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"A new host just in front of you..." — Gabrielle ß

Gabrielle ß ("ガブリエル エスツェット, Gaburieru Eszett, Deutsch: Gabrielle Eszett)" is a character in the Soul series she makes her appearance in Soul Calibur V, and she is the evil twin of Gabrielle (as Nightmare for Siegfried).

She's referred to as The new Nightmare.


She is wearing the same clothes than her original form, except the red color which instead the brown color, she lost the ribbon behind her back, such as her rubber band in her hair. Her gauntlets crashed and now she has mittens. Her skin is paler than her original form (Maybe in the fact Nightmare is now a vampire), on the contrary, her hair are much more darker. She also has the same eyes as Pyrrha Ω and has a larger muscle mass. She doesn't has a deformed right arm like Nightmare, but has almost the same voice with a higher tone and pitch. She is wearing the Souledge (Corpse) which was created by the staying memories of Nightmare.


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Fighting Style

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Critical Edge

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Theme Music

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  • Let's trying my new power!
  • A new sword needs new souls!
  • This time you will perish! - Spoken when engaging in battle against Z.W.E.I.
  • You... I know you! - Spoken when engaging in battle against Raphael
  • A new host just in front of you... - spoken when engaging in battle against Siegfried.
  • Die traitor! - spoken when engaging in battle against æ Gabrielle.
  • You must pay for what you did! - Spoken when engaging in battle against Algol
  • Come here... and die!
  • Your soul is... mine!
  • Relinquish!
  • Not Enough!
  • Spark!
  • What?
  • Whats wrong...
  • My sword...
  • Damn!
  • Hate!
  • Damn it!
  • Does it hurts?
  • Just... die!
  • Time to die!
  • What the...?! - spoken when hit by a tremor.
  • How come...! - spoken during Ring Out
  • Again?! - spoken during Ring Out
  • Souls... more souls! - Spoken when time runs out.
  • An obstacle less on my path... -spoken after defeating Z.W.E.I.
  • Finally you have been avenged... -spoken after defeating Algol.
  • You should have joined me... -spoken after defeating æ Gabrielle.
  • Tomorrow, the sun will not rise on your side!
  • This new sword, he's gonna kill all of you!!
  • You disappeared under my blade.
  • You are no longer of this world.
  • Out of my sight, filthy cur!
  • You fight like a mewling child.


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In the German alphabet, ß can means the double consonant S (like twins). Gabrielle being of German origin (As Nightmare for Siegfried), this means they are the twins of these consonant.


  • Possess the memories of Nightmare.
  • Tried of reunited æ Gabrielle with her to defeat Algol.
  • Defeated by æ Gabrielle.
  • Defeated Ulrich.
  • Fought against ß Ulrich, but none of the two won.
  • Fought against Siegfried, but none of the two won.
  • Former alter-ego, and current nemesis of Gabrielle.
  • æ Gabrielle and Algol are her main ennemies.
  • Tried to absorb Elysium when she was dying, in vain.
  • Defeated Z.W.E.I..


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