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" Just yesterday I was the captain of a great ship and crew. Now today I'm somehow involved a war against the malfested! I came to this land for business, not to fight against an evil sword!!"
— Captain Rock

Cornelius Clarke, also known as "Rock", is a fan-made character that has lived through Soul Calibur IV and Soul Calibur V. Though he did not officially appear playable until Soul Calibur V.


Early Life


Rock during his early Captain years.

Rock was born Cornelius Clarke in 1576 on September 7th to Nolan and Kimberly Clarke. He grew up poor, as his mother did not have an actual job and his father was a thief who was killed during a heist. Money was always a concern to his family, so he began working at the age of 7 to earn money to support him and his mother. Cornelius later became involved in a band of pirates. He earned a small fortune every so often and managed to pay off his mother's debts. At the age of 17, Cornelius became captain of the pirates, proving his worth through combat and intelligence.

Soul Calibur IV

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Captain Rock meets Xun-Yu

dropped his birth name to keep his family safe from any of his enemies, calling himself "Rock". Rock met a martial artist named XunYu and befriended him after a friendly sparing match. XunYu had the goal of protecting those who needed it most, which included defending the world from the likes of Zethias, a dark knight who sought Soul Edge. Rock agreed to help XunYu and offered him a ride on his pirate ship anytime transportation was needed.

Captain and Hiro

Hiro agrees to train Rock

Rock later encountered a man by the name of Hiro. Hiro was an old swordsman who trained many ninja. Rock d

ecided to receive special training from Hiro in order to help defeat Zethias. Rock was then given the task of finding more warriors to help. He set out to England once more and met a band of knights. These knights included General Williams, Captain Lee, Alexis, Minda, and Eric. All five were highly trained knights and were the best choice to counteract Zethias' power.

CaptainRock at War

Rock during the war

When the final battle rolled around, Rock was put in charge of a battalion of knights, pirates, and ninja to lead into the battle. Zethias had a huge army and Rock was the best person to leave in command. While he and the troops fended off Zethias' army, the other warriors managed to defeat Zethias.

After the war, Rock returned to England. After some time with his mother, he left to travel the world.

Soul Calibur V

Rock returned to Xun-Yu's Monastery and talked to him about strange storm clouds that had been appearing. Xun-Yu predicted that a being named Soul was going to be released from his imprisonment. Soul is a being who can possess and increase the power of any individual. Rock left to investigate this issue. When he arrived on Astral Isle, Soul had already been released and had Soul Edge in his possession. Rock stood his ground and prepared to face off against Soul. The two fought for only a few minutes before Soul decided to leave the Island in search of the Soul Calibur.

Destroying Soul

Rock and his friends learned that Li-Xin and his daughter, Chun, went to get the Soul Calibur. In order to stall for time, Rock helped his allies fight Soul for a while. Soul could not use the Soul Edge without a host for too long, it was only the matter of who he would possess to wield it.Meng-Yao, Li-Xin's son, was the perfect host for Soul and he was quickly possessed. Rock backed up to avoid harming Meng-Yao's body. Suddenly, Chun and Li-Xin arrived on the scene to save the day. Chun fought her brother and managed to stab the Soul Edge in they eye, releasing Soul from Meng-Yao's body. Soul attempted to strike her, but was blocked by Li-Xin and Xun-Yu's weapons. Meng-Yao managed to stand up and take complete control over Soul Edge and fought Soul alongside his sister. Chun and Meng-Yao defeated Soul and later sealed away both soul weapons, hoping to never see them again.

Rise of the Malfested

Rock was late to discover this, but a knight by the name of Orbis had stolen both the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur from the Monastery. During this crises, Orbis had created malfested copies of his enemies, including Rock. Rock fought his malfested clone, and ended the battle quick, with a gunshot to the head. He later met up with his friends to take down Orbis. Apparently, Orbis had created a powerful weapon known as the Calibur's Edge. Rock lent his power to Chun and Meng-yao as they delivered the final blow, destroying the Calibur's Edge and Orbis. After this, Rock and his friends knew that the soul swords had to be destroyed instead of just sealed away. They shattered both swords and scattered their shards where they knew no one would find them.


Captain Rock thanking Rosabella for her assistance.

Return to England

Seeing as is work in Asia was done, Rock decided to return to England. Joining him on his voyage was a master assassin named Rosabella Arcelloni, who had helped in the fight against Orbis. She told him of her life and how her family lost everything, including their family villa, during her childhood. Rock, moved my this, gave her some of his gold to buy and renovate her family's villa. She hesitated to take the money at first, but Rock happily gave her the gold. Once in England the two separated, as she had to return to Italy. Rock returned home to his mother and later married another pirate known as Jade before settling down with her. The two had a son named James together.

