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Chun is a fan-made character who appears in Soul Calibur V.

What lies in her soul is Purity.


Early life

Chun was born to the famous samurai Li-Xin Jin, known as the White Tiger, and his wife Mai Jin. She grew up in China with her twin brother Meng-Yao and their parents.

Curse of the Sword

Because of her father's past encounters with the Soul Edge, Chun and her brother inherited his cursed blood. She and her brother began to fight each other violently. Li-Xin took them to the Monastery to ask Grand Master Xun-Yu about their behavior. Xun-Yu told him of Chun and Meng-Yao's cursed blood. He could cure them, however, there were only a few shards of the Soul Calibur available. This meant that only one child could be cured. Li-Xin chose Chun. Using the Soul Calibur's shards, her blood was purified.


Chun and her brother trained with their father in the art of swordsmanship. She seemed to favor her mother's stile over her father's

Soul Calibur V

By 1606, Chun had become very adept with her sword. She travelled the land with her brother and father,
Mengyao and Chun

Chun and her brother, Meng-Yao.

experiencing many battles and adventures. Li-Xin wanted his children to be as well rounded as possible. With her father's name known far and wide, Chun and her brother were treated with high respect. Chun and Meng-Yao had heard stories about the fabled Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Meng-Yao asked Li-Xin about the Soul Edge. But he didn't answer, he only gave them a cold stare. With this, he took them home.

Her father left for the monastery soon after. Chun decided to follow him and find out what was going on. When she reached the monastery, she discovered that the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge were two powerful swords with mystical powers. She also found out about a being known as Soul. He intended to revive the Soul Edge and wreak havoc on the world. Li-Xin then left to find the Soul Calibur. Chun was still curious about the sword and followed her father.

Destroying Soul

Chun with Soul Calibur

Chun with Soul Calibur

Chun was later discovered by her father. He was angry with her for not staying home. Li-Xin attempted to wield the Soul Calibur, but his partial malfestation prevented it. He then realized that it was Chun's destiny to find the Soul Calibur. She was the only one at the time who could wield it. Chun hesitated at first, but realized that the world as she knew it would end if she didn't use the Soul Calibur. She grabbed the sword and it transformed into a Chinese blade to suit her style. With the Soul Calibur in her hands, she and her father returned to their allies to help fight Soul.

Chun and Meng-Yao fight with the Soul Swords

By the time they arrived, Soul had possessed Meng-Yao's body and he was wielding the Soul Edge. Chun had no choice but to face her brother. The two fought each other.


Chun releases Meng-Yao from Soul's control.

They were evenly matched. Chun was knocked to the ground, but she managed to stab Soul Edge in the eye, releasing Soul form Meng-Yao's body. Soul attempted to attack her but Li-Xin and Xun-Yu jumped in and blocked the attack. With a burst of energy, Soul knocked the two down and entered his final form. Meng-Yao managed to stand up and took full control over Soul Edge.Together, Chun and Meng-Yao took Soul down for good. Even though they had the most powerful weapons in the world, Chun and Meng-Yao decided to seal away both swords at the Monastery.

Rise of the Malfested

A strange knight known as Orbis attacked Xun-Yu's monastery at night and claimed the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge for himself. Xun-yu, older now, was no match for Orbis and was defeated easily. He father ordered her and the other warriors to find Orbis and kill him. During her search, she was attacked by a malfested clone of herself.

Chun attempts to defeat Orbis.

She fought with all her might and managed to defeat her clone with a quick slash to the throat. She returned to her father and her allies. The massive group then stormed Orbis' castle, fighting through waves of malfestedd soldiers. Orbis then absorbed the energy of both soul swords and created one mighty sword, the Calibur's Edge. Chun and Meng-Yao regained their soul weapons and attempted to defeat Orbis, but they were no match for him.

Orbis' planned to use Calibur's Edge to transform the world's population into malfested. Li-Xin knowing the risk was great, lunged at Orbis and took a fatal stab to the chest. He held Orbis in place while Calibur's Edge was still lodged in his chest. This allowed Chun and Meng-Yao to gather their energy from the swords and the power of their allies to strike Orbis with all of their might. Li-Xin dislodged the sword just in time to dodge the attack. Orbis was killed with one fatal blow from both of the soul swords, leaving the Calibur's Edge destroyed.

After a month after the previous events, Xun-Yu decided it was time to do away with the Soul Swords for good and destroyed both. The group was pleased with this, but Li-Xin was afraid that the swords would once again be revived.

Chun continued to live with her family in China peacefully.

Search for the Shards


Chun after Rise of the Malfested

Months later, Chun was asked to find the shards of the Soul Edge and destroyed them. Xun-Yu feared that malfested soldiers would decide revive Soul Edge from the shards that were scattered around the world. She accepted the task and set off with her revived Soul Calibur.

Bonez, Guardian of the Shard

Chun followed the Soul Calibur's apparent ability to find

Chun encounters Bonez.

Soul Edge to locate many shards. Bao-Yu was elsewhere doing the same. Chun eventually came across a cave where the signal was extremely strong. She entered to find a skeletal warrior guarding a large shard of the Soul Edge.

His name was Bonez, once a great warrior from hundreds of years ago. He helped destroy the Soul Edge long ago, and was instructed to guard the shard in his afterlife. Chun explained the events that has happened since then. Bonez was surprised that the Soul Edge could be revived with just a few shards. He decided to teach Chun how to properly control the immense power of the Soul Calibur. With this knowledge, she left Bonez to guard the shard, knowing that he would make sure nothing bad ever happened to it.


Chun is a cheerful young girl. She tends to play around in battle a lot, often mocking opponents when she dodges attacks. In battle, Chun's personality doesn't change much. But when faced with a life or death situation, she does get serious.


Fighting Style

Chun fights in a similar fasion as her mother, resembling that of a Wushu practitioner, although some of her moves were derived from Hwang. She is known for being unpredictable and confusing for an opponent as she has a lot of feint attacks in her arsenal. Her speed is on par with other quick Soul Calibur characters. She can put up a lot of combos to maximize damage. She can cancel most of her attacks and attack with a different one immediately to put the opponent off guard and exploit its weakness. What Chun lacks is strength, but her combos can deal impressive damage to make up for this weakness.


  • Da-Dao - A Chinese Blade that was given to her by her mother. She treasures this sword more than any weapon.
  • Soul Calibur (Chinese Blade) - Obtained during Soul's rampage on the world. She used it to defeat Meng-Yao and Soul.

Critical Edge

One Thousand Blossoms - Chun slashes her opponent multiple times while pirouetting (spinning). She then slashes her opponent into the air and slashes them down.


"Alright! Show me watcha got!"

"Enough talking! Let's fight!"

"Don't underestimate me Meng-Yao!" - When engaging against her brother.

"It's time!"


"Swish! Swish!"

"Bam!" "Come on! Is that it!?" - Taunting he opponent.




"Round and round, to the ground!"

"Okay it's show time!!" - preforming Critical Edge

"If you haven't noticed I have the Soul Calibur. It pretty much trumps that flimsy blade of yours."

"Hey, don't get mad! I'm just better than you, that's all!"

"I guess I'm just naturally better than you."

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