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"I've seen a lot of things. I've fought many opponents. I've even gained control over my version of Soul Edge. But none of those things are worth having a tainted soul."
— Meng-Yao

Meng-Yao is a fan made character that appears in Soul Calibur V.

What lies in his soul is Willpower.

Early life

Meng-Yao was born to the famous samurai Li-Xin Jin, known as the White Tiger, and his wife Mai Jin. He grew up
Mengyao and Chun

Chun and her brother, Meng-Yao.

in China with his twin sister Chun and their parents.

Curse of the Sword

Because of his father's past encounters with the Soul Edge, Meng-Yao and his sister inherited his cursed blood. He and his sister began to fight each other violently. Li-Xin took them to the Monastery to ask Grand Master Xun-Yu about their behavior. Xun-Yu told him of Chun and Meng-Yao's cursed blood. He could cure them, however, there were only a few shards of the Soul Calibur available. This meant that only one child could be cured. Li-Xin chose Chun. Using the Soul Calibur's shards, her blood was purified. Meng-Yao however, was left with tainted blood. He showed no signs of malfestation, so there was no real worry.


Meng-Yao and his sister trained with their father in the art of swordsmanship. He seemed create his own style of fighting rather than take after one of his parents.

Soul Calibur V

Meng-Yao vs Li-Xin

Meng-Yao training with his father, Li-Xin.

By 1606, Meng-Yao had become a very capable swordsman. He travelled the land with his sister and father, experiencing many battles and adventures. Li-Xin wanted his children to be as well rounded as possible. With his father's name known far and wide, Meng-Yao was treated with high respect. Meng-Yao had heard stories about the fabled Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Meng-Yao asked Li-Xin about the Soul Edge. But he didn't answer, he only gave them a cold stare. With this, he took them home. His father left for the monastery soon after. Chun decided to follow him and find out what was going on. Meng-Yao followed her to make sure she didn't get into any trouble. When they reached the monastery, the siblings discovered that the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge were two powerful swords with mystical powers. They also found out about a being known as Soul. He intended to revive the Soul Edge and wreak havoc on the world. Li-Xin then left to find the Soul Calibur. Chun was still curious about the sword and followed her father. Meng-Yao, fearing for the worst, headed home to grab his blade.
Meng-Yao vs Soul

Meng-Yao faces off against Soul

Destroying Soul

He later ran into Bao-Yu, his good friend and daughter of Grandmaster Xun-Yu, and some knights that were allied with his father. Soul appeared before them and started to attack. The knights were quickly outmatched by Soul's mystical powers. Meng-Yao was able to negate the effects of Soul's powers with his tainted blood and was able to protect Bao-Yu from any serious damage. Soul became enraged with him.

Malfested Meng-Yao

Soul transforms Meng-Yao into a malfested

Soul Edge was finally revived and was ready to lay waste to all. One thing Soul was not aware of is that he needed a physical body that was capable of wielding Soul Edge without dying. The foes knight's bodies were too weak to handle Soul Edge's power, but Meng-Yao was the perfect host.
IMG 20130706 225850 017

Bao-Yu tries to stop Soul/Meng-Yao

Meng-Yao fought Soul with all of his might, but was no match for him. Soul then proceeded to possess Meng-Yao's body. Bao-Yu attempted to stop Meng-Yao from touching the Soul Edge, but was over powered by the combined strength of Soul and Meng-Yao. He was now a malfested, seeking only to kill for Soul Edge and himself.


Chun releases Meng-Yao from Soul's control.

Suddenly, Chun and Li-Xin arrived. To Soul's surprise, Chun was wielding the Soul Calibur. Chun and Meng-Yao fought tirelessly, being complete equals. After being knocked to the ground, Chun managed to bounce back and stab the Soul Edge, freeing Meng-Yao from Soul's control. Meng-Yao regained concioussness and decided that he and his sister were to take down Soul together. Soul Edge cooperated with Meng-Yao's desire to kill Soul and gave him complete control over its incredible power. With one strike, he and Chun were able to kill Soul.

After this battle, Bao-Yu and Xun-Yu sealed the Soul Swords within the Monastery. The weapons wer guarded. The warriors hoped that the swords would never have to be used again.

Rise of the Malfested

Having recovered from his previous malfestation, Meng-Yao continued his vigorous training.

Meng-Yao during Rise of the Malfested

He was known for up holding his father's legacy as one of the best swordsmen of his generation.