Encountering The Adrian

During a voyage however, Rock and his crew

Captain Rock, outmatched by the Dread Captain.

encountered the Dread Captain Cervantes and his ship The Adrian. Rock and his crew fought against Cervantes and his crew, almost losing their ship in the process. Rock was shot in the chest by Cervantes while fighting him aboard The Adrian. Despite this injury, he managed to wound Cervantes and escaped. Rock and his crew managed to escape by firing burning cannonballs at The Adrian and into the water to create a cover of steam. Rock lived to tell the tale to his wife, son, and many other pirates.

Cervantes later came to England and found Rock in a tavern. Rock quickly drew his cutlass, ready to fight Cervantes. But Cervantes simply held out his hand. Rock shook Cervantes' hand and the two gained a mutual respect for one another. Cervantes left soon after, searching for something. Rock payed this no attention, and continued to enjoy his time in the tavern before returning home.


Rock is known to be a kind, cheerful man. He often has perverted tendencies, but won't disrespect a woman in any way. In combat, Rock stays calm and often thinks before attacking his opponent. This helps him spot weaknesses in is opponent's style, allowing him to strike them down with ease,

When he first started his career, Rock cared little about anyone else but himself. HE only helped people if he gained something from it. This however, changed after he served in the war. After having to face the evils of the Soul Edge, Rock realized that there were forces greaterthan himself. After becoming more humble, Rock eded up forming relationships with the people he fought alongside for so many years.


Rock fights using his Saw-tooth Cutlass and many Flintlock Pistols. He deals decent damage using his horizontal attacks, but really deals damage with his vertical attacks. The sword deals normal damage, but also deals extra damage because of the saw-tooth design of the blade. The Flintlock Pistols give Rock unlimited range. The pistols have a higher rate of fire than evenCervantes' Pistol Sword, meaning that they can shoot faster. This allows Rock to deal heavy damage to his opponent quickly.

After surviving many events during Soul Calibur IV and Soul Calibur V, Rock has become a well rounded fighter, sometimes taking down enemies that would otherwise kill him. His skill with his pistols in unmatched, as he can shoot all TEN of them in rapid succession. Rock also carries a dagger and Crossbow, the latter being a gift from Rosabella. The dagger is used for most of his horizontal attacks and grabs. The crossbow is also used to give Rock unlimited range as well as an extra weapon in close combat.

When unarmed, Rock has proven himself to be very adept when it comes to hand to hand combat. He did practice Kung-Fu and Judo under his master and later developed a fighting style known as the Sea Devil, which was simply a mixture of the two styles. Rock is also unusually strong, being stronger than the average man. This is because his close contact with Soul and the Soul Edge left him with alterations in his physical strength. He could easily snap a telephone pole (if they existed back then) in two with one punch.

Critical Edge

Flintlock Rampage - Rock slashes is opponent tice, then kicks them back. He then pulls out two Flintlock Pistols and fires both, shooting the opponent. As his opponent stagers, he closes in, pulling out two more pistols and fires both at close range. With this, he puts away the pistols.


  • Small crew of pirates.
  • Friend of Li-Xin.
  • Good Friend and Mentor of Rosabella.
  • Student of Hiro
  • Mentor of Chun


Soul Calibur V

  • "Alright! Let's get this fight started!"
  • "Fine then, show me what you've got!"
  • "Li-Xin! How about we go a few rounds?" - Engaging in combat against Li-Xin.
  • "Master! Let me show you how much I've improved!" - Engaging in combat against Hiro.
  • "Ok Chun! Show me what you've learned!" - Engaging in combat against Chun.
  • " I'm not holding back you freak!" - Engaging in combat against Soul.
  • "Blam!"
  • "Pointless!"
  • "Ha Ha Ha Ha!"
  • "Outta the way!"
  • "Toh!"
  • "Cutlass..Jab!"
  • " The hell!?" - when struck by a tremor.
  • "Ow ow ow ow!!" - if guard is broken.
  • "I'm not... a pushover!!"
  • "I'm armed!!"
  • "Get up!" - When fighting a friend.
  • "Hmph! Next time, I'd advise ya NOT to underestimate me!"
  • "Be lucky I let ya live."
  • "Well that wasn't much of a challenge!"
  • "Wow! I actually beat ya!" - If victorious against Hiro or Li-Xin.
  • "And the Soul Calibur chose you? Ya gotta do better than that Chun." - If victorious against Chun.
  • "Sorry 'bout that Rosie. You should probably train some more!" - If victorious against Rosabella.


  • Rock still responds to the name Cornelius even after being called "Rock" for two decades.
  • Rock can actually see out of both of his eyes, he just wears the eye patch as an accessory
    • This can however, effect his capabilities in combat, leaving him completely blind on his left side.
  • Rock has trained fighting with an eye patch on either eye. This made his sense of hearing and smell very sharp.
  • Has encountered Cervantes on the open seas.
  • Was asked to join the Assassin Order, but declined.

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