in the eye. Julius kneelt down as his Soul Edge crumbled into pieces. As Rosabella began to faint from blood loss, Julius escaped.

Soul Calibur V

Rosabella 2

Rosabella during the events of Soul Calibur V

Rosabella recovered from her injuries from her fight with Julius. She realized that the Soul Edge was pure evil and needed to be destroyed for good. She told Ricardio of her discovery and traveled with him, and his new Assassin apprentice Marcello, to Europe in 1606. Once there, they met with Li-Xin Jin, a samurai who was a close friend of Xun-Yu and had encountered the Soul Weapons numerous times. Xun-yu arrived shortly after and was happy to se that Rosabella wanted to end the Soul Edge. She later set off to destroy any of the Soul Edge's shards.

Astral Chaos

Rosabella came across the Astral Chaos and discovered that a shard of Soul Edge existed there. She destroyed it, and was one step closer to destroying Soul Edge for good.

Rise of the Malfested

A knight by the name of Orbis attacked Xun-Yu's Monastery and stole both the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. Rosabella learned of this later and was angry that Xun-Yu had an Incomplete Soul Edge in his possession. Despite this, she aided them in trying to take the swords back from Orbis. She traveled alone, searching for Orbis, when suddenly, she was attacked by a malfested version of
Rosabella and M

Rosabella faces of against her malfested copy.


Her malfested copy was created by Orbis in an attempt to grant him more time to complete his Soul Edge. She managed to kill her copy and proceeded to find Li-Xin and his allies. The group later found out that Orbis had completed the Soul Edge and had fused both of the swords to create the Calibur's Edge, a very powerful sword. Rosabella aided in the final battle with Orbis by offering her strength to Chun and Meng-Yao, Li-Xin's children, as they fought Orbis directly. Orbis was soon defeated by a final blow from Chun and Meng-Yao. After the battle, the group decided that it was time to do away with both swords for good and destroyed both the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge.

Return to Florence


Captain Rock thanking Rosabella for her assistance.

After the destruction of the Soul Swords, Rosabella returned to Florence with Ricardio and Marcello. She was able to buy and renovate her family's villa with some gold that Captain Rock gave her for aiding their efforts against Orbis. She arrived at port and began to search for a way to reunite with her father. Rosabella returned to the Assassin headquarters to dig up information on Julius' possible wherabouts and hidouts. After days of research, Rosabella discovered Julius was currently in England. She set off as fast as possible.

Confronting Julius

Rosabella came across Julius during her travels to England and
Julius dies

Rosabella stands over a now dead Julius.

engaged him in battle almost instantly. Even though Julius had a new, yet False Soul Edge in his possession, he was no match for Rosabella's new skills that she picked up during her time with her Asian and other European friends. She was able to swiftly take him down and stabbed him with her hidden blade. As Julius bled to death, She destroyed his new Soul Edge. With his death, his territory was soon invaded by the Assassin Order and was taken over. The territory was later a small part of present day Italy. She had found her father, Armani, working in a weapons shop and rescued him. She returned with him to Florence and lived with him on the family villa.


Rosabella Mentor Full

Rosabella in her Mentor robes.

Rosabella was later promoted to Mentor by Ricardio and a group of elite Assassins. With this title, Rosabella began to recruit and train apprentices. As a Mentor, Rosabella acquired a new set of robes tailored to suit her personality. In a few weeks, Rosabella had already taken on twenty apprentices. After some time passes, Rosabella began to take missions again, traveling the world once more. She suspected that the Soul Edge's shards were still scattered around the world.

Wolf's Rain

WR Rosabella

Rosabella as a member of Wolf's Rain.

During a mission in San Salvador (El Salvador), Rosabella came across the legendary Leandra Scott. Rosabella had only heard stories Leandra's fight against the Soul Swords.

Rosabella befreded Leandra, seeing as they shared the same resolve. After explaining her experiences to Leandra, Rosabella was asked to mentor two members of her organization called Wolf's Rain. The two members were trainees when it came to using crossbows, so Rosabella decided that she would mentor them as well as her other apprentices. She provided these students with hidden blades, treating them no different from her assassin apprentices.



