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"Light and Darkness are meaningless, there is only power! "
— Majora

Majora is a mysterious character, who seeks the two swords for his own goals

What lies in his soul is Ambition


Soul Calibur IV

While plotting, he sensed two great powers "These powers.... could they help me in my goals?", donning armor and a zweihänder, he set off to acquire them and he would stop at nothing, He would destroy anyone who stood in his way...


Majora wears armor which hides his appearance, the only thing that can be seen are his two yellow eyes


Majora is cold and ruthless, he sees other people as "scum" and not worth his time, however he is merciful like when he spared Sophitia however he warned her to stay out of his way


Soul Calibur IV

Majora defeats Algol and picks up Soul Calibur and Soul Edge and turns his back to Algol

Majora: "So these are what I sensed"

Algol: "Your power exceeds that of my own"

Majora smirks

Majora: "I looked through your memories and I know of Soul Calibur's origins, which is why I'll use my powers to return it to it's original form"

Algol: "What?"

Majora: *raises the two swords, they glow red before merging into one, Majora smiles and turns to Algol* "After all these centuries, Soul Edge is now complete once more, and I'll test it out on you"

He swings the sword at Algol and the screen fades to black, It then shows Majora at the Tower of Remembrance - Ancient Gate, behind him the tower crumbles, he looks at Soul Edge

Majora: "This world and everything in it is mine to dominate... Mine to subjugate... Mine to rule!" *he raises the sword* "Do you hear me, you pathetic humans?, Soon you will bow before Lord Majora" *laughs evilly*

The screen fades to black while his laughter echoes in the background

The text-only epilogue reveals this: "He started a dark empire and rules on to this day"

Fighting Style

Majora uses Nightmare's fighting style, he doesn't hold back when fighting opponents, he uses the Giant Buster


It's not revealed until his ending that he is immortal, in fact it's unknown whether or not he's human

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