A strange knight known as Orbis attacked Xun-Yu's monastery at night and claimed the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge for himself. Xun-yu, older now, was no match for Orbis and was defeated easily. Meng-Yao's father ordered him and the other warriors to find Orbis and kill him. During his search, he was attacked by a malfested clone of himself. The two fought for what seemed like hours. Meng-Yao managed to over power his clone and stabbed him in the chest. this wound eventually killed the clone.

Meng-Yao vs M. Meng-Yao

Meng-Yao fights his malfested clone

Meng-Yao realized that the clone was just a distraction so that Orbis had more time to revive the powers of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.

He returned to his father and her allies. The massive group then stormed Orbis' castle, fighting through waves of malfestedd soldiers. Orbis then absorbed the energy of both soul swords and created one mighty sword, the Calibur's Edge. Chun and Meng-Yao regained their soul weapons and attempted to defeat Orbis, but they were no match for him.

Orbis' planned to use Calibur's Edge to transform the world's

Meng-Yao faces Orbis

population into malfested. Li-Xin knowing the risk was great, lunged at Orbis and took a fatal stab to the chest. He held Orbis in place while Calibur's Edge was still lodged in his chest. This allowed Chun and Meng-Yao to gather their energy from the swords to strike Orbis with all of their might. Li-Xin dislodged the sword just in time to dodge the attack. Orbis was killed with one fatal blow from both of the soul swords, leaving the Calibur's Edge destroyed.

After a month after the previous events, Xun-Yu decided it was time to do away with the Soul Swords for good and destroyed both. The group was pleased with this, but Li-Xin was afraid that the swords would once again be revived.

Meng-Yao later left home to learn about different fighting styles. He hoped that one day, if something were to happen again, he would have the power to defeat evil without resorting to using the Soul Edge.

Path to Enlightenment


Meng-Yao prepares to leave the monastery.

After leaving home, Meng-Yao travelled far across Asia. As he travelled, he learned many different fighting styles from around the country. He eventually arrived in Europe, learning from various masters of styles. Meng-Yao heard stories of the mysticle Edge Master, the Master of Edges. He wanted to be like him, mainly so he could protect those he loved from the Soul Swords if they returned.

Edge Master

During his travels he came across a cave. Inside,

Meng-Yao learning from Edge Master.

Edge Master was training. Meng-Yao asked him to teach him his ways. Edge Master was glad to see some one so dedicated to training. The two trained for weeks. Meng-Yao emerged from the cave weeks later, but he was still in his training phase according to Edge Master. Meng-Yao left him to find true enlightenment in order to become an Edge Master.

Meng-Yao vs Nightmare

Meng-Yao fights Nightmare.

Fight with Nightmare

One night during his vigorous training, Meng-Yao came across the monster known as Nightmare. He noticed that his main weapon was the Soul Edge, the real Soul Edge. Out of nowhere, Nightmare attacked Meng-Yao. He held his ground and managed to disarm Nightmare. The Soul Edge fell to the ground. Nightmare attempted to take Meng-Yao on hand-to-hand, bt was no match for his speed and kung-fu prowess. Nightmare threw Meng-Yao to the ground and grabbed his Soul Edge. Meng-Yao stood and charged at Nightmare, grabbing Soul Edge as well. He then kicked Nightmare down and thrust the Soul Edge right through his chest. Nightmare's glowing red eyes went dark as he lay there with the sword lodged in his chest. Meng-Yao left him, seeing as his Soul Edge would cause no real threat without Nightmare.

Meng-Yao meditates as his wounds heal

Meng-Yao came to a small cavern where he could recover from his wounds. There, he spent three days meditating, his tainted blood keeping him alive and healing him quickly. When he was done, he awoke from his meditation and became closer to enlightenment.

Journey through Europe


Meng-Yao warns his opponents.

After fighting many malfested and evil beings, Meng-Yao had become even stronger. Meng-Yao did not like dealing with people weaker than he was. He had little tolerance for opponents that here no match for him. When someone would challenge him, he'd warn them before the fight. If they continued to insist fighting him, he would engage them, not holding back.


Eventually, Meng-Yao had learned every fighting style and had reached true enlightenment. With this, he set off for home, no longer the boy he was when he left. For he would return a true warrior. Once he returned, it was clear that he was more than a match for any of his peers.

He now donned golden clothing with designs all over. He had white tiger fur from his father's sash sewn on to his robes.