Rosabella after the Rise of the Malfested

Rosabella was once a polite, cheerful young lady. But her life experiences have changed her almost completely. She is cold and serious. During battle, she will often degrade her opponent with cold insults or words. She seems to see the logical side of everything and does not believe in things like magic. Around her friends, she is still pretty cold, but can be a king and compassionate person. She seemed very concerned about Li-Xin after he was stabbed by Orbis. She is very respectful towards her former mentor, Ricardio. Rosabella often looks down on Marcello because of his apprentice status, but sometimes views him as her younger brother.


  • Former Apprentice to Ricardio.

    Rosabella and Marcello

  • Adoptive Sister of Marcello
  • Good Friend of Captain Rock
  • Sees Li-Xin and Xun-Yu as her other Mentors
  • Ex-Fiancé of Julius
  • Potential Host for Soul Edge
  • Mentor to many Assassin Apprentices.



Rosbella, being trained in the Assassin, Italian, and European Swordsmanship styles, is an extremely skilled swordswoman. She has shown her prowess multiple times during the war against Soul Edge and dealing with Julius' thugs and Julius himself. Her style varies depending on what sword she uses. Her style is a mixture between Ezio and Raphael's.


WR Rosabella1

Rosabella shooting an arrow

Rosabella is a very talented archer. She has been known to hit targets who are almost 200 feet away with her crossbow and even farther way with her bow and arrows. She often uses the cover of forests to take out enemies by climbing through the trees. She can also use her crossbow close range to sweep or hit enemies who come too close. Rosabella is also adept with her hidden gun, though she chooses not to use it often.


  • Hidden Blade - Like all assassins in the brotherhood, Rosabella uses a hidden
    Rosabella Hidden Blades

    Rosabella, hidden blades drawn

    blade in close combat and in assassinations.
  • Armani and Sofia - These daggers were named after her mother and father. Rosabella relies on these daggers when it comes to very close combat if she is not using her hidden blades.
  • Rossore - Rosabella's sword. It was given to her by Ricardio. With this sword, she fought against the Soul Edge and Calibur's Edge.
  • Freccia - Her bow is her best long range weapon when in the wildrness or on  rooftops. She has been trained to use it as a close quarters weapon too.
  • Balestra - Rosabella's favorite weapon. This crossbow, originally known as the Arcelloni Crossbow, was crafted by her father to be a powerful and easy to use weapon. It shoots faster than her bow and arrows and does more damage.
  • Bolide - Rosabella's hidden gun. She rarely uses it, but will if she really needs to. When she does, Rosabella's accuracy is pretty good when from a distance. She will mostly only use it in her close range attacks like grabs.

Critical Edge

Lampo di Morte Grazioso: Rosabella clenches her fists, proceeds to punch the opponent, and then stabs them  multiple times with her hidden blades. Next, she pulls out her daggers and slashes the opponent twice. She kicks the opponent back and sheathes her daggers, pulling out her sword. Rosabella preforms two spining slashes before pulling out her crossbow and shooting the opponent once in the chest. As a finishing touch, she pivots and shoots her opponent with her hidden gun.

Theme Music

coming soon


Soul Calibur V

  • You should back down.
  • Soul Edge must be destroyed! - When fighting a character with Soul Edge as their weapon.
  • Mentor, allow me to show you my skills - when fighting Ricardio.
  • Apprentices should learn their place -when fighting Marcello
  • Careless.
  • Obvious.
  • I'm tired of this.
  • Admit your defeat.
  • How is it?
  • Spin.
  • Don't move.
  • What's going on? - spoken during Guard Burst.
  • What the... - spoken when hit by a tremor.
  • Time for bed... Now sleep forever. — Spoken during "Critical Edge"
  • It's all... pointless!
  • Begone.
  • Brace yourself.
  • Perish.
  • Silence.
  • I know.
  • That's a problem.
  • Non alzarti (Don't get up)
  • You're not... worthy. - spoken when taunting an enemy.
  • Now you know the meaning of pain.
  • Rimango mia lama solo che questa volta. (I stay my blade, only this once)
  • I don't care whether you live or die.
  • You possess great strength, but nothing else.
  • I am empty, but you are emptier, still.


  • Ezio Auditore is Rosabella's distant relative/ancestor.
  • I created her by placing Ezio's moveset and Viola's voice onto a custom character.
  • Unlike the other assassins, she was not born into the order.

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