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"I am Zethias! Lord of Darkness! Those who oppose my might will perish!"
— Zethias

Zethias is a fan made character who appears in Soul Calibur V.

What lies in his soul is Wrath.

Early Life

Zethias was born somewhere along the outskirts of Terma, a small island country. He comes from a long line of demon warriors, all fighting for Soul Edge. Zethias was raised to be one of the most fierce demons of his clan.

When he reached adulthood, Zethias set out to get his hands on the Soul Edge. He travelled the world for what seemed like years. He never found it. In anger, he went on random rampages, killing anyone in his path. In time, many villages were under his control. He used the men in the villages as his knights, slowly turning them into malfested with his dark aura. As time passed, Zethias had built a large army, capable of taking down large countries. He heard that the Soul Edge was last seen in Europe and took a ship there.

Soul Calibur IV

Zethias arrived in Europe and started his search once more. He ransacked villages looking for the blade. One Village he came to was actually under attack from some bandits. He fought them off to assert his power. The villagers thought this was an act of kindness and actually pointed him in the right direction. Zethias thanked them, and he didn't attack a single villager.

During his journey, Zethias fell in love with a woman named Rebecca Bennett . She belonged to the House of Bennett, a moderately wealthy family. The two had a very intamite relationship, though Zethias was mainly foucoused on getting Soul Edge. He later left Rebecca to find it, promising to make her his queen once he obtained the Soul Edge.
Zethias' Soul Edge

Zethias finally wields Soul Edge

Eventually, he came across a merchant who had the sword in his possession. Zethias killed the man and took the Soul Edge as his own. Soul Edge morphed into a heavy axe so that Zethias could easily wield it. Soul Edge, however, was more powerful than Zethias' will and managed to talk to him. It told him that Zethias had enemies in Europe that would take the Soul Edge from him. Zethias believed this and rallied his army.

Somehow, knights from Terma knew of Zethias' plans and waged war against his army.


Zethias dies at the hands of Eric.

Moments later Zethias arrived on the battlefield, laying waste to the knights from Terma. Zethias didn't realize that Terma was being aided by warriors from Asia, and his army was overwhelmed. He was confronted by a Termanian Knight by the name of Eric. He and Eric fought each other violently. Somehow, Eric was able to mortally wound Zethias, killing him on the battlefield.

Soul Calibur V

Unknown to the rest of the world, Zethias was brought back to life when the Soul Edge was revived. He realized that he no longer had Soul Edge and the one he owned was just an incomplete version. Zethias gathered the few soldiers that were left after the war, taking them to his new hideout in a secluded cave. There Zethias could only watch as the world went by. His injury greatly affected him and he had few warriors on his side.


Zethias is a brutal person. He hardly ever shows mercy and will kill anyone who angers him. Getting possession of Soul Edge is his top priority, even if it will cost the lives of his soldiers.


  • Host to Soul Edge.
  • Enemy of Nightmare.
  • Enemy of Terma, Europe, and Asia.
  • Father of Mona

Fighting Style

Zethias wields a heavy axe, giving him great range and power. He possesses average striking speed and can deal heavy damage with a variety of throws. Some of his stronger attacks tend to be slower than his others, but can be worth using when he needs to deal massive damage.

Critical Edge

  • Fall into Madness- Zethias grabs his opponent and throws them into the air. He then jumps up and drags them back down, breaking their spine over his knee.


  • "If you value your life you'd better start running!"
  • "You chose the wrong guy to mess with!"
  • "Learn your place before I teach it to you!" - Engaging in combat against Mona.
  • "I will destroy you and everything you love!" - Engaging in combat against Eric.
  • "This'll be easy"
  • "Raaaagh!!!"
  • "Fly!"
  • "Drown!"
  • "See you in Hell!"
  • "Fool!"
  • "Bleed!"
  • "Die already!"
  • "Hahaha! You never stood a chance"
  • "Now, just lay there and die."
  • "You only exist as a host for Soul Edge!" - If victorious against Mona
  • "Hmph. That's all?"

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