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"The battlefield is where I belong."
— -Jan Michelle

Janeta Michelle Ayano is of neutral alignment due to trust issues with Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Her sister was taken slave by Soul Edge and has been unable to free herself. She is in Soul Calibur 4 and 5. 


Act I

Janeta was born in a semi rural town north of Wolfkrone. Her family was made up of her mother, father and sister, who was in somewhere nobody knew because of Soul Edge. Jans mother was struggling to cope and one night went completely insane. They ended up finding a lost shard of Soul Edge in her heart which gave the answers to her sisters possession being so easy. She smashed up her home and gave her husband severe injuries. She was transferred to a cell where those who have no hope left are confined to, being left to rot. Her mother grew even more insane every day, until she broke free from the cell and made her way home. 

"Your own husband left you here to die." 

Soul Edge told her the way it was to her. She was ready to put her revenge into place.

That night her husband heard vicious knocking on the door. Contrasting to the knocking sounded a completely helpless voice that sounded like a little child in peril. Her deception was working exactly the way Soul Edge planned. It giggled in happiness. She was completely under Soul Edges control

"H-h-honey... please let me in..."

The voice reminded him of the nights when Becka would try to come home, but Soul Edge would drag her away. 

"Dear, why aren't you in your...treatment facility?"

He couldnt say anymore before the door came crashing down, striking his face. His eyes adjusted to see his wife with piercing red eyes, pale skin and a look of death on her face. She grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the wall before grabbing a large knife from the kitchen counter and pointing it before his neck. As she lunged forward, he ducked, pushed her to the ground and ran to grab his sword from against the wall. He aligned it with her heart.

"COME ON!" He viciously yelled. "DO YOUR WORST!"

"Ha ha haa..."

Soul Edge laughed a corrupt and maniac laugh to his words, before it could even feel the pain of being stabbed.

He had snuck behind her and dug the sword into her back. Blood smothered the floor and his hands. It was on her face and white dress, which was already stained with the dirt of the cell. He had to get rid of the body before anyone noticed. 

But he wasnt getting away with it. 

Janeta stood at the top of the stairs stunned at the brutal sight, leaving tears in her eyes and making her quietly laugh like a maniac to herself. No, that didnt just happen. She was a twelve year old innocent girl, witnessing the murder of her mother.

Her father wasn't going to be the only murderer tonight.


Blood spluttered from her fathers mouth and inaudable words of disbelief. He fell to the ground with his eyes open and mouth wide open. Blood was everywhere. 


The next day Janeta was to make sure nobody knew about the brutality of the previous night. She killed everyone in her village one by one and burned all the bodies to make sure nobody made it out alive to tell the tale.

Once a beautiful lively town, now a deserted bloody sight of a massacre.




Artwork and screenshots

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