Meng-Yao, as a child, was a cheerful joker. He didn't take training too seriously

Meng-Yao upon reaching enlightenment.

and liked to slack off. But one day, after hearing about the threat that Soul posed, he got serious. Meng-Yao became almost as serious as his father, never underestimating his opponent. He will always seize the chance to take out his enemy. After Rise of the Malfested, Meng-Yao adopted a more humble and calm personality. Though still serious, he was not as harsh with words as he used to be. He now takes training to the next level, stepping outside of his comfort zone, learning many new techniques and fighting styles.

Upon reaching enlightenment however, Meng-Yao became slightly colder towards those who he could outmatch. He points out various flaws in their fighting style and tells them to improve before challenging him again. Basically, he is somewhat arrogant.


  • Brother of Chun
  • Son of Li-Xin and Mai
  • Romantically interested in Bao-Yu
  • Ally of the Knights of Terma
  • Host of a materialized Soul Edge

Fighting Style

Meng-Yao can fight using many styles, but his main style is the Wind Style. Taught to him by his father, Meng-Yao is able to execute attacks fluidly and deal devastating blows. Despite using a weapon that's almost as big as he is, Meng-Yao possesses great physical strength for someone of his average build. This comes from his malfested blood. Along with good defensive capabilities, two Zweihänder sword combat styles,and great offensive capabilities, Meng-Yao is extremely dangerous when wielding a Zweihänder.

He is currently training in hopes of becoming the next Edge Master.


  • T
    Malfested Meng-Yao(2)

    Malfested Meng-Yao

    ainted Blood
    - Being the son of Li-Xin and Mai, whom of which has had direct contact with malfested and Soul Edge on numerous occasions, Meng-Yao has inherited tainted blood. He has immunity to any dark magic and power. This includes dark pulses from the likes of Nightmare. Having this tainted blood, Meng-Yao is able to wield Soul Edge without it feasting on his soul, rather the impurities in his blood. Since his tainted blood is continuously generated, Soul Edge is always under Meng-Yao's control while he is wielding it.
    • This blood of his however has a downside. If enraged, Meng-Yao could turn into a complete malfested and go on a rampage. Luckily, He has trained himself to stay calm at all times to avoid this.

Critical Edge

Tainted Rage- Meng-Yao roars into the sky and slashes his opponent upwards. He then charges up his power and becomes slightly malfested. Upon his opponent's decent, he slams them into the ground with his blade using a devastating amount of power.


  • Chrome Blade- Meng-Yao's main weapon of choice. Though not limited to it, Meng-Yao favors this weapon and style over his others. It is sturdy enough to block a blow from the mighty Soul Edge.
  • Soul Edge (Cleaver)- Meng-Yao's preferred version of Soul Edge. He used it to defeat Soul and Orbis.


Soul Calibur V

  • "Come on then. Let's sew what you can do."
  • "Do you really what to do this?"
  • "Ugh, I'd rather not fight you. But... if you insist."
  • "Perish!"
  • "Sleep!"
  • "Hmph"
  • "Over here!"
  • "Slam!"
  • "I will not...lose!"
  • "Try...harder!"
  • "You coward!" - if loses from a ring out.
  • "Dammit Chun!!" - If loses to Chun from a ring out.
  • "Geez! Stupid timer!"- loss from times up.
  • "I'd stay down if I were you."
  • " That was...interesting."
  • "You have a very nice fighting style. Mind if I use it?"
  • "Hmph. You beat me once Sis. It's not happening again." - If victorious against Chun.
  • "Sorry about that dad. You did always say never hold back." - If victorious against Li-Xin.
  • "Oh man! Bao-Yu are you alright!?" - If victorious against Bao-Yu.
  • "That'll teach you, you buddy snatching freak!!" - If Victorious against Soul.
  • "I'm sorry it had to end this way. You should have known better to take the Soul Swords." - If victorious against Orbis.


  • Meng-Yao is my first hero who has wielded Soul Edge and have complete control over it.
  • Meng-Yao has met characters from the Soul Series during his travels alone.
    • He doesn't really like Patroklos, mainly for his murders and discrimination of the malfested.
    • Despises Nightmare for his use of the real Soul Edge
  • Meng-Yao has grown more in one year due to his tainted blood.
  • He is now an Edge Master, knowing every style to date.
    • However, Meng-Yao prefers his original weapons and style over his new fighting styles.

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