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"Let's see how well you fight."-Geroku

Soulcalibur III

Geroku lived as an villager.The leader of the Manji Clan,Yoshimitsu, finds some strong men.He found Geroku and trained him.His lessons became harder.Geroku was surprised that he was chosen to be part of the clan.In the Jyurakudai Villa,he saw a woman with a parasol with blonde and blue eyes.The woman drew her blade and it was Setsuka!He was surprised he saw it was not an ordinary geisha!Geroku told Setsuka that why she had the type of weapon.Setsuka said,"I will take revenge to Mitsurugi.".Geroku planned to help Setsuka.

Soulcalibur IV

As Geroku traveled from Japan to Europe,he saw a castle.Inside is two maids and a pretty doll.The doll stabs its weapon to him.He defeated lots of dolls.After that,a girl like the appearance of the doll was Amy!He thinked that if Mitsurugi will go to this castle,the three might face each other.Setsuka will go find Nightmare.Geroku will go find Mitsurugi.As Geroku defeated by Amy,Geroku planned to go back to Japan.

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