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"I've been looking EVERYWHERE for you my dear. How about you return home with me?"
— Julius to Rosabella upon her capture.

Julius is a fan made character who makes his appearance in Soul Calibur V.

What lies in his soul is Lust

Early Life

Julius was born in England and raised by his wealthy parents at the Brooks Estate, a large mansion. Like his brothers and sisters, Julius was trained to be an expert swordsman. The training was very tough aside from his other lessons such as ball room dancing and playing multiple instruments. His father was a cold hearted man, forcing his children to fight each other. The one who proved themselves to be more powerful than the others would become the new head of the Brooks Estate. Julius did want to become the best, but cared deeply for his siblings. One night, he decided to run away from home, taking as much money as he could.

As he traveled the land alone, he met a group of thugs. Seeing him wearing fine clothing and his money, the thugs attacked him. Using his skills from his childhood, Julius effortlessly took them down. He did not kill them. To show him gratitude, the thugs asked to serve him. Julius accepted their offer.

Rise to Power

As time passed, Julius started to become ruthless. His father sent his men to capture Julius, but he was able to kill them all. After witnessing so much violence, Julius was no longer a soft hearted nobleman. He had become a thug himself. As he continued to travel Europe, he gained more followers, gaining more and more power. He set up his base of operations outside of Italy. It was a moderately sized castle that was heavily guarded.


Julius led numerous raids during his time in Italy. Sometimes He traveled back to England and raided towns and villages. He was known far and wide as a ruthless killer. Julius Did however come across a weapon he was never trained to counteract, the Crossbow. He was shot in the leg during a raid in Italy. He decided to find who was responsible for crafting the weapons.

He later came across Armani Arcelloni, an Italian crossbow crafter. Julius attacked his village and
Julius and Rosabella

Julius finds Rosabella too weak to work.

captured Armani and his daughter Rosabella. He decided to force Armani to craft his men bows and crossbows.

During his spare time, he forced Rosabella to do manual labor. She cooked for him, cleaned the castle, and even worked alongside the other slaves carrying heavy items in and out of the castle. Over the next few months Julius had grown quite smitten for her, and decided that he wanted her as his bride. Unfortunately for him, she escaped his castle during the night.

Fall of the Brooks Estate

IMG 20130707 011557 769

Julius reunites with his sister, Kaitlin.

In his search for Rosabella, Julius decided to stop by his home and take over the Brooks Estate. Once he arrived, Julius found his home in ashes. His parents and many siblings dead. He examined the armor of the nearby soldiers. The armor was of another country that he had not heard of. Suddenly, his sister Kaitlin, appeared. She told him that the following night of Julius' disappearance, Zethias, the dark knight, attacked the Estate. Julius was angered and asked his sister why he would do that. She told him that Zethias was searching for the Soul Edge. Julius had heard of the fabled Soul Edge, but never believed that it existed. Kaitlin then told him that Zethias was carrying an Incomplete Soul Edge that was still capable of great power. Julius then decided that he should set out to find the Soul Edge. He later discovered that the Soul Edge that Zethias had was destroyed long ago. Kaitlin and Julius set off together to find the shards of the Soul Edge.

Search for Soul Edge

Julius and Kaitlin continued their search from England to Italy. Kaitlin decided to travel to Asia to search for any shards. Julius remained in Italy and searched in towns with his thugs. He later went to Florence and discovered that Rosabella had stopped by to pick up her bow and crossbows. He and his thugs quickly outmatched her. Julius still had plans of marrying her and told her to return with him. Out of nowhere, an assassin by the name of Ricardio dropped down from a rooftop. Ricardio made quick work of Juluis' thugs. During the fighting, Julius managed to slip away to continue his search.

Julius had found numerous shards of the Soul Edge, just enough to create an incomplete one. He managed to revive the Soul Edge and began to feel its great power. For the next year, Julius used the Soul Edge to increase his territory outside of Italy.

Rosabella's Return

Rosabella had found out of Julius' actions and stormed his castle. Julius attacked her and the two fought for what seemed like hours. Julius slashed Rosabella's leg and made her fall to the ground. Julius planned to capture her, but Soul Edge managed to take over his body. Soul Edge tried to take Rosabella's body for its own, but was promptly destroyed by a shot from Rosabella's crossbow. Julius fell to his knees, looking at his shattered Soul Edge. He then watched as Rosabella fainted from blood loss. He used his handkerchief to bandage her wound and prevented her from bleeding out. He heard the clashing of metal outside of his door. Fearing whoever was on the other side of the door, Julius fled from his castle.

