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Smoke woke up, dazed and confused. He couldn't remember anything except for his name. He surveyed his surroundings, it was pretty dark with a light at the end of a dark hallway. He got up and started walking towards the exit of the dark room, but as he was doing that he could feel his energy slowly draining, soon his vision started to blur, he stopped, his mind was flooding full of emptiness, it was an undescribable feeling. He couldn't move, he fell on his knees, before long he passed out.

He woke to the strong smell of a bubbling wok.

"I see you're awake." Smoke stared at this old man, wondering who he was. "Would you like some?" Smoke looked at the wok and saw a disgusting green slop.

"No thanks, I'm not hungry." He really wasn't

"HAHA! I knew it!" Smoke started thinking this old man was weird, just his rippling muscles and old gray beard on the same body was weird enough, Smoke didn't need the weird act. "Anyway, are you ready to start your training?"

"What training!?"

"The training you don't know about, so are you ready?" This man was definitely weird

"Why do I need training from you?"

"So you won't get gutted like a fish in battle." Now Smoke was REALLY confused, what was he talking about? Should he train? So many things to think about, but then- "Reach into your pocket."


"Just do it."


"JUST DO IT!!!" Almost scared, Smoke got undressed and did what he was told, but instead of empty pockets, he found something, but when he took it out, all it was a handle, not attached to anything, a plain old handle.


  • Fear (in-game, it can become any weapon with a handle)
  • Soul Edge

list of weapons unusable in-game (because of his Fear blade):

  • Any ring blade (Tira) except circular sword
  • Any staff (Kilik)
  • Any halberd (Seong mina)
  • Any scythes (Zasalamel)
  • Any flags (Yoshimitsu)
  • Any spear-flag-pole things (Hilde)
  • Any shield (Sophitia, Cassandra, Lizardman)
  • Any axe (Astaroth)
  • Any katars (Voldo)
  • Any battle mace (Rock)
  • any joke weapon (i.e. love [Sophitia], Cogwheel (Tira), Beak (Zasalamel), etc.) except Best dinner (Dampierre)


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