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" I don't care about either of the Soul Swords. If you wish to wield them, then prepare your own grave."
— Bao-Yu

Bao-Yu is a fan-made character who appears in Soul Calibur V.

What lies in her soul is Happiness.


Early Life

Bao-Yu was born to Grandmaster Xun-Yu and Captain Minda Alexander. As a child, she lived with her parents at the Li Monastery. She began training at a young age, learning the ways of Kung-Fu. Given that both of her parents use ranged weapons, Bao-Yu's weapon of choice was a rod. She received direct training with her father and was pretty adept with a sword and rod when trained by her mother.


Bao-Yu training with her mother, Minda

After training sessions, Bao-Yu would explore the Monastery. One day she came across the Soul Calibur, sealed there by her father for unknown reasons. It glowed brightly anytime she got near it. Xun-Yu relocated the sword to keep it away from those who would misuse it. Bao-Yu eventually cared little for the sword and continued with her daily training.

Occasionally, she would spar with other monks, proving her superior fighting skills to others in the Monastery. Eventually, she became the best martial artist among the monks.

Soul Calibur V

By 1606, Bao-Yu had learned much about the past events involving Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. She was tasked
IMG 20130705 215434 782

Bao-Yu during the events of Soul Calibur V

with the responsibility of taking Xun-Yu's place as Grandmaster when he passes away or resigns. She accepted the task and undergoes training every day. On other days, she trains with her father to learn techniques that seal way evil and the Soul Swords.

Bao-Yu was called upon by her father for a very important matter. He learned that a being known as Soul was once connected to the Soul Swords. He was an entity like Elysium and Inferno, but he favored neither weapon. He was pure evil, yet had a sense for justice, thus a mixture of the two. Xun-Yu was worried, as he heard of Inferno and Elysium being awakened and released from the swords. He was right to be worried. Xun-Yu later learned that Soul was reawakening and planned had revived Soul Edge and Soul Calibur to full power. Xun-Yu called upon Captain Rock and asked him to cut off Soul before he could get the Soul Edge. Then, master samurai Li-Xin took his daughterChun to get the Soul Calibur. Captain Rock's efforts to stop Soul were futile.

Destroying Soul

IMG 20130706 225850 017

Bao-Yu tries to stop Soul/Meng-Yao

Soul was later discovered to have awakened Soul Edge Bao-Yu, Rock, Meng-Yao, and many others tracked down Soul and attacked him. They were merely sent to stall for time while Chun learned how to control the Soul Calibur. Soul eventually possessed Meng-Yao's body to wield the Soul Edge. Before he could touch the sword, Bao-Yu attacked Soul/Meng-Yao. She fought hard, trying her best to match Soul's power.

Eventually, Chun arrived to deal with Meng-Yao wielding the Soul Calibur. She was able to stab Soul Edge in its eye to free him from Soul's possession. Soul released himself rom Meng-Yao's body and attempted to strike Chun. Xun-Yu and Li-Xin blocked the attack, giving Meng-Yao enough time to recover. He stood up, having complete control over the Soul Edge. Chun and Meng-Yao proceeded to strike down Soul, Killing him.

After the battle, Bao-Yu transported the swords back to the monastery. She then helped her father seal away both swords.

Rise of the Malfested

Bao-Yu was participating in a martial arts tournament, hoping to win the grand prize. After a close match, she emerged victorious. Bao-Yu returned to the Monastery to find her father beaten and the Soul Swords stolen. A knight named Orbis infiltrated the Monastery and defeated Xun-Yu in combat. Orbis then proceeded to steal the soul swords and escaped. Xun-Yu sent word to his allies for support. Being injured badly, he was no help to his friends in his current condition. Bao-Yu travelled to find Orbis to take back the Soul Swords before their power could be restored.


Bao-Yu fights her Malfested Clone

After days of searching, she discovered that Orbis was nearing the completion of the Soul Swords resurrection. She followed a strange presence, believing that it was Orbis. She eventually came across a malfested version of herself. Malfested copies of warriors were created by Orbis to ward off anyone who would stop him. She managed to barely defeat the copy and met up with her allies to fight Orbis. She was quickly defeated, being no match for his new weapon, the Calibur's Edge, a weapon forged from the energy of both Soul Swords.

Bao-Yu fights Orbis to give her friends time to strike.

Chun and Meng-Yao arrived and reclaimed their Soul Swords. Together, they gathered energy to deal a final blow. Bao-Yu got up and stalled for them as they gathered energy. Once they were finished, Bao-Yu jumped out of the way and watched as Chun and Meng-Yao delivered the final blow.

After this event, Bao-Yu assisted her father in destroying the Soul Swords and helped scatter the shards around the world, hoping that no one would ever revive the swords again.


Bao-Yu is a modest young girl, often training hard to improve her skills. She doesn't consider herself to be stronger than others, but does recognize when she outmatches and opponent. She is high spirited and doesn't give up. When at the monastery, she presents herself in a calm, proper manner.

Fighting Style

Bao-Yu brings to combat some fearsome fighting styles. Being taught in Rod, Spear, Sword, and Martial Arts, Bao-Yu is good at close range and long range. With the sword and lance, Bao-Yu can switch rapidly between these two weapons in moderation can properly assail an opponent from long range, and also dominate him or her in close-ranged environments; her sword is used for close range and the lance for long range attacks.

While wielding her staff/rod she is at her most dangerous. The length of her Staff allows a multitude of long range attacks and accordingly Bao-Yu is most effective at this distance. However if an opponent does manage to get very close to her, she does have tools to employ; the most effective of these are her fast horizontal strikes. Many of Bao-Yu's more powerful attack strings are vertical hits that can be sidestepped if anticipated. Although linear, these powerful attacks Bao-Yu possesses are relatively fast and deal great damage.

Without a weapon, Bao-Yu is still very skilled in combat. She knows many styles of Kung-Fu and is able to stop opponents in their tracks with fast punches and kicks.


  • Soul Sense- After years of being exposed to the Soul Calibur's aura, Bao-Yu has the ability to sense the presence of other living organisms. This ability comes in handy when tracking down malfested. She eventually learned how to hone in on a specific organism, which helps her find what she's looking for.
    • The Soul Sense also helps her anticipate attacks, allowing her to block or dodge them effectively.

Critical Edge

One of Many Ways- Bao-Yu takes her staff and slams it into the opponent's ribcage, stunning them. She then proceeds to strike the opponent with many vertical and horizontal attacks. She finishes by launching the opponent with a powerful strike from her staff. The opponent takes fall damage.

Sword and Lance: Final Strike -Bao-Yu slashes the opponent multiple times with her sword. She then thrusts the lance into her opponent. Finally she withdraws the lance and strikes the opponent with both weapons, dealing heavy damage.

Fury of Kung-Fu- Bao-Yu clenches her fists and deals multiple blows with her fists and legs. She finishes off with a heavy strike from both of her open palms, launching the opponent back.



Soul Calibur V

  • "Trust me, this fight won't be easy."
  • "Don't think for a second that you can win this!"
  • "Rise! Now Fall!!"
  • "Why you..!"
  • "Take this! Now stay down!"
  • "What the..!?" - if guard is broken
  • "It's time for your end!" - Preforming Critical Edge
  • "I told you before, it wouldn't be easy"
  • "Sorry, I don't like to hold back.."
  • "Do not doubt your abilities."


  • Bao-Yu is one of few of my characters that have a unique ability
  • She is the most skilled, in terms of fighting styles, of my characters.

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