Soul Calibur V

Years pass as Julius rebuilt his castle. He began to disband his group and decided to continue his travels. He did hear of the being known as Soul and the Rise of the Malfested. Julius began to feel responsible for these incidents. If he had never revived the Soul Edge, the other evil hearts out there would not have risen to power. He still had an
Julius dies

Rosabella stands over a now dead Julius.

incomplete Soul Edge shard in his possession.

He later heard of the new Soul Edge's destruction along with the Soul Calibur.


While Julius was sightseeing in England, he ran into Rosabella. She quickly attacked him, hardly giving him a chance to draw his sword. Julius fought her back with minimal power. He decided that he had no purpose in this world and allowed Rosabella to stab him. Julius then bled to death.


During the revival of the Soul Edge, Julius was revived thanks to the shards lodged within his body. His body had surprisingly not decayed, as he had ben dead for months. Julius came to the conclusion that the Soul Edge's shards preserved his body just in case it needed another wielder. He sought out the Soul Edge once more, hoping to destroy the sword himself.


Julius is a gentleman, often speaking in old English and being courteous. On the battlefield he is a ruthless killer. He does however have a soft spot for any woman he finds attractive. Julius also feels remorse for those he does kill, often saying sorry for having to take their life.


  • Ex-Fiancé of Rosabella
  • Brother of Kaitlin

Fighting Style

Julius fights in a similar fashion as Raphael. He uses jabs and quick vertical and horizontal attacks while dodging oncoming enemy attacks.


  • Brooks Lancer- A rapier given to him by his parents. It is crafted to suit Julius' fighting style and agility.

Critical Edge

My Love!- Julius draws his sword down and slashes his opponent up into the air. He then jabs them multiple times before slashing them into the ground with incredible force. Rose petals float up from his opponent's body soon after.


Soulcalibur V

  • Do not delude yourself, thou wretched fool!
  • Quickly, now! Amy awaits me.
  • Too late!
  • Not yet!
  • No! You can't!
  • Futile!
  • Unforgivable! - spoken during grapple break on low health.
  • Die!
  • It's over!
  • Amy!
  • On your knees!
  • En garde!
  • You dare!
  • Show me... Your power! - taunt.
  • How does it... Feel? - taunt after victory.
  • Where are you looking?
  • Not over yet!
  • You shall make a fine pet for Amy.
  • I've wasted enough time on you already!
  • (You're mine...) Tasty! — Spoken when using Mermet de Vec on Rosabella and other females.
  • (You're mine...) No mercy! — Spoken when using Mermet de Vec.
  • (You're mine...) Good... — Spoken when using Mermet de Vec on male characters.
  • (You're mine...) Strange... — Spoken when using Mermet de Vec on Orbis, Soul, and Zethias.
  • Rest in peace!
  • Enjoy!
  • Know your... Place!
  • How's this?
  • Come on.
  • Pathetic...
  • Fool!
  • Is that all?
  • Not bad!
  • What?!
  • Bleed...
  • Well now?
  • You plebeian.
  • Now... Dance!
  • Now... Begone!
  • Now... Die!
  • The Finale! ... How pitiful!
  • Enough...Die!
  • How's that?
  • Coward!
  • Hahahahaha!
  • Hahaha!
  • Feel this?
  • My swordplay is peerless!
  • Better luck... Next time...
  • How pathetic and weak. You've learnt your place, I trust?
  • Amy... Forgive me
  • Me...Lose to a peasant ? — Spoken when losing by time up.
  • Damn you! — Spoken after Yoshimitsu's "Critical Edge".
  • Now guardian, begone! - Spoken after being victorious over Voldo.
  • This cannot be! — Spoken when losing to Rosabella.
  • Your tale insult me further' ! — Spoken when losing to Rosabella by time up.
  • An outrage! — Spoken when losing to Zethias, Orbis, or Soul.
  • Oh...My head — Spoken when losing by time up.
  • Stop looking into my soul. Damn you! — Spoken after defeating Soul.
  • Now you will see the extent of my power! — Spoken during his "Critical Edge".
  • Have you no shame!? — Spoken when ringed out.
  • Do you know nothing else?! — Spoken when ringed out.

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